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❮Epub❯ ➥ Zombie, Indiana ➤ Author Scott Kenemore – Ebooks2020.co chapter 1 Zombie, Indiana, meaning Zombie, Indiana, genre Zombie, Indiana, book cover Zombie, Indiana, flies Zombie, Indiana, Zombie, Indiana b1571665864f8 In The Third Book Of His Zombie Series, Scott Kene Brings The Explosive Horror Thriller Of An Undead Outbreak In The City Of Indianapolis Zombie, Indiana Takes Place During The Same Timeline As The Outbreaks In His Books Zombie, Ohio And Zombie, Illinois, And Has The Same Punch As The Previous Two Zombie, Indiana Explores The Impact Of An Invading Zombie Horde On A Trio Of Hoosier Protagonists Each Of Whom Have Some Dark Secrets To Keep When The Governor S Daughter Mysteriously Disappears On A Field Trip, IMPD Special Sergeant James Nolan, Scholarship Student Kesha Washington, And Governor Hank Burleson Must All Come Together Not Only To Find The Governor S Daughter, But Also To Undertake A Quest To Redeem The Very Soul Of The State Itself All While Under Constant Attack From The Living DeadWith Humorous, Memorable Characters, Tense Action Sequences, And Brutal Zombie Violence, Zombie, Indiana Will Put Readers In Mind Of Some Of The Most Compelling Works Of Popular Fiction At Once A Mystery, A Thriller, And A Horror Novel, Kene Strikes Again With This Rollicking Tour Through America S Heartland That Is Nothing But A Tour De Force For Zombie Fiction Fans

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    Scott Kene s story has solid writing but none of the characters really made me care If you are looking for another zombie book, this one is okay I liked that it showed the onset of the zombie apocalypse as it affected a few leaders in Indiana, but the bad guy was the most interesting, leaving the good guys I was supposed to root for with minimal interest in their success beyond just hoping they live Unfortunately, this read kept falling lower in my queue because of other stories with engaging interest in the lead heroes Scott is a solid writer though, so I will likely check out of his work to see if a different cast resonates .

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    I think first of all I need to tell you all that I am not part of the zombie craze I don t watch zombie television shows, I don t read zombie books except these I love that each of these books is tailored for a particular state Which brings me to my main annoyance is that there are ONLY 3 of these books By my count, there s 47 to write Zombie New York they take a bite out of the big apple Or tour Lily Dale psychic zombies Zombie California Hollywood zombies Zombie Texas everything s bigger in Texas But what I REALLY want is Zombie Nevada I want zombie Elvis impersonators and drive through chapels We re waiting Mr Kene.

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    This is the third book in this series maybe there will be to come , and it s my favorite so far Seriously, a book with zombies and politics how could I not love it Even though it s the third in the series, the books are simply set in the same time line world , but have their own independent storylines and characters Recommend it to fans of this genre

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    Pretty slow up until the last quarter of the book I would like to have know about the actual zombies but that might have been described in the prior books I liked the antagonist that was the Governor Burleson, the selfish nature of a Hoosier politician hits the nail on the head

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    Wonderfully insightful political drama set in the zombie apocalypse It even has an upbeat ending, I loved it Very similar to Zombie Illinois, but with a real feel for Indiana people and Indiana politics This is what zombie fiction does best, point out our problems and our triumphs.

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    2.5 StarsThere wasn t anything specifically wrong with the book, maybe I just expected after Zombie, Ohio That one was original, funny, and kept me turning pages This one was along the lines of traditional zombie fiction Nothing bad, just nothing different or impressive.I m not a huge fan of the backwater racist old white people trope Lame.I also thought there was a place or two where characters did things just to move the plot along Kesha opting not to approach her dad and the cop who saved her life because they re talking to a stranger I get the explanation, I just didn t think it was convincing.Then there s the crazy outlaw biker gangs, shooting up the carnival, commiting murder and so forth, chasing Kesha and Steve the carney iirc , killing Steve s mom and then nothing We never see or hear from them again Until we meet the bikers at the end, who are like, the good guys Eh.There was one unique twist the zombie apocalypse gets cleaned up and life returns to semi normal at the end Very different most zombie books end with everyone getting killed, or a gloomy picture of humans fighting to survive in a world forever lost I prefer that to the happy ending just my opinion though.This is the second book by this author I have read, and I would read others based on this series.

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    My favorite thing about this book was how it accurately used specific locations in Indiana my home state as a backdrop for a deft zombie apocalypse Specific streets in Indianapolis Lampooning a posh private school without using its actual name, describing a certain industrial street so well I knew the name of the street Wow I dug that Another poignant allusion to Indiana s personality was to recognize a popular morning radio show thusly The remains of a T shirt showing the faces of two radio DJs had fused with the flesh of its upper body, forming a disturbing mix of cloth and plasma.Zombie Indiana is a little noir like, as well, as though the narrator is terminally sarcastic in only the very best way Here s a good quote Three silhouetted figures stumbled soporifically beside it, looking for a way in Their heads and limbs lolled as if they were exhausted At the same time, their night dark mouths masticated with a horrible ferocity.I didn t care as much as I should have for the main characters The story didn t draw any sympathy from me But hey This is a well written horror novel with plenty of humor Four strong stars from me.

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    I absolutely loved the first two books in this trilogy I don t know why I didn t like this as much It felt different from the others right from the start, but I thought it would peak my interest eventually It may be because I didn t care about any of the characters and didn t see anything unique like I did in the other.

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    I never was into zombies before but I really enjoyed this novel I actually cared about the characters and the outcome I was so disgusted with the governor that I couldn t wait for his comeuppance All three books in this series were innovative Thanks to the author for my mild reentry in zombie world.

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    This was a pretty good read It was fun to read about places here in Indiana and places I have actually been to without the Zombies of course While it is about zombies coming back to life the book is about three actual characters and their lives before, during and after the zombie invasion.