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Self-Published Kindling txt Self-Published Kindling , text ebook Self-Published Kindling , adobe reader Self-Published Kindling , chapter 2 Self-Published Kindling , Self-Published Kindling 0df2b1 A Young Family Opens A Unique Bookstore To Help Independently Published Authors Tell Their Story But As The Traditional Publishing Industry Begins To Fall, E Books Dominate The Book Market, And The Economy Slows, The Family Winds Up Homeless A Big Secret To Keep, As Business Owners While Some Authors Struggle With Addiction And Others Struggle To Tell Their Story, A Young Family Struggles Simply To Survive

About the Author: Mik Everett

Mik Everett is an American Regionalist novelist born in 1991 in Wichita, Kansas She studied philosophy and English at Wichita State University, where she also worked as a logic clinician before moving to Boulder, Colorado to open a bookstore She is the author of Turtle The American Contrition of Franz Ferdinand, Self Published Kindling Memoirs of a Homeless Bookstore Owner, If a Writer Falls

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    This was the best book I ve read in 2013 Seriously This isn t hyperbole I ve read a few excellent ones, like Ann Leary s A Good House and Christine Nolfi s Treasure Me Kindling was special Unique I am a picky, grouchy author of literary fiction myself I read tons of other books, and most of them disappoint me so bad, I don t even bother reviewing them This second novel by Mik Everett, however, did not disappoint me In fact, it enthralled me from the very first to the very last lyrical sentence The main characters in Everett s book felt like pairs of old Levis, patched and worn, frayed and perfectly imperfect, much like the jeans worn by a couple of the homeless travelers in Kindling Everett takes the reader directly into the characters world, without warning, initiation, or explanation You start reading and it feels not so much like jumping into a freezing pool, but like wandering into a fascinating ghost town that doesn t scare you in the least As you wade into this homeless family s world, you find yourself inside a broken down RV that s illegally parked on the outskirts of an evil Wal Mart.Everett speaks much of Kerouac s On the Road, and for good reason Like that idiosyncratic, most thoroughly American of novels, Kindling is also a book about people living on the edge of acceptable societal norms There s a semi tragic aspect to Kindling, but Everett draws attention to the socio economic issues with great nuance and with a comic undertone following the homeless family around The comic undertone attaches to the family much like the thick dust in the Wal Mart parking lot, and it keeps the sadness you would otherwise feel a little easier to take.As far as what I took away from Kindling, it wasn t anger or outrage or sadness It was nostalgia for something I ve never had, but want of the next book Everett writes If I could award than five stars, I would By E.L Farris, 1 Bestselling Author

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    Disclosure I know the author and am represented in the text, as well as quoted But, big but, I had no idea that notes being taken and a book being written was going on, nor was I aware of any of the author s back story All I was aware of was that this person owned and operated a bookstore in Longmont, Colorado, in the Spring of 2013 That said, I m going to be brief.This book is raw, shocking, disturbing, heart wrenching, and unambiguous Insurgent and emergent You SHOULD read it buy it if you re interested in the current state of writing, publishing, small business, homelessness, and or family poverty in America To be clear I don t condone all the behaviors acted out, positions taken, or choices made by the author, but it is a remarkable book This memoir is audacious and honest and the author, all of twenty two years old when she wrote it, has something to say and says it well She has a point The fact that she wrote this book literally on the fly see pages 88 and 89 the best writing in the book is a statement in itself, and speaks to the author s talent Buy this book from and read it It is a quick read 150 pages 60,000words costs 12.00 3 on Kindle Self Published Kindling might just be the spark that ignites the fire that burns down the old and worn out, out dated, book and publishing industry a wildfire that roars through a dilapidated neighborhood Well at the least a harbinger insurgent and emergent.Wednesday, November 14, 2013

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    I really enjoyed this book I found it shocking, and absorbing, and very thought provoking.The book explores the reality of homelessness and self publishing in gruesome detail In a quiet way, it reveals the truth about the US the heartlessness of authorities who ask a woman with a young family to submit endless paperwork before they ll give out food stamps, the businesses who want homeless people moved on, the landlords who evict the family over the weekend when they have no access to services and then the kindness of other homeless people who buy food and pitch in to help in a way that should shame the richer members of society On the one hand, reading, I felt, hmm, this is than I need to know in terms of the minutiae of daily life but on the other hand I thought, all this detail really brings it home Like evil, homelessness is banal.The other aspect of the book was self publishing What a great idea to set up a bookshop carrying the works of self publishing authors And how true there s a lot of shame in writing a book that doesn t sell and isn t accepted by the authorities of publishing But as Mik says, every self published author has put a lot of their life into their book, so there s value in every work And lots of value in this one I will look for other books by Mik.My one criticism would be that the book does need editing And I m not sure about the title.

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    An excellent book Desires a wide audience Between its heart, humor and message, this was a compelling book with some heavy duty writing in it Consider it an instruction manual.

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    The topic failing at running an independent bookstore while grappling with homelessness is potentially of both professional and human interest to many people If you re reading it to learn about their bookstore business, however, be aware that the subject doesn t begin in earnest until about 20% into the text The text also ends rather abruptly without a resolution There are formatting errors for Kindle indentations, spacing, line breaks.The bookstore owners seemed to genuinely care about the authors they sold or tried to sell They reached out to local self published authors and stocked their books when no one else would They hosted readings They didn t manage to move any product, though, and sometimes they couldn t even get a single customer to attend an author reading, and they don t have much of an answer about what happened except that it s hard to sell books these days Maybe that s the final answer maybe it really is impossible to sell books But I don t have any way to evaluate that I presume they were doing some things really well and some things rather poorly, but the writer doesn t reflect outside advice or analysis, so, as a reader, just going by what the writer wants to tell me about their personal joys and frustrations of bookstore operation, I have a hard time understanding why this business failed.

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    I have been following Mik Everett s burgeoning writing career with heavily piqued interest for a little while now At first, I was just aware of her as a writer on Tumblr with a seriously shitty and long run of misfortune then I realized that through the entire struggle, she was writing, editing, formatting, and working to publish a goddamned book.It seemed impossible to me that someone could bang out a memoir in a few weeks while being homeless, on the road, and raising a young child It was even harder to imagine that the book would be this gripping and simply well written Which it is Mik is an accomplished and professional grade writer already at 22.But I didn t go into this book expecting that I jumped in because I was intrigued by Mik s ongoing troubles At 22, Everett has been through a shit ton She s suffered from lupus and cancer, she s been raising a little girl for years, she s run and lost a bookstore, she s lived in a motor home in the rear of a Wal Mart parking lot, scrounging for food, and she s escaped a seriously poisonous abusive relationship and been forced to drive across the country with her child in tow And then the car got hit by lightening.Mik s book follows some but not all of these events, and mainly focuses on the period when she and her now ex partner were running the bookstore and trying to keep it afloat while spending their nights in a broken down mobile home in the Wal Mart lot with no electricity and no water.In Self Published Kindling, the reader is given an entirely unfamiliar portrait of homelessness we follow Mik and her family to the food pantries, where they meet fellow poets and patrons of the bookstore Mik, her children, and her partner befriend other homeless people in the parking lot, who lend food, help tow their car, and share weed and deep conversations about the state of the country and the future of art.This is suburban homelessness, straight out of Longmont Colorado The family steals tools from Wal Mart and grills dinner on an electric Foreman plugged into a camping structure Everett and her children ride the bus from work to the Wal Mart daily, prompting well natured curiosity from the driver Because Everett has two kids in tow and a laptop on which she is writing her book, no one suspects she s homeless.And I should reiterate Everett wrote the book during that stint of homelessness and finished editing it in a women s shelter and on the road How in the fuck Despite its subject matter, this is not a voyeuristic or self pitying memoir of suffering and dreams deferred Mik gives the reader an even handed, reasonable description of her circumstances, how she came to be in them, and how she navigates them There is never an inkling of bitterness or a single rumination In fact, there is nothing depressing about this book Everett s strength and matter of fact tenacity is a marvel and a joy to follow.The book works so well, in part, due to Mik s simple, declarative language The author is plainly interested in telling her story while also providing useful, enlightening information about the bureaucracy of being homeless and the economics of the publishing industry As such, her tome is both informative and engrossing I tore through the book in an evening.This brings me to the book s only shortcomings it ends too quickly, and too abruptly for my tastes This makes sense, considering the circumstances under which it was written Rather than attaining any resolution or promising any future continuation, Mik s book ends with an undermining quote from her ex partner Where is the book going he asks Is Everett asking us this I d rather have her tell us.While I was disappointed when the book ended, I can answer that question This book is going places I was so engrossed in her story and enchanted by her spare, clean writing style that I immediately went out and bought her previous novel, Turtle.You should pick up Self Published Kindling if you re at all interested in memoir, social justice, artisanal publishing, writing, or human nature Shit, you should pick it up if you like solid writing from an up and coming author You ll want to be aboard this train when it takes off Mik Everett is a writer to watch.

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    I love indie literary works, and this book won me over when I read At night when I can t sleep, I string verses together, memorizing them a line at a time I say it craftily like that People appreciate the metaphor Living out of an RV in a Wal mart parking lot with her husband and two children, Mik offers an intimate view of the working poor Through all the bullshit dealings with social services, running her bookshop and keeping her children fed, she still found the time to watch movies with her husband, take her kids to the park and share food and joints with her parking lot neighbors Affliction memoirs are hit or miss, and this was a hit There was no self pity here frustration, need, and even bursts of humor, but no wallowing, resentment or alienation Even down and out, she held on to her compassion and kindness.For someone so young, Mik has had one hell of a life dealing with cancer, destitution, and homelessness But her life is also beautiful and richly filled with family, adventure, art, and quirky characters.Having just finished A Movable Feast, I was reminded of Hadley and Zelda The Zeldas like the novelty of risk so they choose the path of comfortable discomfort and call it adventure The Hadleys follow their hearts and learn to use slop buckets in Paris.Keeping with the Hemingway comparison, the writing was frank and unadorned A reader will be hard pressed to find a superfluous of or that This intrepid, artsy and interesting woman can write and most importantly she knows how to live Mik is a strong woman She may not know where she ll be tomorrow, but she knows where she is today I look forward to reading of her work.

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    This is than just a book about homelessness Our society compartmentalizes homelessness we put it aside It is us and it is them Mik Everett s Self Published Kindling breaks down the wall between us and them Even beyond that, it is the story of a young mother attempting to do the best she can for her children while running a business The secrecy surrounding the family s situation forces us to think how many people do I know that may be secretly homeless The book also serves as a critique of our modern publishing industry, and it brings issues to the forefront that I had never before considered John s rant regarding jobs and the economy explains how just about every Millenial feels about our situation in this economy All in all, the book serves as both a social critique as well as an economic one More than that, though, it is impossible to detach oneself from the family by the time you ve finished reading You root for them You want the best for them, even if you probably would have ignored their eyes on the street if they asked you for your help, and that s the part of the book that really allows for some serious introspection Mik Everett s stunning honesty and lyrically gritty style once again come together into one of the best books I have ever read, and certainly one of the best books I ve read this year.

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    Homelessness remains a taboo subject in a city of riches, where there is wealth there cannot be poverty Where there is social mobility, poverty becomes merely a result of laziness and not circumstances Homelessness becomes a self inflicted condition, it becomes internal and invisible No longer does it remain part of something far larger economic devastation, the recklessness of banks or the work of circumstances We choose to avert our eyes, refusing to entertain the thought of how homelessness and poverty remains situational and often circumstances do not discriminate The stereotypes, generalizations and assumptions we form about the homeless are in part due to societal pressure but also out of necessity It becomes incomprehensible and terrifying to think that somebody far hardworking, qualified and successful that yourself could lose their job, savings and home all in one fell sweep It s scary to think that that very person could be you and I, that we are just as vulnerable otherwise Often we stereotype the homeless as the lazy incompetent that choose the wrong path They got addicted to drinking and drugs and the resultant result becomes punishment for their recklessness We choose to dehumanize them either consciously or unconsciously, choosing to engage in victim blaming, by desensitizing ourselves so as to insulate ourselves from having to ask difficult and complicated questions After all it s far easier to see the world in two tone rather than three dimensional I first came across the topic of homelessness after reading an article by Alex Andreou , he writes far eloquently than I could ever manage about this subject and his perspective remains unique as well he was homeless for a period of time In this article he mentions how city infrastructure fails to support the homeless At the end of the article, I felt as though l had been only looking through the world with rose tinted glasses.My ignorance of the far sinister purpose of metal park benches, of the indentations that serve to divide train seats or of the blunted spikes on walkways, these send such a loud message to those without homes They may flit by and fail to register in the minds of the privilege but really they remain to evict the already homeless Later on when I came across the article by Devon Price, she further highlights the importance of context and the critical role of situational factors The article by Price was what led me to the book by Kimberly Longhofer Mik Everett book documents the journey of a family of four that owns their very own book store business, but not a home Medical debt and a bookstore in a place with no readers had resulted in a dire financial situation where credit score is low and rent unaffordable Why should you read it It s different The story remains unique, told from the perspective of someone that defies any pre conceived stereotypes formed of how someone in that situation should be like The intention of the book isn t to elicit sympathy from the reader but to question whatever biases we may have formed about the homeless Many of us remain in a extremely privileged situation whereby we may never be forced to make such difficult decisions and because of that, by looking from the point of view of another that maybe the closest we come to gaining insight into a situation that remains painful and unfortunate Any author that attempts to break stereotypes is brave Any author that succeeds in doing so, has a book worth reading.

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    The beauty of Mik Everett s writing can be summed up in her own words It s a bit funny how we came to live in a motorhome in the first place It s not funny at all, but it s a story I can tell like a joke The beauty of her writing is how easy she makes it to relate to desperate situations Her key tool in this aim is Humor I use the capital, proper noun, form of the word because her jokes have far in common with masters of Satire, like Twain, than they do with the peddlers of offense like Daniel Tosh.Both have their audience, obviously, but unlike comedians that mock a situation for a quick double shot of Schadenfreude if you don t know German, or haven t seen Avenue Q, it s a German word for the enjoyment of other people s failure or pain , Everett s humor has a clear ever present purpose to it The points she makes, what ridicule she does present, is in the hope of things changing.Self Published Kindling Memoirs of a Homeless Bookstore Owner is a book about as strange as its title It s fairly easy to get caught up in the day to day narrative of both ensuring basic needs are met for her family things like applying for food stamps, applying for shelters, and occasionally shop lifting as needed to fill the gaps between and doing everything in her power to ensure that her lack of permanent residence doesn t become public knowledge, something that would be absolutely disastrous for the owner of a small business.Everett deals with other business owners handing her petitions to eradicate the homeless problem or otherwise shut down invaluable humanitarian services, an application for a homeless shelter requiring a proof of residency, and the general demands of living as a homeless family with small children with bravado and courage that I have no idea if I could muster, so yes, it is very easy to get caught up in that narrative It s an absolutely fascinating one.But strangely, this isn t a book about homelessness Yes, Mik Everett makes no effort to hide her views on services for the homeless or poverty stricken, and yes, she paints achingly beautiful portraits of the people around her, many of which turn up for what is probably the most frustratingly appropriate conclusion I ve ever seen in a self published project To warn you, you won t be satisfied with the ending, but it certainly feels right I wish I could share the quote it ends with and its juxtaposition with the purpose of the novel, but I don t want to ruin an amazing read This, instead, is a book about writing, and the state of writing and publishing in the United States.It s broader than that, including wonderful discussions about the economy in general I ve never fucking worked in an economy that had jobs So people keep saying, oh, the jobs will come back, the economy will improve, and I just don t fucking believe them I m not going to sit around on my ass waiting for jobs that I really don t believe in They re like fucking unicorns, man An economy with jobs available, real jobs where you can make a living, it s a fucking myth It hasn t existed since our parents were our age And they want us to sit around and work our asses off in unpaid internships, waiting for these mythological jobs to come back It s like waiting for the Second Coming I m not going to work for nothing while I wait for Jesus to come back with his jobs, and reward all of us who have been faithful and worked for nothing while we waited Fuck that I m a fucking atheist I m going to make my own job It includes anecdotes about parenting that anyone with small children can probably relate to, and underneath it all is an undercurrent of Millennial ness that anyone of my generation can probably relate to, drug use and distrust of the society she was born into are no exception, but, remarkably, these are just pieces of her life Like any other element, the book transcends these too In other words, this is a book with drugs in it, but it is by no means a book about drugs.Again, this is a book about writing, about writing the book you re reading, actually.This is a book about why we choose to write, and that is the most fascinating part about it In an age when self publishing is becoming to be accepted as, to borrow a phrase, Artisanal Publishing rather than the derogatory Vanity Publishing it was maybe a decade ago, it s easy to accept that some people write just to write, but that isn t quite true Certainly some people write just to write, but self publishing is than just saying hey, I made something , even though that s the tone many young authors myself included occasionally take The choice to share your work this way, to face a publishing field that will probably never make you any sort of money, to face a world full of writers than readers Real readers , to quote the book again, it demands a drive.Everett s drive is a passion for writing and using writing to improve the world around her.The beauty of her writing, and I know this is the third time I m saying this, is that she somehow manages to weave her idealistic goals into a realistic narrative, for all she suffers, she never loses hope, and she never resorts to beating us over the head with her point What makes her a masterful writer is that she takes all these seemingly unrelated threads of her life, and manages to present them to us with definite and understandable meaning She has the great skill of making her personal life a sort of fable, without resorting to mythologizing herself, while presenting it in an almost diary format I am jealous of this skill Extremely jealous of it, and I have nothing but congratulations for her considering this was written over the course of two weeks, two weeks unwillingly spent without a permanent address.Mik Everett doesn t come off as better than you, and she certainly doesn t come off as someone who knows everything, but the fact of the matter is, the structure and craft of this novel indicates someone who probably knows a thing or two, and knows how to share it without making you feel like you re somehow lesser for not knowing them.It s a phenomenal book.It s a short read I read the 150 pages in about three 2 3 hour sittings, and it was well worth the time investment.

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