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The Tsar's Treasure: The Sunken White Star Liner With a Billion Dollar Secret summary The Tsar's Treasure: The Sunken White Star Liner With a Billion Dollar Secret, series The Tsar's Treasure: The Sunken White Star Liner With a Billion Dollar Secret, book The Tsar's Treasure: The Sunken White Star Liner With a Billion Dollar Secret, pdf The Tsar's Treasure: The Sunken White Star Liner With a Billion Dollar Secret, The Tsar's Treasure: The Sunken White Star Liner With a Billion Dollar Secret 5b297d0b30 The Tsar S Treasure Captures The Story Of The Lost Luxury White Star Liner Known As The Millionaires Ship And Capt Martin Bayerle S Year Quest To Find Her Fabled Treasure When The RMS Republic Sank In , She Was The Largest Ship To Sink In History Only To Be Surpassed By Her Sibling Ship, RMS Titanic, A Mere Three Years Later When Republic Sank, She Took With Her Not Only All Her Cargo And Passenger Effects, But Also Some Politically Sensitive Secrets Rumors Of A Vast Treasure, Of Riches Beyond Most Men S Wildest Dreams, Were Published The Day After Her Sinking And Have Persisted For Than YearsThe Book Documents Capt Bayerle S Personal Journey To Uncover Republic S Secrets Along With His Extensive Research In An Effort To Substantiate Or Deny The Rumors The Result Is A Deep Sea Adventure Riddled With Subtle Clues And Impressive Historical Photos And Documents The Reader Is Invited To Examine The Evidence And Arrive At His Or Her Own Conclusions Surrounding The Century Old Mystery Of What May Become The Greatest Treasure Recovery Of All Time

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    When the RMS Republic sunk off the coast of Nantucket in the winter of 1909, it carried with it 3.8 million in gold Double Eagle U.S coins That, at least, is Captain Martin Bayerle s theory, which he developed over than 30 years meticulous research While concrete proof of the treasure s existence has been elusive, the lack of confirmation from any of the parties involved in the Republic s fateful sailing makes Bayerle s The Tsar s Treasure all the compelling.Bayerle recounts the factual record of the Republic catastrophe in The Tsar s Treasure, and that story alone would be intriguing enough to carry the book In the early morning hours of 23 January 1909, the S.S Florida carrying refugees from the deadly Sicilian earthquake a few months earlier steamed out of a thick fog and collided with the side of the Republic Unlike the deadly Titanic disaster a few years later, however, the Republic only lost three passengers In an interesting coincidence, the Republic, which managed to remain afloat for hours after the collision, was employed to carry relief supplies to Sicily More fascinating, however, is the other cargo that the Republic might have been carrying the millions in gold coins Bayerle spends much of the book laying out his theory of the treasure lost beneath 200 feet of the Atlantic Ocean, providing supporting evidence and smart conjecture based upon the historical record or holes therein For Bayerle s theories, however, you ll have to read The Tsar s Treasure Suffice to say that his theory involves Theodore Roosevelt, the Russo Japanese war, international banking conspiracies, and not the smallest bit of serendipitous discovery But why does it remain only conjecture The answer to that question composes the remaining roughly third of the content of The Tsar s Treasure Captain Bayerle s tumultuous life in the three decades since he discovered the Republic s final resting spot At the risk of clich , it is difficult not to be reminded of Ishmael from Moby Dick while reading The Tsar s Treasure Bayerle has sunk his life into his obsession with the Republic He has spent most of his adult life attempting and failing to salvage the ship In the process, his marriage fell apart, he declared bankruptcy, and experienced than a few legal complications and disastrous setbacks Undaunted, however, Bayerle has pushed on, securing and re securing exclusive salvage rights to the Republic, recruiting investors, and, finally, formalizing a plan to undertake the salvage operation some time in the next few years Hopefully Bayerle s convictions will be borne out and his theories will prove accurate In the meantime, The Tsar s Treasure is an entertaining and captivating read that will convince you that there is indeed a treasure hidden beneath the waves off of Nantucket.

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    As a student of history, I was immensely enthralled with the unfolding mystery As a lawyer, I was thoroughly intrigued by the ensuing legal drama As a reader, I was captivated from beginning to end This book revolves around the fate of a steam powered ocean liner that was struck by another ship in thick fog in 1909 The ship stayed afloat for nearly two days before sinking and there was minimal loss of life On the surface, this does not sound like the makings of a page turner However, the ill fated ship in question was none other than the R.M.S Republic of the famed White Star Line perhaps best know for another of its ships which sank three years later Titanic After she slipped beneath the waters of the Atlantic Ocean in 1909, the exact location of the Republic remained unknown for over seven decades until the author, Martin Bayerle rediscovered her in 1981 Discovering Republic was merely the beginning of what would become a trying, exhausting, and nearly all consuming quest, which Bayerle aptly refers to as The Siren s Song In the opening chapter, the author reveals his personal story on discovering the Republic The next chapters describe the ship and the sinking in vivid, painstaking detail With the basic details established, Bayerle next moves on to the real fun stuff the rumors of sunken treasure, the international intrigue, the web of documents some tied to notable historical figures including Theodore Roosevelt, Franklin D Roosevelt, Winston Churchill, and others This book truly has something for everyone.As we read on, it is beginning to appear as if Republic was possibly carrying aid relief to Italian earthquake victims pay for United States Navy Serviceman upon the famed Great White Fleet and possibly the Tsar s treasure a large loan in gold coins set to arrive to Tsar Nicholas II of Russia, who was barely keeping afloat among political unrest and a devastating loss to the Japanese in the Russo Japanese War After all this painstaking research and after fending off legal attacks, Bayerle was finally awarded salvage rights to Republic in 1983 although legal battles would continue on Once funding and resources were pulled together no easy task a salvage attempt was made in 1987 I do not want to reveal too much in this review, but suffice it to say that this effort did not result in obtaining the Tsar s Treasure but, rather, brought home only tantalizing clues to the mystery True to his nature, Bayerle refused to quit and continued to conduct his dogged brand of thorough research The final chapter is a culmination of this research and a quite compelling argument that a billion dollar treasure awaits beneath the waves.

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    Unlike some, I ve heard of the White Star Liner, RMS Republic and her sinking which is the semi focus of this book I say semi focus because about half the book is about the author s belief that there is several million dollars worth of gold Double Eagle coins somewhere in the wreckage and how he now needs money to go diving on the wreck to retrieve them The remainder of the book is about the sinking and a lot of mysterious loans given to the Imperial Russian government around the time the Republic left New York on her final journey There is literally no support for the author s assertion that the supposed 3 million in gold coins is on this particular ship, just that it seems logical since it left the city on the day the loan was secured however, there is support that a payroll of 800,000 in gold coins being sent to sailors assisting survivors of an Italian earthquake was on the ship When you add the bad formatting of the edition I read, something I hope was corrected at some point, I am left wondering if those book is nothing than a fundraiser for the author s admitted planned attempt to salvage the Republic s wreck, an attempt trying to capitalize on the minuscule connection to Nicholas II of Russia and the fascination with all things related to him and the Russian Revolution along with trying to appeal to those interested in the White Star Liners The only saving grace of this book is the information on the Republic s sinking but the formatting of the book double spaced, oddly laid out paragraphs, tons and tons of white space per page make it a very hard book to read.

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    I had admittedly never heard of the Republic until a friend mentioned this book But now knowing the back storyand the potential windfallit s easy to feel Captain Bayerle s excitement and obsession Historical details, compelling narrative, trevails and challenges overcome, and the prospect of a huge sunken treasure make this modern day, real life Indiana Jones story and effortless and enjoyable read.

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    Fantastic analysis of what is one of the largest shipwrecked cargo treasures of all time albeit least well known ships and for good reason This book is a must read for anyone who is interested in shipwrecks, secret government actions, treasure hunting, mystery, and adventure I could not put the book down and had to research about the ship and the lost treasure myself It s an amazing adventure

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    I think there is Gold double eagles on the RMS Republic But what a tale.

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