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  • Paperback
  • 224 pages
  • Underwater Panther
  • Jonathan Cook
  • English
  • 09 January 2017

10 thoughts on “Underwater Panther

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    I won this book in a Goodreads Giveaway It was a small quick read, however, I really enjoyed the story and hope it becomes a series The book was primarily about the coming of age of the main character Owl The author did a great job relaying the typical teenage boy reluctance of going through with some ancestral ritual that will propel him into adulthood The sub plot of the village s struggle with a food source and the impending threat of another tribe was skillfully woven into the story And I have to say trying hard not to add a spoiler alert I loved the big A HA moment when things start to come together during Owl s vision quest I loved that is seems the author set this book up to be a series fingers crossed The impending love possibility for Owl with Willow Will her father allow it For that matter will Raging Bull jump off the deep in with all this war talk Is there a resettlement Sooooo much left to write about Mr Cook I have to say that the only thing I didn t really like was all the long and very similarly spelled indian esq names It s helpful when he adds the meaning in English but then the next time it s used, there is no translation I didn t read the word the first time and sure as heck didn t remember it especially the ones with all the i s which was almost all of them Waapeesha, Waapaahsiki Siipiiwi, nipinkonci saakaciweeta, kaakihsaahkatwi, kinohsamia that was just the first 4 pages Please translate every time, I m not trying to learn another language Does that sound bratty So overall I give this book 5 stars and really hope it becomes a series

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    A well written novel, my biggest issue is the native tongue words used t explain very basic things I get the implied notion of being imbeded in the culture but find the task of seeking meaning to the word I just read completely jarring to my enjoyment The duration of the story I managed to read before this frustrating quality got the best of me was excellently written and presented a living breathing world If you area patient reader then I, you will find a treasure in this story I was unable unwilling to polish to its total shine If you are like myself and find disjointed native speak in a story mostly a bother, then you may want to seek another tale.Review of a won free copy via Goodreads

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    I won this book in a Goodreads giveaway In my own opinion there a lot of things that make a book great For some people the cover attracts you The story has to have certain elements or you wont bother reading it The style in which the book is written So many things can make or break a good story.This book isn t my typical read, but I m so happy to have added it to my collection It was a very light read, easy to get through, and the way the author wrote it made me sink right into the Peeyankihsia world Owl was exactly the character I love and hope for in a good book Maybe not so much relate able in the sense of here and now, but he had such a development that I want to know that much about him, and the things he must go through to find his way.I would absolutely recommend this book to everyone 5 stars fingers crossed for a series

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    I received this book through Goodread s Firstreads While the book never completely engaged me, I applaud the story itself Owl was likable and was a decently developed character, but the length of the book did not allow as much development of the other characters or their history as I would have liked, but I m not sure if I would have preferred a longer read just for that purpose It was only when the spirits began to be involved that I truly began to care about Owl and his people The story didn t begin for me until then For that reason, I certainly do with that the book had been longer at the end If there is ever a sequel, I ll read it just to know what happens.

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    I loved this book I enjoyed Owl s spirit Journey to find his totem, his curiosity,desire to learn and even question some of the the beliefs of is people I loved seeing the growth from the beginning of his journey to the end of the book My only disappoinent If you can call it that It left me wanting , I WANT to see this as a series, I want of owls journey as a man, past the journey he just endured, to see what his totem has in store for him and what other growth potential Owl has Definitely Good read, worth enjoying, I cannot wait to discuss this one with my son as he reads it

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    Underwater Panther by Jonathan Cook, is a look back in time and into the future all at the same moment Like today s young people, Owl sees what is wrong, believes in a way to correct it and is tasked with the need to convince his elders of the right path.My only suggestion would be to add a pronunciation guide with glossary I d love to actually learn the native words interspersed through the book.I hope to, one day, see a sequel to this story about how Owl and Willow safe Mother Earth.

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    We ll call it 3.5 stars.I really liked the story I had a hard time though with the native language luckily it wasn t a whole lot The story didn t end in a cliffhanger, but it left it wide open for a sequel Also, at the end it mentions a website which when I tried to access it I got an error message I did find a related site under.org, but it really has nothing new for those who read the book.I received this book for free through Goodreads First Reads.

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    I was camping in Yosemite s Tuolumne Meadows, hiking, swimming, kayaking This was the perfect read by lantern in my tent I loved Owl and his journey, his hunger, his love and commitment And though I m doubtful, I was intrigued and even a bit hopeful that civilization might survive even as we destroy our beautiful planet.

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    I won a free copy of this book in the Goodreads Giveaway This book is detailed and insightful, requiring the reader to enter into a foreign world that unfolds on Wabash I enjoyed the main characters very much.I think adding a section, at the beginning or end of the book, listing the various native words used throughout the story would be very useful.

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    This book was excellent, though I was slightly disappointed by the lack of resolution and the speed of the falling action I felt that the mix of Indian lore within this novel made for a very good read.

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