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Bird After Bird txt Bird After Bird , text ebook Bird After Bird , adobe reader Bird After Bird , chapter 2 Bird After Bird , Bird After Bird 989cb7 Can You Go Home Again Maybe Not, But You Can Find Home When You Stop Running From The Past Katina F, ReviewerFinally An Intelligent Romance That Flips The Script On Finding Real Love As A New Adult Wren Is No Damsel In Distress, And Laurie Is No Mindless Hero Two Very Real, Talented But Damaged Characters Discover That Growing Up Doesn T Mean Being Healed By Love, But Choosing To Heal Because Of Love Readers Are Saying, The Question Of Will They Or Won T They Was Well Played I Could Not Put It Down And The Ending Was Perfect Laurie Is My New Book Boyfriend BIRD AFTER BIRD Is The Story Of Two Survivors Dear Birdy, Princess Birdzilla Von MuffinStuff, Keeper Of Dreams, Lover Of Our Fine Feathered Friends, Queen Of My Life And Light Of My World, I Hope This Letter Finds You Well If You Are Reading This Then I Am Gone, And Sweetheart, I Am So Sorry Chi Town Professional Wren Riley Is And A Rising Star In The Business World She Can Eat A Man Alive And Laugh About It To Her Girlfriends In Seconds Flat At Least According To Her Reputation Behind The Power Suits And The Flashing, Flirty Eyes, However, Wren Has A Secret, Vulnerable Side Following A Devastating Loss And The Discovery Of A Bird Journal She And Her Father Made Together Years Before, Wren Sets Out To Seek Peace, Closure, And Something She Just Can T Name Is That Something Tied To The Little Paper Cranes She Keeps Finding Along The Way BIRD AFTER BIRD Is The Story Of Two Warriors Laurence Byrd Grew Up A Lanky Hoosier Kid With The Good Bad Fortune Of Having The Same Name As The State S Perennial Basketball Legend With A Better Affinity For Dogs Than Sports Or School, He Ends Up In The Army Instead Of The Chicago Art School Of His Dreams Still, His Service To Our Country Is Something He Can Be Proud Of Until An Argument With The Girl Who Means The World To Him Results In A Series Of Events That Blows His Life Apart With No One Left To Understand Him, Black Sheep Laurie Pours Out His Heart Into Letters And Drawings He Never Intends To Send Then He Folds Them Into Paper Cranes That He Leaves Behind Like Messages In Little Winged Bottles He Never Dreams Someone Might Be Finding Them God Damn It, Sylvia, For A Few Moments I Tricked Myself Into Feeling Really Alive I Cut It Off Before Anyone Got Hurt, But Just For A Moment Or Two, I Really Thought I Might Feel Something Again Something Like Trust Something Like Love Not The Kind Of Love We Had, But Something New Something Like Hope BIRD AFTER BIRD Is A Love Story When Wren Laurie Meet, Their Lives Will Never Be The Same A Sweet Romance In The New Adult Fiction Genre, This Book Completely Delivers The Setting Of The Story Against A Backdrop Of Birding Was Fascinating, In That It Introduced A World To Me That I Know Nothing About, And A Unique Way Of Two People Finding Each Other Pick Up A Copy M Frastley, Reviewer I Must Admit That When I Got To The End Of This Book, I Let Out A Tiny Whimper From Under My Breath It Was Over And I Didn T Want It To Be The Style Of Writing Was Unique, Fun, Quirky And Witty JC At All Is Read Sweet And Delightful Yolanda, Of Yolanda Has So Many Books And So Little Time

About the Author: Leslea Tash

Author of a variety of novels, short stories, and poetry Former journalist, avid bird nerd, super proud wife mom of four Slightly opinionated.Up to my neck in feathers, leaves, and sloppy kisses Ask me if I mind.

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    2.5 stars BIRD AFTER BIRD is a bird lovers delight Wren Riley and Laurence Laurie Byrd both experience the tragedy of losing someone they love They meet when Wren has returned home a year later after her father s passing Their friendship blossoms from friends to lovers pretty quickly The story opens up with a letter from Wren s deceased father The letter and notes her father left for her to discover were my favorite parts of the story The fatherly advice he bestowed were real gems Bird After Bird has some confusing scene transitions and the flow didn t always happen in the most smoothest way Sometimes the dialogue felt forced and unnatural A lot of bird references throughout the narrative By no means should you judge your decision to read this book off of my review I know others who gave this story excellent ratings Standalone Complimentary copy courtesy of Fido Publishing via NetGalley in exchange for an honest review.

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    3 to 3.5 Birdy Stars Book ARC provided per author for honest review.This is one of those sweet reads that hooked me from the first few pages, set my hopes high and then became something else entirely I felt this book was a solid decent read, but I also felt it could have been Fabulous Quick Synopsis Wren Riley returns home from Chicago after the passing of her father She was always bright and determined to get out of small town Birdseye Home dealing with her father s estate puts her back into a world of bird watching, something she loves and basks in She literally stumbles upon a local good boy who immediately calls to her libido This sexy sweet man has her comfortable and swooning fast Wren is no stranger to making the first move Lawrence Laurie Byrd has had a rough life after experiencing loss during times of war in the army then again in his personal life with the death of his fianc Wren and Laurie have a good connection and move fast from friends to lovers but unfortunately they live in two different worlds thus propelling the story as to finding what they truly want as well as what or where they are meant to be.What I Like I absolutely thought his author did a brilliant job of developing the characters through the personal letters either written to them or by them I could feel the love and presence of Wren s dad even in his death Also, Laurie s origami bird letters to Sylvie then to Wren were so special Laurie himself in my book was equally as special This man was genuinely good hearted and sweet He was a true good guy and there was no way not to root for him to get his wren My issues I basically had a problem with Wren I struggled to connect with her after her initial encounter with Laurie This woman, to me, was quite selfish.I could understand how people thought she was too good for Birdseye While I appreciate drive and goals, I don t like how she never communicated with Laurie She basically said she loved him, then never had the actions to back it up You just put a war vet down by telling him there is in the city, and you do not just drop an im moving to NYC in the middle of a romantic date without even discussing it first Also, I thought there was a lack of smooth transition from some scenesfrom a fight to being away at a fair in love, random visits with nuns , Laurie singing then going to NYC for a talent show, just oddities that didn t quite flow into each section This is where I wish I could have maybe skimmed to get to the heart of the storywere they gonna ever find each other Overall, this was a good debut by Leslea Tash It was unique in its plot and had likeable characters, for the most part, lol The angst is minimal, and the heat factor is slow and simmering versus a true scorcher I will say it has a lot of great bird facts that can win you some trivia

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    3.5 Sweet Stars ARC kindly provided by author in exchange for an honest review Wren Riley is a professional and independent woman thriving in the big city she s grieving the death of her father who was very important to her, they had a very special and close relationship and now that he s gone she feels lost Back in her home town of Birdseye she was always a star homecoming queen, student body president and leader of her math club She grew up and left her town behind, but even after all the success she knows something is missingLaurence Byrd is a local artist who spends his days in his log cabin, painting and trying to move on from the devastation he found when he came back from the Army He writes love letters to the one he loved and lost asking for advise, praying for a way out of his loneliness Wren and Laurence meet one afternoon and after they spend the day together they both find something they were in desperate need of, hopeLaurence once loved with his whole heart, and now he s ready to heal and move on and Wren is the one he wants, so he doesn t play around letting her know, he doesn t want to waste one second without her Wren is always used to playing by her own rules, and Laurence and the feelings she has for him scare her so will Wren surrender to love for the fist time in her life and will Laurence be able to give his whole heart to Wren, breaking from the shadow of his old heartache I thought this story was very sweet story and I was able to relate to Wren and her love for her father, even though he was gone, she was always talking to him, remembering and honoring everything he taught her I felt like not only Wren was very guarded but also jaded and she needed someone simple and genuine like Laurie, he was just the sweetest guy ever I must be honest and say that the plot didn t always flowed smoothly, I would be reading a scene and then it would switched leaving me confused about where I was, in than one occasion I had to read the same scene several times to try to understand Another issue I had was that I felt like the bird references were used a little too much, I get and appreciate that the birds are a very important part of this book but I personally would have toned it down a bit Regardless of this small issues I really enjoyed reading the story, made me cry, daydream and discover a world of beautiful things that sometimes we take for granted This book had a lot of heart and a ton of great music so it was right up my alley, I loved Wren and Laurie s tender story and I would have loved an epilogue My Bird After Bird Playlist BlackBird by The Beatles January Wedding by The Avett Brothers I Would Be Sad by The Avett Brothers Let Her Go by Passenger Feels Like Home by Chantal Kreviazuk

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    4 No Egrets, Sparrow to Sparrow, Homage Stars As children we have a sense of where we stand in our family and that can mean many things Sometimes you bond with a parent than the other for any number of reasons Sometimes the bonding can alternate depending on times and ages but what happens most during these bonding periods are the memories created special moments which can live on forever and bring such closeness to those who may be gone now.I was not what you would totally call a Daddy s girl but we did have very special times together My dad loved golf He would take me out to the course taught me to caddie for him It was a time when you would drag the clubs on a little three wheel cart specific for the bag I remember doing this with him when I was 10 or 11 years old playing, shooting a bucket of balls off the driving range and long dusk hours on the putting green He was proud to take his kid show her the ropes instill the patience needed to putt something, by the way, which made me crazy But during those times, we would talk and he would share with me his ideas and translate how to handle tough times in school or with a brother and sister or even mom it was our very special time together I share these memories because Bird After Bird by Leslea Tash artfully uses the bond and memories of Wren Riley with her father as the basis of this book We are there in the bank when she opens the safety deposit box holding a letter with the bird journal Her father had died a year ago from lung cancer and this journal had huge significance She had just learned of this box through the attorney her father purposely made it available only after a year of his death The letter was as if he was right there talking, telling her about how he knew things were happening in her life and how she needed to step back, understand take a moment.He talked about his extraordinary love of her mother and even though he lost her to cancer early in the marriage, his love for her and their life sustained him never felt the desire for a new life partner she was it He wants this for Wren he wants her to find the love of her life and follow her gut not be so closed to the possibility of something off the path Wren has experienced deep loss first, when her mother passed away from lung cancer when she was a preteen Her father helped her through it yet she compartmentalized it She became focused on all sorts of school projects, clubs and other things She became that kid who did well in school and others were either jealous or happy for her no in between Her accomplishments became gossip and by going to Northwestern for college, she became one of the few to leave Her success in Chicago was known, so being back home, selling the house was difficult.Hours away from Chicago, Birdeye was a treasure trove of natural beauty Trees, lakes and birds all types to be appreciated learned of and watched the love of Birding was what helped the both of them grieve The journey taken together to work through their loss was monumental she and her father went all over working through their list and while doing it, they experienced so much than the sighting of the birds.With these memories overwhelming Wren, she stops at the Beer Bait to use the facilities Unfortunately, what shouldn t have been a problem was And she gets out of there barely able to breathe A fella takes pity on her and explains there is another place to go down by the peer Wren is just wanting to get herself together finding the journal, the letter it has been just too much she really doesn t want to deal with seeing anyone she knows from her past life This Fella is Laurie a war vet a man raised here in Birdeye, a few years younger than Wren He has a gentleness in his manner and Wren is willing to take his offer of going to his house to get herself together, etc There she is treated to the visions of his paintings beautiful nature birds and a sense of ease takes them both together There is a feeling a want between them something sweet yet powerful because in their pain of loss they both feel it We learn about Laurie s loss of his fiancee and all that meant to him his loss of her family the only real family he felt cared for him his safe haven It has been some time since the loss of his Sylvia, and Laurie has been working through it by writing letters to her folded into origami cranes and placing them in all the places where he trained his service dog These letters are conversations of his want for her of his working through this time without her and ultimately how he feels about letting go and moving on Because Wren is back in the area she is traveling over places she spent birding with her father taking moments to relive these precious memories trying to ground herself and find her center She finds the swans and with these cranes saved first just for their beauty then later opened and read we as readers see the writing on the wall as to the connection between the characters These characters were fleshed out and felt very real yet there were times where I had some very important concerns Laurie was a combination of sweet, caring and loving Flat outit was so lovely Yet, although he was old beyond his years of 22 due to life and war there was still something young to him he had a mother who was a shrew, a passive dad and one sister who took after the mother His other sister was a saving grace and supported him He hated confrontation and that caused some of his behaviors.which again made him feel young to me.All of this sweetness was there for Wren flat out there.she and Laurie had this bonding experiencethey were working out how to be together yet not really because Wren is not communicating with Laurie she doesn t share her life and troubles with him give him a chance to hear her and her concerns so there is a disconnect for themand for me a frustration with WrenWe root for these two we want them to be together and it is a journey The secondary players have humor and pathos, especially a bit player in a neighbor he made such an important impact of how much Wren was loved by family and friends There is much to this story to like, however, and I am very pleased and glad I read it I learned a lot about birding and how it can be so encompassing and most of all it brought me wonderful memories of a loved one and for that I will always be grateful A gifted copy was provided by the author in exchange for an honest review For reviews, Free E books and Giveaways

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    3.5 StarsThe first time I read the blurb, I thought it sounded different from all the current New Adult books I ve been reading It also reminded me a little bit of Message in a Bottle because of the letters, so I got really excited about it Of course, when the author, Leslea Tash, emailed me afterwards about doing an ARC review, I got way pumped up about it even .Bird After Bird is one of those sweet reads that can warm your heart It is about a 25 year old career woman, Wren Riley, who comes home from Chicago to small town Birdseye after her father s death There she finds a bird journal she and her father made together years before, which leads her to rediscover her love for birds and her vulnerable side She then meets hometown boy Laurence Laurie Byrd, who at only 22, has had one too many heartbreaking deaths in his life.The two quickly move from friends to lovers, but living in different worlds get them both questioning themselves about what they want in life and who they are meant to be Will their obvious connection be enough to see them through This Byrd wants a Wren So, here s the thing, I really liked the first chapter of the book because it was a good, solid start, and it was quite heartwarming However, to be honest, it took me a bit longer to get totally into the story as there were some issues that prevented me to do so.Laurie seemed to be the kind of guy who can make anyone swoon An Army vet, an artist, and a mechanic, and he s also the sensitive type But maybe because I ve become spoiled and too used to reading about Alpha males, he s not one I would personally consider an ideal book boyfriend Also, there were times when, in my head, he sounded like a girl I know he s supposed to be in tuned with his emotions than most, but it unfortunately made it a little bit obvious to me that the book was written by a female author.I have to say though that I loved his letters, and I couldn t help but be reminded of Garret Blake from Message in a Bottle yes, I m obviously a fan.Wren, on the other hand, I wasn t totally convinced that she s supposed to be a man eater People around her kept describing her as a big bad bitch at work and with men, but I couldn t really see it I wish there would have been showing than just telling, you know I think I needed proof of that part of her character for it to be a hundred percent believable to me.I did like how mature she was, and I was really impressed by how the author portrayed her in that aspect I mean, Wren could have easily acted immature and younger than Laurie, like with many other books Also, I was able to feel how lost she was In a way, I could relate to her as it s basically like going through a quarter life crisis of some sort I m not defending her stupid way of dealing with her relationship with someone she supposedly loves, but I can see how she would have reacted the way she did.Both Wren and Laurie s past histories, personal beliefs, and their shortcomings all came into play, so I was able to accept the circumstances, and not be frustrated or annoyed by it view spoiler Of course, the resolution between them in the end was so sweet and worth the wait hide spoiler

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    After the death of her father, Wren returns to her childhood home in Indiana Her plan is to sell the family home as quickly as possible so she can return to her life in Chicago But when she discovers a journal her father left her, a journal which calls into question the path she has chosen for herself, she is forced to make some choices Laurie, a returned serviceman, is carrying the guilt over two deaths His fianc e, a dog handler who died while on a search and rescue, and a friend who was killed by a road side bomb When he meets Wren he finds a chance for redemption, a chance to move forward with his life But Wren has her own issues and finds herself pushing him away even while she knows he is exactly what she wants Bird After Bird is something of an odd bird It doesn t quite fit into the contemporary romance genre and it isn t quite women s fiction It s written with a measured pace from alternating points of view and honestly for the first 20% or so of the book I struggled But that initial effort paid off and by the half way mark I was well and truly sucked in I just want to say, Laurie is a returned serviceman Contemporary Romance would demand that he be a Navy SEAL Thank you Ms Tash for making your hero a motor mechanic I bang my head against the metaphorical wall every time I read a romance hero is a SEAL That s just one refreshing thing in a book which somehow manages to be whimsical while still showing very real human emotions DISCLOSURE I am a friend of the author on both Facebook and Goodreads.Many thanks to Leslea Tash for providing me with this ARC.

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    This review was first posted on Northern Plunder, if you want to see reviews please click here.When Leslea contacted me about possibly reviewing Bird After Bird I didn t have to think twice It s a romance which is not the kind of genre I d usually fall head over heels for but this wouldn t be the first time I read one from authors whose other work I admire This will in no way alter my opinion on the book.I read most of Bird After Bird on release day because I let packing and travelling home get in the way of reading yet again, but what I d read previously meant I knew I d be okay sitting reading it on and off in one day any way.Wren and Laurie are cute and enjoyable characters.From first meeting it s easy to see how they click and work well together.And they both have their own baggage they re dealing with.Wren is still dealing with the grief from the loss of her father a year ago and Laurie has something similar to deal with the loss of his fianc e, Sylvia, and their dog.But how they both start to come to terms with their losses is one of the things I loved the most, she read a letter and book from her dad and he leaves letters to Sylvia Another great thing is that this wasn t insta love, their relationship developed over months, it faced every day problems such as distance and job promotions and what I liked even is that it wasn t clear what state they d end up in, it wasn t predictable This is yours now Do you feel it beat for you There is no doubt in my mind that Laurie and Wren are made for each other and I really enjoyed the two figuring that out, the happiness and pain the two went through made them seem so real If I have nothing bad to say then why not five stars and that is simply because whilst I enjoyed reading every moment of it, I still felt like something was missing But to add that something would mean venturing out of the contemporary romance and into the fantasy or supernatural haha I can t wait to take my next dive into this genre and see what journey I m taken on next time.I think one of the main reasons I enjoyed this so much is because no matter how unrelatable or different the characters are to my boyfriend and I, I still see us in the story through the small acts and feelings.

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    Bird After Bird is beautifully written It is a tender and sweet tale about two bird lovers finding themselves and each other You know all those birding trips we took, where we got out of town and bumped up our life list You remember those times when we ended up lost, took a wrong turn, and still ended up where we were meant to be Kid, that s where you are, I think I think you re trying, but Wren Riley spent one incredible summer with her dad, searching for birds and making new memories following the death of her mom She then spent ten years doing all she could to make her dad proud at least on paper Following another devastating loss, she s back home to deal with some things and one of those things is the journal she and her dad made that one summer Wren then embarks on a soul searching journey as she tries to follow her dad s advice and find the real Wren And along the way, she finds Laurie Byrd.Laurence Laurie Byrd has than a few demons Having been raised by a mother who was never happy with who he was, he has a few issues He s also an Army vet who saw and lost things in war on both sides the home front and the battlefield Laurie has been ghosting through life since his return When he meets Wren, he feels something like being alive again So he sets out on a journey of his own.Wren is a heroine I could identify with in that she worked very hard but wasn t following her passion She was trying so hard to be enough but she wasn t happy doing it Laurie s character resonated with me because of his feelings of not measuring up It was such a joy to see these two help one another realize that neither one of them should be wasting time chasing paper birds That s a lesson that resonated with me as well.I adore this story It s told in dual POV and having a front row seat to both Wren s and Laurie s journeys was fascinating Ms Tash clearly loves these characters and shares their story with such emotion and tenderness, it made me love them all the The fact that Wren and Laurie both have bird names that correlate to the title was clever There are many references to this throughout the story and Ms Tash tied it all together with the birds brilliantly.

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    I am going to start with an apology I don t like giving bad reviews but I am, also, honest to a fault I can t say I hated this book but I didn t love it either I think it has to be hard to write down your thoughts story to have others not like it hence the apology because my review will not be flattering.The book could have been improved in a few ways While I appreciate everyone has their own likes hobbies I did not need so much detail about bird watching I can see the author was on to something with the clever name choices, Wren, Lark, and Byrd That is were clever ends The characters needed to be fleshed out There were so many loose ends that could have tied back in, which would have enhanced the book Examples the death of Sylvia and it s impact on Laurie not loving his name , the painting he hid why , and the photo of them as a children what did that mean or add The story spent far too much time on bird watching, bird information etc when it could have speed up on this topic, it really needed to slow down on the love building aspect Let the reader feel what they feel Give us something that drew Laurie Wren together One minute they are strangers the next in love and he is over loosing his fianc BAM book done It had things that worked and could of built a much interesting plot The Dads letters notes were great I feel with a little twists or turns, some building emotion between H h aka, steam less side non sense singing, mean mom, bird activism the story could have focused on the characters being developed and a thicker plot Just get it down to a couple things and go for it.The cranes in the park was good, giving us the notes in them with meaningbetter The photo of them as children could have been a twist See where I m going with this Thank you to the author and NetGalley for providing a copy of Bird After Bird.

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