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Off the Road: My Years with Cassady, Kerouac, and Ginsberg quotes Off the Road: My Years with Cassady, Kerouac, and Ginsberg, litcharts Off the Road: My Years with Cassady, Kerouac, and Ginsberg, symbolism Off the Road: My Years with Cassady, Kerouac, and Ginsberg, summary shmoop Off the Road: My Years with Cassady, Kerouac, and Ginsberg, Off the Road: My Years with Cassady, Kerouac, and Ginsberg 6eef1598 Neal Cassady Was A Living Legend, His Dauntless, Wild Spirit Immortalized In The Bible Of The Beat Generation, Jack Kerouac S On The Road In This Vivid, Comic, And Wise Account, Neal S Wife Captures The Turbulene And Raw Excitement Of Her Years With Cassady, With Kerouac Her Sometime Lover , And With Allen Ginsberg An Intense Rival For Neal S Affection Reverberating With All The Creative Energy And Poetry Of A Legendary Time, Off The Road Is The Authentic Story Of The People Who Captured The Imagination Of America S Youth And Brought This Country Into The S

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    I read this book last year, but still keep a copy in the passenger door shelf of my car because it is one I can easily dip in and out of when traffic to or from work has gridlocked and I get a chance to pull over and wait it out Note I do not read and drive, in case you were worried When I was in my mid teens, I simply adored Jack Kerouac s writing I could not get enough of it His books always promised a sense of freedom and symbolised a defiance of whatever convention seemed to bug me at the time And how could I not love the writing that inspired so many of my other cultural heroes It didn t come easy at that time to criticise Kerouac s writing for the sexism and blatant promotion of opportunism that is the foundation of Sal s and Dean s exploits Off the Road, which is the story of Carolyn Cassady, Neal Cassady s wife well, one of them , offers a counterpart to the stories of Jack Kerouac and Neal Cassady It holds up a mirror to the romanticised notion of the Beats and offers a somewhat balanced insight to both the man who would be immortalised as Dean Moriarty in On the Road and the man who would create him as a literary hero.Cassady gives quite an honest and to the point account of what lead her to become in volved with Neal Cassady, their ensuing relationship, and the events that have lead her to abandon the life of a society dropout On occasion, her narration is funny, at other times it come across as bitter, though this arguably is justified What struck me most is the level of naivete that she displayed at the beginning of her relationship with Neal There were quite a few moments that caught me rolling my eyes in disbelief However, I guess that so would she having the benefit of hindsight What Off the Road did really well for me was to portray the double standards that build the basis of On the Road and which are not mentioned by Kerouac What I mean is that, as much as On the Road raves on about the aspirations of being an independent single minded carefree human being, it never mentions that Dean Neal and his friends relied heavily on the goodwill and hard work of their family and friends.Review first added at BookLikes

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    It s hard not to get caught up in the romance of Jack Kerouac and Neal Cassady travelling across America in the 1950s I keep thinking I ll grow out of my fascination with Beat writers, but I haven t yet However, Carolyn Cassady s memoir presents a starkly different perspective on Beat history her story fills in the inbetween times a life of not being on the road, but at home with children and a real life.In other books about Kerouac et al, both Neal and Carolyn are typically described in broad strokes Neal was a sex maniac imbecile and Carolyn the pathetic idiot who tolerated him In fact, Carolyn I ll forsake formality and refer to her by her first name, to save confusion was educated, down to earth and clearly intelligent Neal was a voracious reader, who had real potential as a writer, but instead excelled at the manual labour jobs he took to support his family.While Carolyn is often left out of core Beat history, she clearly had close relationships with both Kerouac and Ginsberg Off the Road recounts in detail wow, a lot of detail on that later her memories of the 40s, 50s and 60s in their company The book is filled with amazing nuggets of information that I haven t encountered in any other history of the Beat era My favourite Kerouac turned down an offer from Warner Brothers to adapt On the Road into a movie starring him and Neal, if he wanted the part.For the Beat geek, it s a than worthwhile read However, if you are not the type to break into seal claps at a mention of Michael McClure, it may just be a litany of descriptions of people you don t know or care about Off the Road is, by definition, a very subdued read It s hard not to feel desperately sorry for Carolyn as Neal repeatedly runs away to have adventures, cheats on her countless times and generally saps all of her energy It is, in part, a story of how difficult it was to be a young mother in an unstable relationship in the mid part of the twentieth century Carolyn s potential for career progression or simple autonomy is repeatedly submerged by the demands of childcare and Nealcare.Did I mention the detail Oh yeah, the book is long and, without any real structure beyond simple chronology, it becomes a slog to the end My three star review is a little generous, since I didn t find it an especially enjoyable read Nonetheless, Carolyn s story is an interesting one, and this is an important piece of Beat history.

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    It s a good thing the men of the Beat Generation were good writers because for the most part, they sucked as husbands and fathers.

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    I read this book immediately after On the Road It added another dimension to Neal Cassady Dean Moriarty such as his belief in the teachings of Edgar Cayce and the A.R.E., his homosexual tendencies, and his involvement with Ken Kesey author of One Flew Over the Cuckoo s Nest and the Merry Pranksters Neal was wild and fun but equally inconsiderate and possibly mentally ill I can t believe she stuck with him through most of it I hesitate to call her a doormat though because it s not like women with 2 children living in the 40s and 50s had a ton of options She was just trying to look out for her kids She s a smart lady too.

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    I found this book really interesting It started with Carolyn meeting Neal and ended with his ashes being scattered on Jack s grave I think I liked Carolyn better than Joyce though she was definitely a little strange While her writing was very emotional and insightful there was definitely something or rather sometimes when it felt a little dishonest about it Sometimes she d talk at great lengths about her drug experiences and affairs, and then she d spend ages talking about what a prude and how conservative she was There seemed to be a lot of internal conflicts There were some really interesting things in this book The most interesting I think was how much pregnancy and children change lives Carolyn stopped doing anything fun with Neal, except for rare occasions, once the kids were born, and he went and worked his ass off on the railways for years on end It was interesting to see how normal and poor they were in many ways, struggling to make ends meet At times it didn t really read like any kind of subculture, and then there were the visits by Jack or Alan and things got strange and interesting for awhile And then it d be back to taking the kids back to Ballet Carolyn kept talking about how much Neal wanted to please people, and used this as her excuse for his behaviour Of course she also turned this around and used it as her excuse for starting to sleep with Jack In many ways it seemed like her feelings for Jack became stronger than her feelings for Neal But it seemed like because of her kids she couldn t do anything about it There was a lot I learned from reading this book The role of family and kids I think was the most interesting The 2nd was the way the beats moved into hippies Something I d not quite been able to visualise But the last 3rd of this book was devoted to that and I found it really interesting to see how things changed It also made me very sad, to see such interesting and talented men throwing away their lives to booze and drugs I think the book made an interesting counterpoint to Keraouc s novels Of course the writing style and insight is nowhere near his, but it s interesting nonetheless It also made me wish that LuAnne had written something about her experiences, as she seemed to be of a wild child, but then I guess like Neal she was too busy living life to try and write anything down I think I have one or two of Kerouac s books to read, and then I m going to go back and read the Original Scroll I have discovered that I really do like the beats.

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    Off The RoadBy Carolyn CassadyThis book provokes all sorts of emotions anger, shock, horror, disbelief, mortification, but most of all sadness The story tells the other side of the Neal Cassady Jack Kerouac Allen Ginsberg show, that Kerouac wrote about in On The Road, which was published in 1957 and became a cult novel selling millions This account comes from the point of view of Carolyn Cassady, wife and mother of three of Cassady s children The writing is very good, she is always interesting, making it a real page turner She is also very honest, unflinchingly honest and it is heartbreaking She met and married Neal Cassady when she was 24yrs and he just 21 yrs She was in trouble from the start There were always other women and a fly by night attitude to everything She fell pregnant quickly and two children followed in quick succession Their lives, together with the lives of Jack Kerouac and the poet Allen Ginsberg, are brought to life vividly by Carolyn, aided by the many letters sent between the four parties Off The Road is the counterpoint to the rollicking adventures in On The Road, showing the other side of the men s lives, how they loved, laughed and, in the end, tore themselves apart Carolyn is magnificent I cannot imagine a lady with strength of character, and how she needed it She gave her life over to Neal Cassady who, whilst he may have loved her in his own way, repaid her by breaking her heart countless times and, unforgivably, humiliating her But Carolyn does not come across as bitter or resentful Once she realised her dream marriage was never going to happen, she accepted it and carried on Her affair with Jack Kerouac, a period of time she calls having two husbands , happened at the behest of Neal and seemed to bring her most happiness The only thing keeping them apart in the end was the greater love for Neal on both sides When Neal is jailed for two years on drug charges, Carolyn manages to get a nice life for herself and her kids, finally realising that she doesn t want to go back to the way things were Alas, take him back she does When, unsurprisingly, he goes back to his old ways, he lands her a blow that she cannot recover from and she divorces him No one on earth could blame her, but she is regretful and feels that she took away the support pillars that he relied on to keep him level Why she feels her life should be nothing than a support for a grown man who constantly throws all her love back in her face is anyone s guess The downward spiral of both Cassady and Kerouac is sad to behold Their depressions, aided and abetted by drugs and alcohol, turned them into shadows of their former selves and eventually killed them both The faith that Neal and Carolyn had together sustained Carolyn through the good and bad times and she comes out of this as an amazing woman The term genius is bandied about in regard to Neal, but he didn t seem to do anything except to inspire others and it seems to serve as an excuse for his bad behaviour, but he chose his path and went willingly down it For Jack, if he had met Carolyn first maybe things would have been different for him He seems to have loved her than Neal ever could and maybe they would have been happy together We ll never know I can t recommend this book highly enough If you have read On The Road, then this is the other side of the story and beautifully told If you haven t read On The Road or even heard of the protagonists, it is still such a wonderful book about relationships and the human condition that it should not be missed.

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    This book seemed very faithful about capturing the personal writings of the Beat Generation, via letters and conversations But the woman didn t seem to leave out a single gawddang thing EVERYTHING is in there, so much that the reader should feel content to skim.Carolyn Cassady entirely deserves to have her story voiced Her writing style is both patient and intelligent However, the story of her marriage to Neal Cassady reads as if she wants to be nominated for a sainthood, as if she had no choice but to play a life long role as Ma, as her husband called her.She was the woman who kept him alive for long enough to inspire the famous works by Kerouac and Ginsberg Her consolation prize was that someone decided to let her write 450 pages about it for publication.

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    A necessary companion piece to On The Road and all those male beat novels The pain she endures, and the joy, are told with a remarkable clear eye Enjoyable read.

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    I read this book in three days and loved hearing all the other details that the other books leave out I was never really bored but I kept getting angry at Neal for being an A hole all the time It got to the point I wished he was still alive just so I could track him down and tell him so But like with all books I had to sit back and absorb it, take it all in and think about it for a good day or two before coming to a final decision In the end I decided that Carolyn C has a very bitter attitude toward her marriage to Neal N Yes he was a womanizer and bisexual but she knew about this before she married him She knew the sex was bad with him but I don t recall her ever mentioning them working that situation out, it was like she just laid there and took it She also had an educated man whom her family approved and was desperate to marry her and give her a good life but she d rather take the cool bad boy with the cool friends who doesn t have a degree a job or any real prospects Then later when her life is difficult she complains a lot about it I did feel sorry for how poor they were how they had very little and ate cornmeal for awhile just to get by She also would mention here and there about her sister who lived fairly close and although her parents didn t exactly approve of Neal they didn t write her off completely Maybe it was pride on her part but I don t see why she didn t ask her family for help in those times It also occurred to me that she had education than N did but would throw a fit every time she was forced to go work C would go on and on how she d nag N to do work but between trips with Jack I got the feeling he did work very hard in a dangerous industry trains They lived in LA CA and she had studied set design and worked in the industry and yet never bothered to try and get a job in it When she did later on it was for school or something.N didn t make life easy for C but I m also sure she didn t make life easy for him either Fugitively speaking she kept him as well as everyone else, at arm s length I found it funny how all of N s women, both ex s and currents tried to be friends with her but she, a bit understandably, wanted nothing to do with them All of N s friends lived in other states so when they did come to visit of course he d want to hang around with them, something C would seethe over, she also assumed he was cheating, always As I said they all lived in different states or cities, so she had him most of the time yet when they would come she d get furious unless it was Jack, who she admitted to sleeping with Their relationship seemed very unhealthy and it felt like she treated the fact she was married to him like she had managed to snag the best parking space in the lot and while she felt pride of snagging it at first and loved it after a while she no longer wanted it but she also didn t want to give it up to the line of cars eagerly waiting for that spot When she did break things off with him it was always her doing and then she d be furious if he found someone else Then they d get back together and the process would start again I got angry over Diane, at least I think that was her name, ordeal D was pregnant with N s baby during one of the separations, wanted to marry her and C managed to get him back D, heartbroken tried in vain to contact him but he just refused to ever see her again Sure D was a model, she had a career and family but that doesn t give the okay to insist N never speak to her again when she has his child The book had a lot of details on some things but glossed over others which left me confused C mentions that N would just take off for weeks towards the end of the marriage and then put one line about how he randomly showed up when their daughter had a baby No mention how old she was, I assume teenager, who the father was or anything like that just she gave birth Then he shows up later furious he caught one of the daughters smoking weed, uh they follow their parents example bub It was also pretty evident N preferred to have an open marriage and would even bring men around to C for her to bother if she wanted to Perhaps it was guilt on his part for so many affairs, or else he was embracing the free love ideal before it became popular Once again C knew what he was like and still assumed he would change and he would not They probably needed to have a good sit down conversation about all this, instead of all the pent up frustration and anger that went on for years I don t believe N was quite as bad as C makes him out to be in this book, like I said earlier she sounds very bitter about her marriage to him Maybe it was the fact he was of a free spirit than she was But like so many artistic types and writers I hear about their love of life was the undoing of normalcy in it Too much drugs, drinking and women don t mesh well when you have a family He did work hard to support them for a decade and she admitted he was a good father and loved his children, when he was around Perhaps if they were to shy away from the normal family life they wouldn t be torn between their two loves which were always fighting with each other Unfortunately for Carolyn she lost, but then again she s the one who was pushing him away for years and finally ended it.

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    Carolyn Cassady wrote this book about her marriage to Neal Cassady and her relationships with many beat writers, especially Jack Kerouac and Allen Ginsberg I read this in a couple of days and never got bored with it I ve seen several reviews on her calling her a doormat I think that s applying today s mindset to what people did fifty years ago Also, why judge her at all I didn t get the idea she wrote the book to justify her actions, she seemed to just want to tell what happened I m really curious about Neal Cassady What was the attraction He had lots of women that loved him and kept loving him, though abuse, infidelity, bigamy He had men that loved him Talented men who seemed to think he was at least as talented, if not , than they were, especially Kerouac Why Was he He wrote one book What was the big attraction of this felon, druggie, unreliable partner, railroad man, tire shop man, drifter, liar charismatic genius I really want to know what kept drawing them all back for He seems like an inigma I want to know .

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