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We Are All Completely Beside Ourselves pdf We Are All Completely Beside Ourselves, ebook We Are All Completely Beside Ourselves, epub We Are All Completely Beside Ourselves, doc We Are All Completely Beside Ourselves, e-pub We Are All Completely Beside Ourselves, We Are All Completely Beside Ourselves 4b813f8dd86 Meet The Cooke Family Our Narrator Is Rosemary Cooke As A Child, She Never Stopped Talking Now That She S Started College, She Has Wrapped Herself In Silence The Silence Of Intentional Forgetting, Of Protective Cover Rosemary Is Now An Only Child, But She Used To Have A Sister The Same Age As Her, And An Older Brother Both Are Now Gone Vanished From Her Life Her Once Lively Mother Is A Shell Of Her Former Self, Her Clever And Imperious Father Now A Distant, Brooding Man And There Was Something Unique About Rosemary S Sister, FernYou Ll Have To Find Out For Yourself What It Is That Makes Her Unhappy Family Unlike Any Other

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    I ve always used the goodreads star rating 5 it was amazing4 really liked it3 liked it 2 it was okay1 did not like Which means that I ruin the scale for all the books I review, because most people seem to use the following scale 5 liked it4 it was okay3 it was boring and or poorly written2 it had huge flaws, and was barely readable.1 I don t like the author disagree with the author s opinion on a politicized subjectI sometimes feel guilty about all my average liked it star ratings in a world of grade inflation, and have thought about re scaling all my books so that they all have 4 or 5 stars But then a book comes along like this, where it really was amazing, and I m glad that I so rarely give out 5 stars, because then people can understand that 5 stars means that this book is really something special, and not merely good.I can t tell you too much about this book without spoiling things It s about memory and family dynamics It s about life at an American university in the 1990s, and about the politics of scientific research It s about a family in which to of the siblings are gone, and no one will talk about why.I loved Fowler s wry wit I laughed out loud at how the family avoids unpleasant subjects at Thanksgiving I laughed at Rosemary s attempts to talk to people without their would be boy girlfriend getting in the way I loved the roommate dynamics I especially loved that there were words in this novel that I hadn t ever seen before and didn t know the meaning of, as that rarely happens any.I especially loved that it dealt with difficult, political topics without getting too heavy handed or proselytizing I liked that, despite the darkness of the subject, it managed a bittersweet ending.I recommend this for people who like novels.

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    I could not relate to the characters and the choppy writing style Wanted to like this book, and there were interesting elements, but I couldn t connect to the way the story was told Forced myself to even skim the book Am I the only person, it seems, who did not like it

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    She d just rear ended a cop car and she said that only the week before she d been arrested shoplifting tortillas and salsa for a Sunday afternoon football party at her house This is so not good, she told me Honestly, I have the worst luck Luck That s not luck, that s typical stupid choices leading to disaster I started laughing almost immediately because this sounded so familiar I am a longtime fan of Fowler s work going back to Sarah Canary WE ARE ALL COMPLETELY BESIDE OURSELVES was a continuous surprise mysterious, comic, nostalgic, smart, and humane Rosemary Cooke is 22 in what she calls the middle of her story, and gets arrested for throwing milk in her college cafeteria She hasn t seen her brother in 11 years and her sister disappeared when she was 5 She doesn t remember how any of this happened, but she s about to figure it out I don t think I should say about the story, only that I was laughing almost immediately and crying by the last page I read this book in 2 days It just doesn t get any better than tears, laughter, and amazement.This novel is probably the best thing I ve read in over a year, and I am a devoted reader The main character has genuine bad luck and blames herself for it She has to get over that She is born into a life she didn t choose just as we all are and she makes the best she can of that life That s also what we all must do.

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    Okay So if I was to give Karen Joy Fowler advice on how to write a great novel, I d tell her to come with an engaging, intelligent and witty narrator and have her tell a captivating, moving and timely story and do it in a compelling and original way Oh wait I don t have to, because she just did all that in her latest totally wonderful novel entitled We Are All Completely Beside Ourselves This is a novel that is best read with as little pre knowledge as possible It starts out as a seemingly emotionally troubled college age woman is telling a story involving her apparently dysfunctional family Around 1 4 of the way through there is a reveal that totally changes the way you look at the novel Those of you don t give away the plot purists would be extremely disappointed to learn what the reveal is before you reach that part of the book I m not that way, and still I am glad that I didn t know Although the change made the book a bit awkward and a little too fantastical at first, Fowler develops it beautifully and produces a strong and important novel of our or anyone s times I don t want to give anything else away Suffice it to say that I have read many novels over the last couple of years, many of them very good and some of them I would consider masterpieces This novel, without question, falls into the latter category It is a compelling, very readable, very witty and tremendously moving novel about family and life on earth Highly, highly recommended.

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    This book got me out of my very long reading slump It was such an easy book to read, yet it was wonderfully complex I sank into it as I hadn t sunk into a book for a long time It felt wonderful So, so funny So wise So psychologically smart and sophisticated So entertaining Not a false note, though the very ending wasn t perfect for me, but it was okay I loved all the literary and psychology science references Devastating too as it was emotionally raw Complicated in a perfect way It s a marvelous and unique coming of age story, and I love all sorts of coming of age stories I love Rosemary s voice too, the main character who tells the story I somewhat know two of the major settings Davis California and Bloomington Indiana So, that was fun, even though there wasn t a huge amount of detail of either, but I still had fun knowing the places Unfortunately, I knew much about it before reading it, and this is one book that s much better to go into totally cold Reading the hardcover book s jacket is fine Reading book descriptions and reviews is not I still enjoyed it, but I think I d have loved it even had I known nothing other than what s on the book s cover in other words, virtually nothing.So that leads me to my dilemma I want to highly recommend this book to my real world book club, but I don t want members to expect too much detail when they ask me about it, and I really don t want them looking it up That might be a bit of a problem.

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    I just settled a debate with myself If you don t know the premise of this book already, I decided not to be the one to tell you As it happened, I did read this with foreknowledge and suspect I would have enjoyed it without knowing the twist Fowler gets to it soon enough And if your jaw doesn t drop, expect, at a minimum, to crack a smile.Sans spoilers, I can still set the stage Rosemary Cooke is a university student in California and in most ways fairly typical She deviates most notably with a desire to blend in quietly that and an odd connection to a fellow student who had acted up in a very public way over a boyfriend The Rosemary tells us of herself, the hints we get of an unusual past She came from a loving and broad minded family, but one that ultimately saw older brother Lowell and close in age sister Fern leaving home The circumstances leading up to this are the driving force of the narrative, and a delayed aftermath propels the story from there.Shortening the summary now seems like an especially good call With so much space left on the page, short shrifting premise and plot, I won t feel guilty going on about the writing instead As the Booker committee would no doubt agree they short listed this for the prize in 2014, the first year American authors were eligible , it s very well done It s stylish, witty and insightful, as I hope these examples support Antagonism in my family comes wrapped in layers of code, sideways feints, full deniability Parents are too innocent for the Boschian landscapes of middle school When I run the world, librarians will be exempt from tragedy Even their smaller sorrows will last only for as long as you can take out a book 2012 An election year in the U.S., as if you needed to be reminded, the vituperative tunes of the Ayn Rand Marching Band bleating from the airwaves the uncanny valley response wherein people respond ever positively to robots or images that approximate human likeness, until a breaking point where the almost but not quite human gives us the creeps As for themes, I ll remain guarded and elliptical, but will say that they resonate Family dynamics featuring loss often do Despite the fact that most readers will have no first hand experience relating to the Cooke family s drama, Rosemary is such an engaging narrator that we can t help but see clearly through her eyes A big part of the payoff is witnessing how she comes to view her own remodeled self.

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    Yep, I was beside myself Kept imagining I was not still reading this Borrrring dulllll teeeeedious and than a little drawn out.I really wanted to like it as I was excited to see a new release from Fowler I enjoyed The Jane Austen Book Club although it is one of those rare books where I actually liked the movie better.The whiny main character the voice of this first person narrative got on my nerves no wonder she had difficulty forming even fictional friendships I couldn t form one with her on paper The dysfunctional family is well done but a little overanalaysed do we need so many pointers to make the reader realise why there are fractured relationships The animal lab testing is way too protracted ok tell me again in case you haven t sledgehammered the message of its evils into my feeble brain The timeframe pointers with music and movies were clever, the setting at UC Davis was well done, the cast of supporting characters was charming and witty.The book is based on a clever twist that for me made before the reveal feel restrained while the part after the reveal felt laboured and too long.

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    Update 1.99 Kindle special today I loved it For those who missed this book it s a great discussion read I m sure my other review must be around some place either way, this book is terrific less money than a cup of Starbucks latte Where the heck is my original review I read it when this book first came outSeems we had a long discussion going I say WOW Emotionally charged It s a terrific book club pick Much to discuss Many side themes as well as major themes

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    5 STARS 5 5 I have people in my yard and little time to write a review yet I could talk about this book for hours Its a book which will leave a LASTING impression with me on many accounts.Here is a wonderful line in the book I just LIKED it yet its not even what I would speak about FOR HOURSHere is the gem this is for YOU book lovers When I run the world, librarians will be exempt from tragedy Even their smaller sorrows will last only for as long as you can take out a book.

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    you ve arrived smack in the middle of this review I decided to skip the beginning where I might have discussed the plot, the writing, etc., and I ll probably skip the end too because if there s no beginning, there s really no need for an end So here we are in the middle, taking time out from the usual review stuff for a little reflection on reading, and life in general What about a catchy ritzy aphorism to kick us off Books are mirrors you only see in them what you already have inside you. Carlos Ruiz Zafon, The Shadow of the Wand That s quite a notion, isn t it Actually, having typed it out word by word, I see even in it than I did when I first read it It is very sobering really, the I think about it In fact, I m completely bowled over by it, and not exactly in a good way It makes me feel as if I ve been punched ouch in the stomachnow my heart is racing, there are black spots before my eyesI can hardly breath you see, sometimes i m whispering here because it s hard to admit this sometimes, i don t seesometimes i just don t see a lot to admire in certain booksi miss all the gems others seem to find in them.so if books are mirrors, as zafon says, does that mean i mempty inside that there s nothing much there this is a dark moment in my reading lifeand it s particularly scary because I failed to see anything at all in zafon s book and he somehow, magically perhaps, knew that I would fail with his bookyes, he knew that.and he wrote that line just to make me panic, to make me hyperventilate, to turn me into ahystericalbabbling.messHelp, Help Maybe what I need right now is an aphorism from Karen Joy Fowler s narrator who is inclined to be hysterical and uses aphorisms to calm herself down Sometimes you best avoid talking by being quiet.but sometimes you best avoid talking by talking.Phew The second part of that Fowlerism was a relief I thought I might have to go on and on filling the middle of this review with blank space which certainly wasn t going to make me feel less hysterical Typing actual words is helping to calm me down though My thanks to KJF for rescuing me from that nightmarish Catchy Ritzy Zaphorism So now that I m calm again, I can further investigate this problem I have with certain books and authors, how I often fail to see the merit in them that others see, and I m talking about books nominated for prestigious prizes so it s a really serious situation For example, I read a Pulitzer Prize winner earlier this year and it seemed to me to have in common with the Harry Potter series than with adult literature I really must be sadly out of step with today s reading tastes, and somewhere out there I m sure someone is saying that it s all a matter of bloody mindedness, that I m too blinkered to see the value of the text before my eyes and that instead, I m wasting everyone s time harping on about what s missing KJF has a very fitting aphorism on that subject too The sunset you see is always better than the one you don t. She goes on to say More stars are always better than less. I think she must be on goodreads There s no doubt that KJF is a very positive sounding person, and as I ve spent some not unpleasant hours in her company, you ll be relieved to hear that a little of her positivity has rubbed off on me So it s a good moment to mention that I m always looking for humour in an author s writing, even in writing concerned with so called serious subjects and I m talking about humour that goes beyond the annoying smart ass tone that authors like to give their narrators in order to keep readers reading deliberately emotionally hyped content yes, both the narrator and the content of this prize winning book fit that pattern I like to find some awareness that authors know how to laugh at both themselves and what they have created So I was pleased to find a deeply funny line in this book which caused me to mentally pat KJF on the head But because the book is structured so carefully around not having its central theme revealed until close to the middle, I ll have to put the funny line inside spoiler tags view spoiler Who were, after all, as ordinary a pair of people who d tried to rear a chimp like a human child as you were going to find. rearing the chimp right alongside their own precious baby, let me point out hide spoiler

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