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The Cat Who Went to Paris files The Cat Who Went to Paris, read online The Cat Who Went to Paris, free The Cat Who Went to Paris, free The Cat Who Went to Paris, The Cat Who Went to Paris 408ab7c1a Norton Is Clearly A Charmer, And Gethers Tells His Story With Contagious AffectionWill Warm The Heart Of Any Confirmed Cat Lover THE WASHINGTON POST BOOK WORLDBefore Peter Gethers Met Norton, The Publisher, Screenwriter, And Author Was A Confirmed Cat Hater Then Everything Changed Peter Opened His Heart To The Scottish Fold Kitten And Their Adventures To Paris, Fire Island, And In The Subways Of Manhattan Took On The Color Of Legend And Mutual Love THE CAT WHO WENT TO PARIS Proves That Sometimes All It Takes Is Paws And Personality To Change A Life

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    The Cat Who Went to Paris is the 1st book of a trilogy I have read all 3 books, recently finishing the last one.What can I say I loved all 3 books, each in its own way This trilogy is not only a story about a remarkable cat It is than that It is a humorous memoir, which will make you laugh and sometimes cry It is also a very entertaining travelogue, telling about interesting places with great food and wine, places the average person rarely gets to visit and usually just dreams about First and foremost, however, this trilogy is a love story, no not between a man and a woman, but between a man and his cat It is a love story so big that Shakespeare s Romeo and Juliet has trouble to compete with it The Cat Who Went to Paris tells about how the author, a young bachelor, who shied away from any commitment, for whom the word love was, or less, equivalent with the word sex , and who clearly disliked cats, came to be the dedicated and loving owner of a cat, or rather the dedicated and loving human, owned by a cat The tiny handful of a kitten his, then, girlfriend presented him with was a love at first sight and raised all fatherly instincts that had been sleeping in the depth of the author s soul.As much as I loved this book, it, at times, made my hair stand up straight Only a man or should I say a bachelor without female supervision could get the idea to leave his cat by a hotel swimming pool while teaching a workshop, or let his cat out of a hotel room window to venture over the roofs of Paris And only a man would feed his cat not solely, yet on a regular basis , whatever he himself is eating, be it gourmet food including such things as champagne sauce, be it ordinary pizza, or be it chocolate ice cream Men I had only intended to read one light read in between historical non fiction, which I mainly read , yet after finishing The Cat Who Went to Paris , I just had to read book 2, even though I was afraid that the sequel might be disappointing, as sequels quite often are Surprisingly, I found book 2, A Cat Abroad , even enticing than book 1, a bit less cat and travelogue through the south of France, northern Italy, Sicily, and some of Spain Anyone interested in historic places and different cultures including their food and wine will enjoy this book, no matter whether or not he or she is a particular cat lover However, I ll bet that most readers will, by this time, have fallen in love with Norton, the very special cat And during book 2, my hair stood up straight only every once in a while, as I had, meanwhile, come to trust Norton not to get lost where just about every other cat would have I did, however, continue to worry about Norton s diet By the time I had read book 2, I definitely wanted to learn how the author and his cat would cope back home in the U.S., after having lived for a year in a remote village of southern France from where the author and his family his significant other and his even significant cat ventured out to Italy and Spain And of course, by this time, I also wanted to accompany Norton, the cat, during his last years Thus, I wanted to read book 3 of the trilogy, The Cat Who ll Live Forever And so will, most likely, want any other reader of books 1 and 2 because by this time, there will hardly be anyone left who has not yet fallen in love with Norton, the wonderful cat who seemed to combine all good characteristics of cats with good characteristics of dogs.If you have never shared your life with a cat, don t expect all cats to be as intelligent as Norton Of all the 50 cats I have adopted over the years, almost all were enjoyable, many were special, and two were as outstanding and intelligent as Norton, but in a different way Btw, this trilogy would make a wonderful gift for any cat lover or cat lover to be.

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    I read this out loud to Ms Kitty Fantastico throughout her first night and early morning of motherhood She cried if my voice stopped Her dependence on me is not just food, but an emotional attachment I am glad that goes both ways I love this book It is very Ms Kitty past, present, and future She will come to Paris Also, I appreciate that Norton did not die at the end He may not be with us by now, but as far as the book goes, Norton will live forever I want to send this to Thom for Lucius Every cat lover who believes their cat is especially special should read this and relate Five stars, a recommendation to anyone who has ever loved a pet copied from my Book Lust Journal, written March 07

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    This book is about the Scottish fold Norton and his owner Peter At first Peter hated cats, but after getting Norton as a present, he can t help but turning his hate for cats into love Norton and Peter travel from place to place together and Peter describes this in his book So it is not all about what Norton does, but about Peter and Norton s life together The book full of heartwarming, funny and endearing moments that will certainly keep the reader riveted from page one to the very last page.Even though you cannot classify this as high brow literature , I really enjoyed it and this is not just because of the fact that it is about a cat Gethers put a lot of humour in his book and I often laughed out loud due to his witty remarks He has a lovely writing style that keeps the tone of the novel light, which makes it very suitable for light, in between and happy reading.

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    I borrowed this book from my grandma so often when I was young that she eventually told me to just keep it Looking back, it s funny that I connected so strongly with The Cat Who Went to Paris, considering I have nothing in common with the author, no experiences like he describes, and couldn t understand a good 85% of the pop culture references Gethers is extremely fond of making because I wasn t even born for some of them Yet I loved this book all the same, because of Norton This cat who has the ability to soften the hearts of even the crankiest cat hater like the author himself, at the beginning of the book could win me over even while I was wondering what the hell Gethers was talking about.This book is funny Gethers self deprecatingly describes his reluctance to own a cat and his mistakes and eventual joys in cat ownership My impression has always been that Gethers would not have been quite so bowled over if Norton had not been quite such a remarkable cat Intelligent and extremely self possessed, Norton flies across the country and around the world with ease the scene in which Gethers first takes Norton on a plane, inciting the wrath of a certain flight attendant, is hilarious goes on off leash walks with his owner eats in restaurants mostly in France, where they appreciate the human animal bond than they worry about health codes, apparently and basically accompanies Gethers anywhere he needs to go, carried in a shoulder bag like today s trendiest Chihuahuas It s a great read, full of humor and heart, and I enjoy it just as much today as when I was a kid, scouring Grandma s bookshelves for something new.

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    A charming and funny story about Norton, a Scottish Fold kitten who wins the heart of a cat hating screenwriter The cat not only goes to Paris, but goes everywhere with his now adoring human, and has many adventures Recommended for cat lovers.

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    First of all, you don t have to be a cat lover to enjoy this book In fact, it s like a traveller s journey I enjoy the author s journey to France, because he seems to live the kind of life that I would like to have. take a hiatus from your hometown for months or even a year and live in foreign country. of course you ll still be working. because as a writer, you can practically live anywhere in the world, right Also, he tells a lot about culinary my 2 biggest passion in the world so reading this book gives me similar feeling as reading Frances Mayers, it feels like going on a journey with them.

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    I love all the Norton books but especially this first one I was lucky enough to meet Norton at a local bookstore during one of the author s early tours Norton was exceptionally calm and cute Truly a cool cat It s been twenty years since I read this book I don t know how dated it is now, but my husband and I can still raise a smile just by saying, lousy hunting today or I thought the predators got you In the course of the story Gethers mentions a study of the feline mind that theorizes our cats think we are out hunting for their food when we leave home each day True enough in a way When we return empty handed we are lousy hunters If we are late returning the cats begin to worry that predators got us and we won t be coming back Makes perfect sense from the feline perspective

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    Norton is a special little cat with ears that fold forward He is a Scottish Fold, with large green eyes and a firm short body.The author received Norton as a gift from a girlfriend.An unusual cat walking behind his owner, staying close and never running away.He went everywhere his owner went, travel by air across the US and the best trip was to Paris in First Class The Parisians loved him In a resteruant they even brought him a chair so he could dine at the table.A wonderful companion, sensing the needs of his owner and was very comforting to the owners father during his illness.I m glad the author took the time to write about his special friend I wish other authors did the same.

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    Cute, but I didn t feel it My family had cats growing up, but it turns out that I didn t have hay fever year round but was mildly allergic, so I can only wish I had a cat now Anyway, point is, I never knew a cat anything like Norton and can t imagine what he s really like Gethers didn t really make him come alive for us, imo Pictures would have helped But I think I need to go to youtube soon and get my Maru fix.

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    You have to be made completely of stone not to be touched by the story of an animal finding true happiness with its owner, and if the animal happens to be a cat or kitten then the game has been upped in my opinion.Peter is a self described cat hater He doesn t do cats Cat s aren t for him Until his then girlfriend bring home a kitten a tiny kitten with folded over ears, an adorable lust for life, and a heartbreaking need for love Meet Norton The new love of Peter s life.Peter and Norton go everywhere, and I mean everywhere together They go to his holiday home, they go on the beach, they go for walks around New York Norton is initially placed in Peter s shirt pocket, but soon is happy enough to walk next to him down the street like a trusty dog They even go on boats and on the plane, much to the happiness of the airline staff There is nowhere that Norton won t go with Peter Even to his hotel room when he s working He trusts Peter completely, and when Peter and his girlfriend finally part ways, Peter needs Norton than ever, to show him how to live again Just a wonderful, totally emotional story written with warmth and tenderness I cannot wait to read the next in the trilogy if i can stop crying long enough.

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