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How to Tell If Your Cat Is Plotting to Kill You quotes How to Tell If Your Cat Is Plotting to Kill You, litcharts How to Tell If Your Cat Is Plotting to Kill You, symbolism How to Tell If Your Cat Is Plotting to Kill You, summary shmoop How to Tell If Your Cat Is Plotting to Kill You, How to Tell If Your Cat Is Plotting to Kill You d118a168 If Your Cat Is Kneading You, That S Not A Sign Of Affection Your Cat Is Actually Checking Your Internal Organs For Weakness If Your Cat Brings You A Dead Animal, This Isn T A Gift It S A Warning How To Tell If Your Cat Is Plotting To Kill You Is An Offering Of Cat Comics, Facts, And Instructional Guides From The Creative Wonderland At TheOatmeal How To Tell If Your Cat Is Plotting To Kill You Presents Fan Favorites, Such As Cat Vs Internet, How To Pet A Kitty, And The Bobcats, Plus Brand New, Never Before Seen Cat Jokes A Pullout Poster Is Included At The Back Of The Book

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    I didn t really need this book because as the proud owner of five cats, I know full well that the only reason I m still breathing is because their lack of thumbs makes it impossible for them to open their favorite cans of food.Readers of Matthew Inman s website The Oatmeal should have a pretty good idea what to expect here There are lots of very funny comics related to cat behavior well as a chapter filled with The Bobcats, two necktie wearing felines who make the office hell for their coworkers.The bonus on this one is that the wife and I got to meet Inman at a book signing where he did a QA as well as relate several stories about his life that included cats, dogs, horses, bears, frozen gerbils, a fish named Peter Jennings, a house fire and acting friendly towards a neo Nazi kid just to use his Game Boy.

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    After seeing this picture, it s a Must Read Book since I have a Cat

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    This is the guide I needed to convince my husband against having a cat my dearest wifeSharp and 100 percent fact laden humor Cats are aloof They own you and NOT the other way round.I am not so afraid of an alien invasion as of cats rising to power.Be ware of the catkind, HUMANS For all those wannabe cat lovers, this is your bible Get it read

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    This is a book of non fiction I cohabitate with two cats They are cruel owners, and one of them made a 4 year old girl cry today He was so proud of himself for doing it that he mrowed all over the living room in a victory lap and made the Boy Human pet him while calling him a good kitty He wasn t being a good kitty though We just know better than to refuse The other cat steals my bed She weighs 8 pounds and somehow manages to cover an entire human sized bed She also is totally into wearing all black, and she is an expert stealth attack ninja This book makes me laugh purely out of relief that I m not alone There are others being held hostage in their own homes by their furry overlords, and maybe if we band to One looked at me SHE KNOWS Oh Oh no She s coming closer She knows I m using the blinkybox and neither one of them was laying on it but that was until they knew I wanted to use it and now here she comes OWW Pleasse SEND HE

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    Thanks to The Oatmeal s wisdom, we are now aware of the signs leading to a cat killing us Isn t that fun Fortunately, this will not happen to me, because I am not a cat person I will probably never own a cat But to those who do beware I m kidding Cats are adorable creatures sometimes But in this book, they re not They have a brain almost as developed as a human being and continuously challenge our authority and reason for existing Especially these two cats Bob and Bob They work alongside fellow human beings, but consider themselves to be the leaders of the world Well that was fun Silly for sure, but quite entertaining Inside you will find cat jokes, instructions for making your cat like you enough not to kill you and, in case that doesn t work, information about recognizing a cat in the process of plotting your murder Incidentally, these comics can be found on the author s website, so take a look if this sounds like a winner for you I thought it was humourous while still trying to keep a serious tone I do prefer lovely kitties, but murderous cats work too Ish Blog Youtube Twitter Instagram Google Bloglovin

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    Cat humor for adults, some funny, some not so much A quick read, I recommend you borrow it from the library.

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    Unless properly defended, your sandwich becomes MY sandwich These are the thoughts of Almighty Cat Bob and so it can be your s cat s too or any of your pets for that matter Anyone who has seen a cat in his life which covers almost everyone on this planet or known or have it as a pet, should, must and ought to be informed about this book.I saw its title and found myself sticking to it for next few hours It is the first book for me in which I took time in laughing at the humorous content than actually reading it.I ve not encountered with many kinds of cats but now I know what s going on in their minds.Who says owls, dolphins, elephants etc are the smartest animals This book shamelessly fails our previous assumptions about cats as lovely and cute creatures Reading the title of this book or this review, if you are thinking about a cat, then you should check it out once P.S The cats are never going to stop chasing the laser You ll realize that Cats DO NOT want to make it difficult than it already is.

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    Half of the book worked for me, the other halfnot so much.What worked was stuff like this What didn t work The bobcat comic just wasn t that funny to read It was I hope this isn t the rest of the book I seriously hope something is coming after this instead of this boring comic And luckily it was just part of the book and then it got fun to read again.Then we have this part and is this suppose to be funny I just read and though wtf Review also posted on It s a Mad Mad World

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    3.5 starsThis humorous book, composed of cartoons about cats, is sure to make pet lovers smile The comical cats in the book get up to all kinds of tomfoolery.both at home and in the case of the two corporate cats called the Bobs at work.To provide a little flavor of the book I ll give some examples of the droll entries If you re worried that your cat might be plotting to kill you, look out for the following Your kitty shovels too much litter after pottying.he s practicing for burying bodies.Your kitty lays all over your electronics.he s stopping you from communicating with the outside world In one set of cartoons a tabby that wants attention meows and rubs against her owner who s busy working at his computer When these maneuvers don t work the cat gets and creative Among other things she proceeds to use a bullhorn, launch herself at the owner s head with a trebuchet, make a party with balloons, cake, and punch, and as a last straw scratch up the furniture THAT finally does the trick Ha ha ha The two corporate worker cats, Bob and Bob, are your typical office jokesters When they want to derail a meeting, for instance, the two Bobs call the boss and say..your wife was hit by a meteor..she s on fire.you need to come to the hospital immeteor ately They re punsters as well Bob and Bob normally wear only ties but show up in undies on casual Friday When the CEO says by casual Friday I meant t shirts and jeans, one Bob says I can think of nothing casual than my enchanting cheetah thong and the other Bob says I think he s got man envy for our incredible taste in underpants The Bobs also spell out insulting messages with dead flies, bully fellow employees to get their pudding cups and sandwiches, and ruthlessly fire the CEO Don t make this harder than it has to be, Jim In the cartoon that made me laugh the most the Bobs post a xerox copy of one of their rumps.with an arrow pointing to the butt hole The message on the picture says Our CEO, Mr Jimmers is a giant Stinky Ha ha ha And the cats sign the message Anonymous not the Bobs The book s a quick light read that would entertain cat owners or anyone amused by funny animals Highly recommended if you need a laugh You can follow my reviews at

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    How to Tell If Your Cat Is Plotting to Kill You by Matthew Inman, The Oatmeal is such a hilarious book that I sat and giggled the whole way through it Anyone with cats will understand the craziness in this book The author is a genius when it comes to putting the cat mind into cartoon form Awesome work I borrowed this from the library and going to check for Too funny

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