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    Synopsis After being fired from a dead end government job in Chicago, Jimmy Sparrow retreats to Indiana and tries to rediscover his Potawatomi Indian roots But it s the 1980s, an era hostile to Thoreau like values As America overdoses on success and ambition, Jimmy secedes from the work world to become the unofficial mayor of a small apartment building filled with misfits The Sun Tea Chronicles is a collection of sharply etched vignettes with a comic undertone My Review Unfortunately, I am so glad this book is done I was so disappointed in it but pushed through only because it was a book for my Reading Across the States challenge It was a book about nothing, kind of like Seinfeld but at least that show was funny This book claims in the synopsis to have comic undertone, but I didn t get that, for me it was dull and boring It tried to be funny but just didn t work for me.

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    This book has a lot of comments like funny witty, good characters, but I say that s damning with faint praise There was an undercurrent to this story that was intense and profound It reminded me very, very much of Steinbeck s Cannery Row Both books tell the tale of ordinary people going about their lives with equal parts humdrum, quirky, and traumatic happenings And both books capture the thrumming undercurrent of precious mortality with all its foibles Some of us have felt that peculiar moment when you stop and feel life rushing around you, realizing how short and precious it is even in its moments of mundanity or ridiculousness Quinton Blue has put that feeling in most every scene of this book, making for a remarkably beautiful story.

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    This book has reflective moments, but it s also really funny Peppered with references to literature, American history, and libertarianism, The Sun Tea Chronicles is a really fun read I managed to read all of it in one day.

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    Stupid ending

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    Well written with interesting characters I enjoyed it.

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The Sun Tea Chronicles download The Sun Tea Chronicles, read online The Sun Tea Chronicles, kindle ebook The Sun Tea Chronicles, The Sun Tea Chronicles 41f9b5337383 After Being Fired From A Dead End Government Job In Chicago, Jimmy Sparrow Retreats To Indiana And Tries To Rediscover His Potawatomi Indian Roots But It S The S, An Era Hostile To Thoreau Like Values As America Overdoses On Success And Ambition, Jimmy Secedes From The Work World To Become The Unofficial Mayor Of A Small Apartment Building Filled With Misfits The Sun Tea Chronicles Is A Collection Of Sharply Etched Vignettes With A Comic Undertone