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The Girl Who Came Home pdf The Girl Who Came Home , ebook The Girl Who Came Home , epub The Girl Who Came Home , doc The Girl Who Came Home , e-pub The Girl Who Came Home , The Girl Who Came Home d6c245ea02e A Voyage Across The Ocean Becomes The Odyssey Of A Lifetime For A Young Irish Woman Ireland, Fourteen Members Of A Small Village Set Sail On RMS Titanic, Hoping To Find A Better Life In America For Seventeen Year Old Maggie Murphy, The Journey Is Bittersweet Though Her Future Lies In An Unknown New Place, Her Heart Remains In Ireland With S Amus, The Sweetheart She Left Behind When Disaster Strikes, Maggie Is One Of The Few Passengers In Steerage To Survive Waking Up Alone In A New York Hospital, She Vows Never To Speak Of The Terror And Panic Of That Fateful Night AgainChicago, Adrift After The Death Of Her Father, Grace Butler Struggles To Decide What Comes Next When Her Great Grandmother Maggie Shares The Painful Secret About The Titanic That She S Harbored For Almost A Lifetime, The Revelation Gives Grace New Direction And Leads Both Her And Maggie To Unexpected Reunions With Those They Thought Lost Long AgoInspired By True Events, The Girl Who Came Home Poignantly Blends Fact And Fiction To Explore The Titanic Tragedy S Impact And Its Lasting Repercussions On Survivors And Their Descendants

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    This book suffers from a short attention span It is supposed to be the story of Maggie, a young Irish woman in 1912, about to travel on the ill fated Titanic simultaneously, it incorporates the story of Grace, her granddaughter in 1982 As far as I can tell, there is not much point to incorporating Grace into the story Grace s father dies and she is having trouble moving on, Maggie s story helps her get off her ass, to be a little crass, but I really don t see the point of having Grace in the story besides having the reader catch up with Maggie 70 years later.Obviously, the story is about the Titanic I ve read my fair share of books about the Titanic, most of it from the POV of passengers in first class This book offers a change in that the POV is from those in third class and a steward serving the third class cabins The main character, Maggie, is a 17 year old woman leaving her sweetheart behind in Ireland to travel to a new life in America, along with 13 others in her little village The book mainly describes her experiences and bewilderment on board the Titanic and her amazement even at the little things, since she has been so sheltered her entire life.I enjoyed the description of life in third class, but that was one of the few things I found enjoyable about this book I got this book for free on Kindle, so I don t know if it is a formatting problem, but a good half of the book was in italics Usually, the italics don t bother me they delineate flashbacks Now, this is a problem because HALF THE BOOK WAS IN ITALICS Enough with the flashbacks of flashbacks of flashbacks already The book takes place in 1912 and in 1982 There were flashbacks in 1912 There were flachbacks of 1982 There were multiple points of view, from a random sister of someone who happened to be the mother of someone else on the Titanic to a random aunt traveling along with them.I have no problems with flashbacks I love getting insight and details into the main characters lives and thoughts My main problem with the flashbacks in this book was that there were too many of them I was not exaggerating when I say they literally take up half the novel This would not be a problem if not for the fact that most of them were irrelevant and did not much contribute to the storyline It s like in the middle of Maggie s tale, sudenly we get a glimpse of the life of a random fellow traveler who didn t really contribute anything and so who the hell cares Further, the author seriously needs a grammar checker She also really needs to learn the use of a comma Useful little thing, that.

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    The Girl Who Came Home is loosely based on the story of the Addergoole 14..14 poor Irish from a single village in County Mayo who boarded the Titanic in 1912 to head to a new life in America They were filled with dreams, hopes and expectations Sadly, only 3 would survive the sinking of the gigantic ship in the cold, dark Atlantic Ocean The names of the 14 passengers, their life stories, the name of the Irish village and some other facts are changed in the Girl Who Came Homebut the story is obviously built on the true tale of 14 immigrants whose dreams were cut short by an iceberg.The story jumps back and forth in time from 1912 to 1982 In 1912, Maggie Murphy is 17 years old Her mother has just died, and her aunt Kathleen travels from America to bring young Maggie home with her She doesn t want to leave her love, Seamus, but she is drawn to the promise of a life in America and feels a duty to obey her aunt She hopes Seamus will travel to America later to be with her She misses him terribly while on board Titanic The ship is massive and filled with luxuries than the 14 hopeful Irish villagers have seen in their lives They laugh, dance and joke about all the rich foodhappy and delighted Then late one night there is a slight bump and the engines go still The night of horror has begun In 1982, an 87 year old Maggie tells the story of that night to her great granddaughter Grace Grace needs to write a feature story for a Chicago newspaper and her great grandmother decides it s time to tell someone her story She has refused to talk about Titanic for decades, still feeling guilt that she survived and so many others died In the attic there is a small suitcase that she carried with her the night of the sinking She shares its contents with Grace, and the story about her memories of her life in Ireland, the voyage on Titanic and the aftermath of the sinking.The Girl Who Came Home is a lovely and sad story It s well written and emotional I listened to the audiobook version.and I think hearing it read in a lovely Irish accent added depth to the story for me The audiobook is narrated by Connor Kelly Eiding and Alana Kerr They both read at a nice, even pace and are easily understandable I have hearing loss, but was easily able to enjoy this audiobook with no problems I normally don t like books that jump back and forth in time as it gets tedious and often confused, but Gaynor pulls it off I enjoyed this book from start to finish Beautiful, haunting and just lovely a great book I will definitely be reading by this author I can t truly imagine what it must have been like for those on board the Titanic For those in the lifeboats, hearing than 1000 people screaming and dying in the cold water must have been heartbreaking And for those in the water, it must have been horrific Hazel Gaynor does a great job of depicting the joys of the lavish ship, the differences between steerage and the first class accomodations, the huge range of passengers aboard, the absolute horror of the sinking, and the depths of despair and loss felt afterwards I think the most memorable part for me is towards the end.hundreds of family members waiting at the dock in New York in the pouring rain for hours The Carpathia was due to dock, and it was carrying survivors.Some are happily reunited and others learn the final sad truth about the death of their loved ones Very emotional scene Gaynor is the author of several books including The Cottingley Secret and The Girl from the Savoy.

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    I really enjoyed this book Anyone who is a history buff and likes Titanic will enjoy reading this book The way it was written, with a few timelines and points of view was brilliant and refreshing It really brings home the story of this tragic ship, passengers, crew members and families unlike anything I ve read It s a very good tribute to all those lost on that horrific night, 100 years ago The world has never forgotten.

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    3.5 stars rounded down This is ostensibly the story of Maggie Murphy, a 17 year old Irish girl who survived the sinking of the Titanic After her mother dies, her aunt comes to Ireland to bring Maggie to America to live with her Maggie must leave her sweetheart, Seamus, behind They and 12 others from her village will be sailing on the maiden voyage of the Titanic No spoiler alert needed we all know how that ends It is also the story of Maggie s great granddaughter, Grace, who is having difficulty getting on with her life after her father dies.She drops out of college to help care for her mother, who has MS, leaving behind her boyfriend, Jimmy, She turns to her great grandmother for solace and wisdom During one of their talks, Maggie finally tells her about her experience on the Titanic The book alternates between 1912 and 1982, telling both women s stories Maggie s story is the most interesting and compelling Much has always been made of the experiences of those in First Class, but this story gives the reader insight into the lives of the passengers in Third Class, also known as steerage Grace s story is much less interesting, and at times I felt that it was unnecessary I would have rather just read about Maggie By the end I understood why the book was written this way, but had Grace s story just been incorporated into Maggie s, I think it would have been a better book Historical fiction writers seem to feel the need to write every book in dual time frames This was interesting at first, but it s become trite Not every story has to be told this way Sometimes you just want to read the historical story without jumping to a later time That said, there are a couple of surprise revelations at the end, which were very satisfying.The writing is OK Sometimes it felt like the author was telling instead of showing During these parts I felt an emotional disconnect from the story This was usually during Grace s sections The retelling of the Titanic disaster was good, but not great Had the author just concentrated on Maggie s story, she might have been able to go into detail The characters were fairly well portrayed, some better than others Maggie was well done, Grace less so There are some extraneous characters whose presence is marginally interesting, but not vital to the story, almost like filler The author was inspired to write this book by researching the Addergoole Titanic Society, the group that commemorates the loss of its parishioners on the Titanic Overall this is a good, not great book To me, it could have been better, but I enjoyed it for what it is If you enjoy historical fiction, you may like this book, even than I did Beware, though You will probably have that Celine Dion My Heart Will Go On stuck in your brain the whole time you are reading this Time to watch the movie Titanic and just overdose on the story.

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    Unfortunately, sadly this review does begin with unfortunately, with the centennial of the sinking of the Titanic, there are a boatload pun intended of books centering around that event and, sadly, this one brings nothing new to the story.I think if you ve seen the movie Titanic, you are already familiar with the general story, even so much as what it was like in steerage as compared to first class I m sad to say this doesn t really add anything.This is a fictionalized event of fourteen people from a small Irish parish, most of whom lost their lives The story is told through the eyes of one survivor, but her story isn t really told and the modern story of her great granddaughter, a young woman who makes her own drama and unhappiness, should have simply been left out Grace, the granddaughter, didn t interest me as a character and every time the book shifted to her story I was irritated.The storytelling is very choppy, jumping from this character to that character and lots and lots and lots of telling instead of showing Just when the story was getting exciting, it would stop and insert some other part of the story There was no flow to the story Since this is the story of a great loss of life, it might have been interesting to actually experience that, show us what that end might have looked like, contrast it with the survivor s story That might have really improved the book.Also, only one family member who lost a loved one is actually described and that is only up to the time she finds the loss to be a reality It might have been nice to know what happened in her life, how this affected her, again, in comparison with the survivor.Speaking of the survivor, her story is never really told The actual story of how she ends up with whom she ends up with is just glossed over, it all worked out we are told Again, telling and not showing.If a reader knows absolutely nothing about Titanic, they might enjoy this book Otherwise, maybe not.Overall, I didn t much care for it.

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    As another anniversary of the Titanic disaster approaches, I listened to this story of Maggie Murphy, a survivor who traveled with 13 others from Ballysheen, Ireland Her adventures before, during, and after the fateful trip are mingled with a 1980 s time frame in Illinois where her great granddaughter, Grace, is writing Maggie s story for the Chicago Tribune I enjoyed both time frames, but the narrator with an Irish brogue for Maggie s parts was a real delight while Grace s was a little too matter of fact for me.It s hard to come up with something fresh when writing about the Titanic, and I did often picture Leonardo DiCaprio as the ship s steward, what with his mingling with the Irish lasses in steerage and all but as the story continued and I saw where the author was going, it was hard to break away Loved all the references to genealogical research.A little chick lit ish, but comforting than annoying.Some might call the ending to Maggie s story sneaky or sly it did annoy me a tiny bit until I gave it thought and decided to cut the author some slack.Nicely done audiobook.3.5 stars rounded up.

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    What can I say about this book It s not that I disliked it I just felt that there was nothing particularly new or interesting here I saw the big reveal from a mile away This is not a book I would have chosen on my own, but it was the selection for one of my book clubs I prefer books that either make me think or feel something If I m choosing something lighter, I tend to choose either humor or suspense thriller This is women s fiction through and through Just not my thing.2.5 stars rounded up to 3.

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    This review contains spoilers in the second paragraph Fans of romance novels might enjoy this book, but it wasn t what I was expecting and not my taste As others have already said, nothing new was brought to the Titanic story and much of the plot followed the footsteps of the James Cameron movie Long descriptive passages were often tedious and there was way too much repetition throughout the book I found myself skimming entire paragraphs, which I almost never do The worst part for me was the predictability SPOILERS I knew very early in the book that Seamus was James I knew Grace would get back with Jimmy I knew the letters would turn up after the article was published I knew Peggy would somehow survive I knew the news article was going to be the greatest story ever written I knew Maggie would die at the end I even knew why Maggie liked to arrange the cookies on the plate before it was revealed It made me wonder how Grace could be so dense The two main characters were too virtuous and perfect to engage me The poor people had no flaws the rich people had no virtues The plot was too neat and pretty and all the loose ends were tied up at the end with pretty strings that were intended to tug at your heart As far as romance novels go, this one is relatively well written, but not my cup of tea Maybe it will make a successful Lifetime movie.

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    I very much enjoyed this story line and loved that it was based on true facts, not just from the Titanic sinking, but the characters being based on real life characters as well That being said, I could have, would have, enjoyed this novel much had I not been frequently distracted by the writing style There was a bit of redundancy, especially at the beginning and around the 3 4 mark I prefer that the points be told efficiently the first time as apposed to having to retell the same point in multiple different ways to get the point across I also am confused as to where Maggie actually lived, because it states that she lived with her Aunt but then it states that that same aunt lived in Chicago and returned to Ireland to bring Maggie to America The names were also a distraction and since the author used fictitious names, why were Katie, Catherine, and Kathleen, chosen when they are so similar There were many times when I was not bothered by distractions and at those times the author completely drew me in to the story A bit time tweaking on this novel and it could really be something I have an opinion that it was most likely rushed to meet the deadline of the 100th Anniversary of the sinking of the Titanic Very enjoyable story.

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    I m fascinated with the story of the Titanic, but not obsessed so I haven t read lots of books on it This is a fictional account inspired by a real group of 14 Irish emigrants who left Ireland to visit relatives in America.The story focuses on 17 year old Maggie Murphy Maggie s parents have both died and her aunt Kathleen has come to Ireland and is taking Maggie back to Chicago with her While there, others have decided to join them in making the journey Maggie is sad to be leaving her boyfriend, Seamus, behind His father is sick so he won t be able to come, but tells her he ll be waiting for her to come home We also get two stories Lucky Harry, and Grace Butler, Maggie s great granddaughter Harry is one of the stewards on the ship who Maggie and her friends get to know and who later helps her get into one of the last lifeboats to leave Grace s story takes place in Illinois in 1982 Grace s life was going well until her father died She left college and her boyfriend, Jimmy, to help her mother Maggie starts to help her get her life back, starting with telling her about her journey on the Titanic, a story she has never told anyone Learning her great grandmother s story gives Grace the courage to move on with her life.I loved this book Most of it is told in flashback so there s a lot of jumping back and forth I didn t find it to be confusing and actually liked it Maggie was young and excited to go on the ship, but she was sad to have left Seamus behind It was interesting to experience the Titanic through her young eyes Knowing what happened doesn t lessen the impact of the scenes of the tragic night of April 15, 1912 All the talk of the Titanic being unsinkable appeared to have caused confusion and disbelief at what was happening The author didn t dwell too long on the actual sinking and I liked that The aftermath is what gets lost sometimes The journey to the Carpathia in the lifeboats was long and cold The people waiting to welcome the ship in New York were in shock as they attempted to learn the fate of their loved ones, and even if they didn t see their names on the list of survivors, hoped they would still see them disembark It s not too surprising that Maggie didn t want to remember and discuss the horror of that night until she was much older.I also enjoyed Harry and Grace s stories It was interesting to see what happened to Harry I thought his ending would be a little different Grace was able to learn what was important to her and to go for it before it was too late I also loved Maggie s story and hearing the ending to it She was able to do something at the end that she d been wanting to do for a long time and was able to make peace with all that happened.I like the section at the end where the author shares the story behind the book and tells the parts of the book based on fact There is also a short Glossary of Irish Terms and Reading Group Discussion Questions There is a lot to say about this book so it would be great for a book club This is a clean read If you enjoy reading about the Titanic, this is a book for you I received a copy of this book to review My opinion is 100% my own.Mel s Shelves

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