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    That new Bob Dylan album in fullWinning The Nobel Prize BluesWith God And The Christian Right On Our SideAccusations Of Inappropriate Touching Women 12 and 35It Ain t Me Babe And If You Say It Was I ll Sue Your Ass Better Think Twice It s Not AlrightJust Like A Sexual Assault Victim Most Likely You Vote Your Way And I ll Vote MineSubterranean Poll Figures BluesA Hard Rain s A Gonna Fall On Donald TrumpIt s All Over Now Baby Boomer

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    Bob Dylan isn t many people s idea of a vigilante but one day in 1970 the Voice of a Generation decided to dispense a bit of summary justice on the streets of New York I m on Elizabeth Street and someone jumps me, starts punching me remembered Dylan s prey, A.J Weberman I turn around and it s like Dylan I m thinking, Can you believe this I m getting the crap beat out of me by Bob Dylan I said, Hey, man, how you doin But he keeps knocking my head against the sidewalk He s little, but he s strong He works out What had tipped Dylan over the edge Dylan s early albums had been lyrically direct His first was made up mostly of covers of old folk songs He found a voice of his own on his second and third albums, The Freewheelin Bob Dylan and The Times They Are A Changin in 1963 and 1964 These alternated between topical protest songs and personal songs For his topical songs, like Talkin World War Three Blues or The Lonesome Death of Hattie Carroll, the subject matter sprang from the day s papers for his personal songs, like Girl of the North Country or One Too Many Mornings, the lyrics were clear, evocative images from real life Please see for me if her hair hangs longIf it rolls and flows all down her breastPlease see for me if her hair hangs longThat s the way I remember her bestThis began to change on Dylan s fourth album, Another Side of Bob Dylan, recorded in one boozy session in June 1964 Aside from a light hearted reference each to Fidel Castro and Republican presidential nominee Barry Goldwater, the politics were gone In their place came a song like the beautiful Chimes of Freedom which started with a simple thunderstorm before spiralling into poetry Far between sundown s finish an midnight s broken tollWe ducked inside the doorways, thunder went crashingAs majestic bells of bolts struck shadows in the soundsSeeming to be the chimes of freedom flashingA song like My Back Pages skipped any pretence at a lyrical realism, opening with the lines Crimson flames tied through my ears rollin high and mighty trapsPounced with fire on flaming roads using ideas as my mapsWhat had garnished an intimate album like Another Side was developed fully on the next three albums, Dylan s famous electric trilogy Bringing it All Back Home 1965 , Highway 61 Revisited 1965 and Blonde on Blonde 1966 Dylan unleashed seemingly nonsensical lyrics The motorcycle black madonna two wheeled gypsy queenAnd her silver studded phantom cause the gray flannel dwarf to screamAs he weeps to wicked birds of prey who pick up on his bread crumb sinsAnd there are no sins inside the Gates of EdenWhat on earth did this mean The man who, just a couple of years before, had been articulating widely held fears and concerns about nuclear war and civil rights was now, seemingly, talking gibberish.Some found this impossible to believe of their idol and convinced themselves that he was, in fact, speaking in some sort of code At the lunatic end of the spectrum this prompted Weberman to root around in Dylan s bin bags looking for clues to crack it, succeeding only in scaring Dylan s wife and incurring his wrath, hence the beating But even supposedly serious people started to come out with their own interpretations Cultural critic Greil Marcus wrote a short yet tedious book called Invisible Republic Bob Dylan s Basement Tapes in which he wrote that the songs Dylan recorded at home while recovering from a motorcycle crash in 1967 were palavers with a community of ghosts and that these ghosts were not abstractions As native sons and daughters they were a community Quite The truth is that Marcus probably spent longer writing about a song like Apple Suckling Tree than Dylan spent writing it At the same time it s difficult to believe that Dylan was filling his songs with inconsequential babble Despite cranking out records at a fearsome rate his seventh album was released just four years after his first he took care over his songs, carefully crafting them He agonised over the track listing of Freewheelin until the last minute Mr Tambourine Man sat around for over a year before Dylan recorded and released it When Like a Rolling Stone didn t work as a waltz Dylan rewrote it in 4 4 time If it wasn t a secret code and it wasn t nonsense what was it We know that around 1962 or 1963 a girlfriend introduced him to nineteenth century French poetry He later went on to name check two of the poets, Paul Verlaine and Arthur Rimbaud, in song Verlaine and Rimbaud were part of the symbolist movement In the same way that Dylan moved away from his lyrical directness the symbolists had sought to move away from the then dominant trends of realism and naturalism in the arts These movements, the symbolists believed, had restricted communication by tying words to their literal meanings Words and images had a value beyond the merely descriptive and, when placed in new often unfamiliar contexts, could communicate deeper meanings As the critic Jean Mor as put it in the Symbolist Manifesto in 1886 In this art, scenes from nature, human activities, and all other real world phenomena will not be described for their own sake here, they are perceptible surfaces created to represent their esoteric affinities with the primordial Ideals Given this it is possible to see Dylan s songs from that period as works of symbolism He was using words as the symbolists had as tools to directly generate an emotional response, in some ways the songs were a prolonged attempt at Synaesthesia Take the following from Desolation Row as an example Einstein disguised as Robin Hood with his memories in a trunkPassed this way an hour ago with his friend, a jealous monkHe looked so immaculately frightful as he bummed a cigaretteThen he went off sniffing drainpipes and reciting the alphabetNow you would not think to look at him but he was famous long agoFor playing the electric violin on Desolation RowDylan isn t challenging the listener to identify who Einstein disguised as Robin Hood really is and neither is he engaging in stream of consciousness doggerel The effect is too powerful for that, too deliberate The effect is sadness Stripped of the famous scientists, monks, and drainpipes, this is simply a powerful image of a man past his prime, an image of decay Don t try and decode who he is, he could be anyone.For another example take a line from Visions of Johanna The ghost of electricity howls in the bones of her face Literally that doesn t mean anything but the feeling it conjures up in the listener is crystal clear It s that sensation that shoots up your spine as you look at a lovers face and lose yourself in every detail, trying to find the particular magic, the ghost of electricity, that draws you to them The symbolism subsided after his motorcycle crash in 1966 and when he re emerged with the album John Wesley Harding in 1968 the electric surrealism was replaced with rootsy tales of frontier folk bathed in Biblical imagery Not for the last time Bob Dylan revealed yet another side I ve got my Bob Dylan mask on I m mask erading he had joked with an audience in 1964 It s a thrilling masquerade which has continued to the present day.

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    Just found this downstairs When I was a kid I went through in the back and rated each song I don t think there were any I didn t know back then Only gave My Back Pages an 80 Ah but I was so much older then I m Younger then that now.It is truly amazing that someone could write this many incredible works, what s even amazing is that there is a new edition with another 20 or so years of works.

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    I ve been wrong about many things in my 72 years on this planet but rarely so spectacularly as I have been about Bob Dylan being awarded the Nobel Prize I ve been a harsh critic of his receiving the award but I am now aware it was totally based on my own ignorance I had never actually read anything by him and was under the impression that he had never written any books but was just a songwriter I finally got around to getting this book of lyrics just so I could say I had read something by him What a surprise This book is not only good, it is incredible This is some of the best poetry I ve ever read Much of his poetry is raw and gritty but the honesty is wonderful and seems to come straight from the heart I take back everything I ve said before reading this book because Dylan is very deserving of the Nobel and I was wrong.

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    If only all of the lyrics from the Basement Tapes were included

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    That book was really awesome.

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    I don t remember when exactly I stumbled across this book but it was on a reduced to move table in a chain, book and mortar store many years ago when I was starting to teach myself to play guitar as well and so the date finished for this book should be considered a date somewhere in the future when I am dead though hopefully this is one of those things that you can take with you Dylan was one of the reasons I took up guitar and though I got many of the chords incorrect guessing at them myself Dylan uses many, many strange chords that you don t hear correctly by just listening and guessing at them , I got to know a huge number of lyrics from one of the three best songwriters that America has ever produced and knew them correctly as with his chords, his lyrics can be just as easily misunderstood and was provided the opportunity to correct others when they quoted or sang the wrong lyrics though many of the mistaken lyrics can often be as provocative as the correct lyrics I have used this book so often over the years that now the binding has become broken and brittle and the cover serves as a loose leaf binder than the original hardcover now with all the tab chords available online for easy to learn songs methods, I personally recommend as the most accurate and in depth study of them so that now you can just sit down and figure out the proper picking methods Dylan used or uses the website is so in depth that the gentleman includes different versions from various tours or outtakes through the years when he played the same songs in different keys, etc that is a dedicated bob o phile if there ever was one I must say so this book is highly recommended unless there is a book now that includes the proper tabs chords as well as the lyrics this book covers the first 30 or so years of Bob s incredible 50 years in the music business btw if you aren t aware, four of Dylan s recent albums are every bit as good as his very best from the 60s and 70s so you should hop over to or whatever favorite website where you get your music from and snatch them up and put them in a four cd rotation in your car or home or I Pod or wherever it is that you do most of your music listening his recent quadrilogy of Time Out of Mind 1997 , Love and Theft 2001 , Modern Times 2006 , and Together Thru Life 2009 is every bit as good as is the Holy Quadrilogy of Another Side of Bob Dylan 1964 , Bringing It All Back Home 1965 , Highway 61 Revisited 1965 , and Blonde on Blonde 1966 it is difficult to believe if you are just reading this little review and haven t heard these recent four albums but I swear on my soul as a life long Dylan fan that it is true while it is very nearly unbelievable that so many decades later he can again produce such phenomenal work as found on those earlier, ground , music , and life changing albums, it is true and when you consider the source of such astounding work you soon will realize that the only one capable of doing this could be Bob Dylan

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    This is where I really learned to appreciate Bob s writing Like many others, I d listened to his records many times before I d actually paid attention to the lyrics That is, I never dug any deeper than I like this song I didn t know why so much After the reading the lyrics as poetry, I got it I am now a Bob fan for life.

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    I purchases this book nearly 20 years ago for 35.00 at a Barnes and Nobles I did not have access to bobdylan.com at the time where the lyrics could be access online I like it all, even the 80s stuff beats most other lyricists It has given me much pleasure to have this work down through the years and I continue to occasionally browse it to this day.

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    When I read the words to Changing of the Guards I cried The man could describe a dead spider and I think I would be stunned and amazed He just has the way He mastered the English language and turned it on its head I bought this at a Dylan concert and went home and read it all cover to cover It changes how you understand the songs, to read them from the page Amazing.