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    A very interesting look at 13 of the couples who sailed on the Titanic and what happened to each of them Each story has pictures of the couple and tells how they met, how they came to be on the Titanic, and what happened to them during and after the sinking of the ship There is also other information mixed in with the stories of the people, including menus, information about the rooms in the ship, and information about other people on board the ship.I thought it was interesting that, at one point, the authors said the dress codes were so strict on the Titanic that first class passengers were worried about what would be the proper attire for boarding the lifeboats.And in the stories of how the different couples ended up on the boat, the most interesting by far was that of a husband and wife who had promised his anxious mother who had a premonition of a bad ocean voyage they wouldn t set foot on any ships during their honeymoon Instead of passing up an opportunity to sail on Titanic and see New York, they wrote out a series of postcards and left a servant in Europe to mail them and give the illusion they were still on the continent, intending to return before anyone was the wiser.Not long after I finished this, I saw a preview for the rerelease of the movie Titanic in the theater, and the whole time I was watching the screen and thinking of the people I d read about and what had happened to them At the same time, while Rose and Jack were flashing across the screen amid scenes of the ship sinking and people dying, the people around me in the theater were laughing and quipping, I ll never let go And then she does It made me a little sad I love the movie, but maybe the fact that the two main characters are fictional make it easy for us to distance ourselves from what happened and think, There s no reason to be sad They aren t real, and this never happened to them It s just Hollywood But John Jacob and Madeleine Astor and than a thousand other people were real and did have those things happen to them, and this book tells just a few of their stories and really makes the tragedy of it all very poignant.

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    This was a of a who s who of Titanic s first class honeymooning couples After a while the stories though romantic really started to sound the same There were a few 2nd and 3rd class stories at the end but compared to the stories of the first class couples they were the ones that were the most enjoyable to read.

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    This book was a disappointing attempt to create a story about these 13 couples by mounds of speculation without very little facts Each short story exists only to repeat the sinking of the titanic and to mention that these people were on it Chapter after chapter you will read the same account and very little real info about these couples that matter other than the exotic locations they honeymooned It reads like fiction instead of the stated non fiction by the author Quite a disappointment with no real insight here

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    I remember buying this I was horribly reluctant It was in the bargain books section of the store and I think I bought it just because I had the 6.00 or whatever burning a hole in my pocket I have read a lot about the Titanic over the years every since I can remember it has been something that has fascinated me All of the fictional movies, the documentaries, magazines, exhibits all I have indulged in It pains me to say that this account is one of the worst Paul appeals to the hopeless romantic and has complied a pamphlet like book of thirteen relationships that were affected by the Titanic s sinking Most of these stories describe the romances of First Class attendees, with very few Second and Third class passenger accounts Because of the Bias probably unintentional because most of the survivors were First Class , the stories were VERY repetitive and borderline BORING I don t feel like I learned much about the events, and even less about society at the time.The style of the book was almost made like a magazine or a pamphlet This was probably done to increase the page count Honestly this text can be read in one sitting, so don t feel intimidated I really didn t like this book, and in end, I just skimmed the last few stories, hence my It was okay rating of 2 5 stars I feel bad discounting the experiences of the survivors.

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    Beautifully presented book telling the stories of 13 honey mooning couples aboard the Titanic Lot s of details around the ship itself and sinking, none of which are new to those who have read other books around the Titanic Some of the chapter summaries at the beginning of each story contain spoilers to whether the couple survives Personally I would have preferred to find this out as the story unfolded Some of the couples are well known, others less so It s certainly a touching book My main gripe with it and one of the reasons I can not rate it higher is the lack of referencing Only photos are credited, not the information sources This makes it difficult to work out facts from the author s imagining For some people this won t be an issue, but unfortunately for me, it is Another minor niggle was the mention of Violet Jessop surviving both the collision of Olympic with the Hawke and the sinking of Titanic, but failing to mention that she also survived the sinking of Britannic This is an ideal book for anyone who has little knowledge about the Titanic as it gives an excellent background without weighing down too much extra information I liked how staterooms when known, were highlighted on the ship plans Lots of photos and other tidbits of information accompany the text.

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    Previously I thought of nothing but money The Titanic cured me of that Albert Dick

    Titanic Love Stories is a book that positions itself well, it is focused on the 13 honeymooning couples that set sail on the Titanic and were never same again Each chapter gives information about a different couple, their background, their time on the Titanic and what became of them after April 15 1912 and throughout the book details are revealed in side panels about the ship, time and crew.

    For those interested before reading the 13 couples were distributed over all three classes, 9 in first class 2 in second class and 2 in third class They cover all walks of life from the truly elite John Madeline Astor and Victor Pepita Pe asco to the very young Daniel Mary Marvin to the emigrating dreamers Neal Eileen McNamee There are some heartbreaking stories in here, some moments where you question WTF was going on Why so much wasted life and Why didn t you just listen to your parents

    It does reveal some bits and pieces that I hadn t thought about before like the passengers on the Carpathia She was carrying 743 before they answered the mercy call from the Titanic adding 711 Within her capacity according to Wikipedia but not comfortable according to book, nor would it have been expected It does do a brief overview of the survivors guilt all and the stigma endured by the men who survived I really some of the extra people who are introduced, in particular The Countess of Rothes who took control of Lifeboat 8 and Molly Brown who assisted with rowing Lifeboat 6 as other women did and welcomed the ostracised Madeleine Astor to life in first class.

    This is one for people who like real life romance stories, or the Titanic It is an easy read With gorgeous images and changing layout to keep the eyes interested As someone with an interest in the Titanic there are is some different ground covered here As a group of people to talk about, sing newlyweds or honeymooning couples is a great way to create a reasonable subset to work with These couples were flawed and diverse but they had lived together ahead of them and on that represent the passenger as a whole.

    When I saw the way she was carrying herself and heard the quiet, determined way she spoke to the others, I knew she was of a man than any we had on board Seaman Thomas Willam Jones About No l Leslie, Countess of Rothes

    My reading experience in a gif

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    Titanic Love Story that will Touch your HeartSometimes you get a historical non fiction that is hard to read and doesn t make you want to complete it But I found myself not wanting to put this down.This book tells the stories of 13 couples who were taking their honeymoon onboard the Titanic The author does an excellent job of interspersing their stories with fascinating facts about the ship, as well as anecdotes that have come down through the decades He gives a good variation of couples as well Some were millionaires others were struggling and hoping for a better life in America Some of their stories end hopefully, while others ended tragically but none of the survivors were ever the same afterwards I think this is a very worthwhile read for Titanic fans, as well as other history buffs It tells the real story in a very readable but completely factual way Diane

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    I have always loved the Titanic ever since I first heard Leo claim to be the king of the world When I first discovered the story, I spent months scavenging my bookstores and libraries for any book based upon it or offered a different perspective The Titanic disaster is one of the things I know most about in this world Strangely enough, this particular book had been on my Chapters wishlist for ages I had no intention of buying it, and had I not found it at a second hand bookstore where I was looking for my fourth book to get my fifth book free, I probably would never have read it For those who are Titanic aficionados like myself, it really doesn t offer anything new It tells the stories of the than I expected honeymooning couples on board the ship Most are in first class, some are in second, and a few are in third The trouble with Titanic stories about the third class is that hardly any information remains about them Chances are, both would have died They wouldn t have left much behind Their stories can, at best, only be speculated First class on the other hand, will have archives about the lives of the rich and famous But, if you like to read stories about hope and love, I suppose these will get at you It really is heartbreaking when realising how many couples and families, than just in this book, were separated that night forever Any way you look at this, you will probably end up sad but if the Titanic interests you at all, it s worth the read anyhow.

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    A really great look at some of those aboard the Titanic, specifically those who were married and on their honeymoon on the unsinkable ship Some of the things I knew already, but many of the facts and stories were new to me, and this made the book hold my attention It really stood out for me on a day where I actually managed to read three novels in total, and I think this was my favorite read of the day The stories were well presented, and felt very personal as well.I loved all the pictures, and the facts on the side lines This just added to the book s overall feel and added to it s presentation Titanic has always fascinated me in a macabre way the huge loss of life, the impact on society, the grief I feel horrible about reading these kinds of things, and even horrible about wanting to read But the Titanic is not something to be forgotten, and those who lived, and died, on that fateful trip should not be forgotten either This book offers a personal look into the love and loss of those on board, and really makes the reader sad about it A very good read

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    This was probably one of the most depressing books I have ever read in my life BUT It was so educational and well written that I liked it very much The subject matter is always going to be very depressing, considering it was one of the greatest ship disasters of all time The actual pages are beautiful Each page has a section of text, as well as a picture or several pictures There are interesting little facts here and there, blocked off in soft yellow boxes The pages have shades of gray, brown, and yellows which makes it look elegant that a standard book.The stories themselves are all tinged with tragedy, but some have a happy ending Statistically speaking, the odds were not in their favor If you are interested in Titanic history, this is a must read It offers up a few facts that I didn t know from previous readings I have done on the subject And it is also nice to put a face and a story to some of the people who were involved in the disaster.