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Tonight on the Titanic (Magic Tree House #17) files Tonight on the Titanic (Magic Tree House #17), read online Tonight on the Titanic (Magic Tree House #17), free Tonight on the Titanic (Magic Tree House #17), free Tonight on the Titanic (Magic Tree House #17), Tonight on the Titanic (Magic Tree House #17) 34dad0785 Jack And Annie Are In For An Exciting, Scary, And Sad Adventure When The Magic Tree House Whisks Them Back To The Decks Of The Titanic Is There Anything They Can Do To Help The Ill Fated Ship Will They Be Able To Save Anyone Will They Be Able To Save Themselves

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    The Kiddo age 6 brought this home from his school library and I read it out loud to him He has an interest in the story of the Titanic This was my first introduction to Mary Pope Osbourne s Magic Tree House series, and I have to say I was impressed.The main characters, Jack and Annie ages 8 and 7 are Master Librarians for a magical treehouse library run by Morgan Le Fey No, really The books in the treehouse allow the kids to travel through time with a few basic anti paradox rules in place No bringing anyone back with them, and no changing history The structure of the series has the kids going on quests that span several books This volume was the start of one such quest.When Jack and Annie find a puppy who they name Teddy in the treehouse, they also find a message from Morgan Le Fey informing them that the puppy is under a spell and several items are needed to break the enchantment First on the list A gift from a ship lost a sea.One trip through the space time continuum later, and Jack and Annie find themselves aboard a luxurious ocean liner The bad news, of course, is that it s the Titanic.Once things get going, this book is non stop fun Osborne manages to keep the level of excitement and imperilment high without even needing a villain Just a whole lot of mayhem as the minutes tick away and the kids try to find some way to help, even if they can t prevent the inevitable sinking of the ship.In an introductory message to the readers, Osborne discusses her decision to set a story aboard the Titanic It was frequently requested by readers, but she was at first reluctant because it was such a tragic story In the end, she crafted a story that was exciting, but didn t shy away from the sadness of the event.I m looking forward to my son bringing home books in this series.

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    Today is a turning point for my four year old, as she sat through the reading of an entire chapter book The chapter endings held enough tension to keep her asking for Now she wants to explore all the Magic Tree House books Hooray

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    I love this book My favorite character is the puppy who saves the day when the ship sinks By Kelsie age 10

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    It was so sad Not everyone made if off the boat I can t believe not everyone did How sad.

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    I can t believe how much my reading skills have gotten better as I grew older When I read it back in grade 2, I thought it was one of the most complex books I ever read Loved it then, love it now for all the nostalgia.Also, there s a magic tree house musical Why didn t I know about this Imagine my surprise when I flip to the last page and see that there s a CD available to buy Huh.

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    Favorite magic treehouse so far

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    I d heard of this series before but didn t know anything about it My son has been borrowing them from school and enjoying them, though We attended a reading event at his school recently and he brought home a stack of Magic Tree House books We ended up with duplicates of the Titanic volume I d grabbed one at a used book sale last year , so I decided to read along with him I started last night after he d gone to bed, so this morning I mentioned that I was going to read the book along with him His face lit up He was so excited to discuss, asking me how far I d gotten and reciting facts about the Titanic I ve dreamed of the day I could read a novel and discuss it with my sons, and that day is finally here It s a very easy read, obviously, but it s a good place to start I m not great at estimating these yet, but the reading level is probably first grade he s in first grade but reads at a third grade level, so this is not very challenging for him It s a good glimpse into a different time period period garb and activities are glimpsed, and I anticipate him wanted to do further reading on some of the topics and historical events in the books The plot moves quickly while still managing to touch on class and privilege and earlier forms of communication I was very impressed with the author s ability to cram so much into such a short word count while still keeping the vocabulary level appropriate and the plot gripping I plan to borrow a few of his other books and read then while he s sleeping so we can discuss those, too.

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    Tonight on the Titanic is part of a series written by Mary Pope Osborne This particular one in the series is about Jack and Annie taking a trip in the past to board the Titanic Little did they know, they were boarding the boat on it s final night Throughout the course of the book we are told various facts about that fateful night, while following Jack and Annie as they set out on a mission to help save their dog Overall, I enjoyed this book and I know I enjoyed others in this series as a child Learning about the past while there is another plot to follow is always something that has kept me entertained and I believe would keep my students entertained as well I would suggest this book to any readers in the grades 3rd 5th I might suggest keeping it closer to the 3rd range, just because they are quick reads and easy to follow for beginning chapter book readers I also would place this as a fantasy due to the fact that they have a magic tree house they travel time in.The main way I would use this book in my classroom is to form reading groups and to get students started on chapter books I think that these would be fun for book clubs reading groups because as students read they might assume something is going to happen next that is different from another student in the group thus making lively conversation, which is always a main goal for these groups I also would recommend them to students who I feel are ready to start chapter books because they are easy to read and would help boost confidence in reading I also have thought about if students were on the fence about their love for reading that these books would be good to start them on because they are interesting and inviting, but also because of these books being a series it would be good for students to fall in love with one and ensure that they can t wait to read the next By getting them hooked on a series, you are also slyly getting them hooked on reading I considered this book a WOW book for me because of how engaged it made me feel The descriptions used and details made me feel as though I was right alongside Jack and Annie on the Titanic, running around with them and trying to get all they needed to do done in the time they had I also found this as a WOW book due to how easy it would be for my students in the future to read these books and help have them fall in love with reading I appreciate the easy to read style, but the detail and language used at the same time.

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    This one and the one set in Pompeii right before Vesuvius erupts are a bit harder to get through than the other Magic Tree House books and depending on how well you and your kid deal with tragedies you may want to skip this book All that being said, the sinking is handled well and isn t sensationalized but still might be traumatic for younger kids.

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