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    It read JUST like something I would write It was CRAZY UNCANNY Then, I saw the author s name and I thought WHAT ARE THE ODDS OF THAT I mean oh, wait.

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    The Moon Coin by Richard Due is a gem of a children s fantasy novel that I m, quite frankly, surprised hasn t been picked up by a major publishing company Then again, isn t that how most great books start out The first in an upcoming series, the story is centered around 2 children, Lily and Jasper, who receive nightly visits from their Uncle Ebb, which usually results in presents and tales about The Moon Realm When their beloved Uncle goes missing, the children decide to investigate by snooping around Ebb s fascinating mansion Jasper, ever cautious, wishes to heed their parents warnings about not entering certain areas of their Uncle s home, but Lily throws caution to the wind, seizing the opportunity to learn about the ever mysterious life of Ebb This mischievous, naive behavior is obviously what causes Lily to be transported to Barreth, one of the nine moons in The Moon Realm And so this is where Lily s adventure truly begins, as she searches not only for a way back home, but what really happened to her Uncle Ebb The first thing I loved about The Moon Coin is the way the story sucks you in The prologue, titled Bedtime Tales , introduces us to Uncle Ebb and his obvious affection for his niece and nephew On this particular night, he brings them each a present a green dragon figurine for Jasper and fairy for Lily His tale that night mostly consisted of telling the children the origins of the dragon and the fairy and revealing their true names From the very beginning, you get the sense that there is to those figurines that meet the eye and to Ebb s tales then simple bedtime stories The prologue not only ensnared my attention from the first few pages but also gave me a feeling of nostalgia It reminded me of my own childhood, when my mother would tuck me in at night and read me a story Or those awful times when I would wake up from a bad dream and she would stay with me until I fell back to sleep And of course let s not forget about those classic movies that centered around a child and a bewitching story in a book, such as The Neverending Story and The Princess Bride.I think what sets this book apart from others is the author s ability in creating rich, memorable characters I absolutely loved Uncle Ebb, even though he only makes an early appearance in the story His coat with many pockets is a part of his personality that I will always associate him with.My second favorite character has to be Roan, who is one of the Rinn large, cat like creatures that somewhat resemble lions I love his bravery while protecting Lily and fighting off the scaramann His loyalty to his queen, Nimlinn, is commendable, even when she tells him to leave and that his services are not needed When he refuses to leave her side, she says, Fools Greydor will have you all roasted on a spit Roan s quick witted reply is, Then I will bring the sauce One of the funniest characters that also has a small part, like Uncle Ebb, is Quib, who we meet in the second half of the novel I don t want to give away too many details, but there is a part where they are cleaning the remains off of a freshly killed creature very much like what the Native Americans did with the buffalo Quib loves the job and offered some meat to Lily in which she, had a terrible time explaining to Quib what it meant to be a vegetarian He kept saying things like, Well, I could spare you a bit o brains They re not meat, right and At least let me ladle on a good heapin bit o the grease, eh No meat in that Going back to that feeling of nostalgia, there were certain parts of The Moon Coin that reminded me of The Chronicles of Narnia and Lord of the Rings, yet the story still retains its own elements of originality And let me just say, that is no easy feat I ve read stories before that seemed like complete rip offs But somehow Richard Due is able to find an equal balance While I love completely original stories with their own mythology, worlds, etc., there is nothing wrong with being able to relate it to an older piece of literature, especially if it is done right, as it is with The Moon Coin So I give Richard Due major credit for that My original rating for The Moon Coin was at a 3.5, but what bumped the score up to a solid 4 stars were the beautiful illustrations throughout the story by Carolyn Arcabascio Even though Richard Due is great with his descriptions and character development, sometimes it is hard to imagine what certain things look like in fantasy novels Arcabascio s illustrations really did help put things in perspective for me Without them, I think the second part of the novel would have been much harder for me to get through, which is one of the problems I had with the story.Now to the issues I had with The Moon Coin While I didn t have too many issues with the plot, I was a bit confused with certain parts of the story Like in the beginning, for example I got the sense that Lily and Jasper were living in a modern setting or perhaps slightly in the future I was good up until the part when they are in Uncle Ebb s mansion and suddenly there are coral reefs for walls, birdfish, electrimals a term that is introduced by never really explained My point is, I think Richard Due had this figured out in his mind but did not translate it into words well enough for the reader What does he mean by Uncle Ebb and his many illusions Is he a magician For some reason I just had a hard time figuring out what kind of world Lily and Jasper are from a futuristic world with robot housekeepers I think a little explanation or background for the setting would have been helpful.An other part that had me scratching my head was right after Greydor, King of the Rinn, reluctantly tells his wife, Nimlinn, that he is unable to help her get Lily safely back to her own world Lily is in that room when the conversation is going on She watches Nimlinn and the others give instructions to others as the battle between the Rinn and the scaramann rages on A second later, one of Nimlinn s loyal subjects tells Lily that Nimlinn requires her presence WHAT That makes NO sense since Lily and Nimlinn are in the same room together I mean, I could see if Lily was escorted to another room and then Nimlinn sends someone to get her I just think it was a poor transition from one scene to another.While I absolutely loved the first half of the book which takes place on the moon world Barreth with the cat like creatures the Rinn, I had a hard time wrapping my brain around the second part of the story I was not quite sure what lunamancers were or what the term peerin meant I know the author tried to explain both, but for some reason I had a hard time truly imagining the role of a lunamancer I was also confused by the people on this new moon world I think one of them was described as being as tall as Lily are they all that same height Are they little people like dwarves It felt like the second part of the story moved slower then when Lily was on Barreth, but again, this could be because I had a harder time figuring out this new moon world.Lastly and this is going to be hard for me to say without giving a major plot spoiler I felt there was a part towards the end of the story that felt very anti climatic I think when readers get toward the end of the book, they will understand what I mean I really can t say then that without giving it away Overall, The Moon Coin is truly a beautifully written fantasy novel with rich, memorable characters and gorgeous illustrations that brings the Moon Realm to life From a teacher s perspective, I think this book would grab the attention of children in grades 6th through 9th But adults like myself will also find this book appealing, especially since it brings back all those nostalgic feelings from childhood Also, the second book in the series, titled The Dragondain, should be coming out sometime this year For a better look at the new cover art and information on the series, visit Richard Due s website at The Moon Realm.Reviewed by Mia at The Muses CircleLike my review Come check out on my blog at The Muses Circle

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    OH MY GOSH What an amazing book The worlds moons of the Moon Realm come to life for us At first I was a little confused by all the names, but shortly after arriving in Barreth, the names were like second nature to me The illustrations by Carolyn Arcabascio were just amazing I read the book on my Kindle, but soon switched to the Kindle app on my Ipad to see the illustrations in color They truly add to Mr Due s wonderful story, or is it a tale This is one book that will surely be made into a movie sometime in the future, much like the Harry Potter or Narnia series I loved the characters of Lilly and Jasper, both genders were represented and I think both boys and girls will love this story I anxiously await the second in the series I could not put this book down It is sure to become a favorite of children and parents alike

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    I do not usually read or review books intended for children or from the fantasy genre, but I made an exception for this one when the author approached me as it sounded intriguing and it is illustrated In fact the illustrations by Carolyn Arcabascio are absolutely beautiful even viewed on the Kindle, I guess this is a taste of how story book reading aloud to children of future generations may well be With no children or grandchildren to test my theories on I think that this illustrated fantasy will apeal to anyone who enjoyed series such as Harry Potter and The Narnia Chronicles Richard Due has a captivating style of writing and the two central characters of the tale seem very realistic.This book is now available in paperback I think it may well be even successful in this format.A beautiful story from this d but author that even I who readily admits that fantasy is far from my favourite genre has to say that I liked it, possibly because of the authors talent in the way he tells the story Lily and Jasper have an Uncle like no other in Uncle Ebb and they have grown up enthralled by his truly amazing bedtime stories When he disappears for longer than normal it seems natural that they should be concerned about this Whilst they are searching for clues as to his whereabouts the reader is whisked off to The Moon Realm and the land of fantasies I am too much of a realist as an adult to fully let myself go but I do appreciate that this sort of fantasy is good for children, there is plenty of time to discover the real world as an adult In conclusion I think this is a magical and adventurous fantasy that will appeal to fans of this genre from all age groups and I wish the author every success with the series.Much on my bloghttp lindyloumacbookreviews.blogspo

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    In spite of the fact that I am older than the target age for this novel, I adored it The settings and characters are intriguing and beautifully described, the characters worm their way into your heart, and the mystery of it all grabs you and insists that you hang around to see it unravel At a certain point, I found that I simply could not stop reading In fact, on my first read yes, I ve already read it than once I only stopped when my eyes were burning with exhaustion and the words were beginning to blur The only thing I could possibly dislike about this brilliant book is that I can t yet purchase the sequel This is clearly a story crafted with great passion and care A must have for any fan of epic fantasy or epic ness in general.

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    Original review published In the Closet With a BibliophileAdventurous and fantastically action packed, Richard Due s The Moon Coin is a story that reminds us of what it s like to be young and that there is so much to the world than we can sometimes imagine With nine moons, talking creatures and a traveling coin, we enter the world of The Moon Coin, a story that takes us to the far reaches of ingenuity and excitement, eliciting all the emotions of learning, growing, experiencing and realizing that things aren t what we thought they werethey are so much Are you going to tell us a story, Uncle asked Jasper No Not tonight, I think Jasper s small shoulders slumped But if you tink you re up to keeping another secret, I might be willing to tell you a tale There s a difference asked Lily Oh, yes, yes, yes You see, a story can be made up as easily as you please, or not But a tale, now that s a moon of a different color A tale is an account of things in their due order, often divulged secretly, or as gossip Would you like to hear one My feelings on this book may be better related if you all know something about me I love a good story I have this aunt who tells the most amazing stories and growing up, whenever we d visit her in Utah, she d round us all up and tell us the most amazing tales Stories of dancing princesses or Captain Crunches soggy cereal or witches that were secretly our little brothers She could craft a story so imaginative and so detailed, it felt like I was there, in the story and even to this day, my siblings and I can still sit there and listen to her tall tales of far fetched places and people Richard Due s The Moon Coin, for me, was like that.Jasper and Lily are one year apart, age wise, and their very favorite thing is to listen to their Uncle Ebb and his bedtime stories One evening, Ebb decides the children deserve to hear the tales of The Moon Realm, a place with nine moons or worlds that swirl around one another Slowly Jasper and Lily grow up and realize that these tales are just fabrications their Uncle has made up And even though they seem so real and so mesmerizing, they really are just stories Except, when Lily is 13 and Jasper 14, their Uncle disappears and Lily and Jasper discover the necklace he never takes off or allowed them to see the pendant of, wrapped around a dress mannequin From there everything takes off and Lily and Jasper realize the Moon Realm does exist, but it is not quite how it was in their Uncle s tales.The Moon Coin, fast, furious and immensely enjoyable, reminded me of what I love about fiction The thought and creative emphasis that drives that little light of our imagination to explore the fantastical to it s every corner The way Mr Due has crafted his tale is wickedly enthralling, with a touch of what we know added into the larger mix of what we don t, we get to discover everything right along with Lily and eventually Jasper There are surprises around every corner and by taking the difficult theme of division, forcible annexation and the underlying currents of coloring up the truth, Mr Due has made The Moon Coin into a story that is deeply layered and developed as much as it is entertaining and delightful First, I want to hear about Tavin What spooked you and Dubb so Lily stared down at her tea A sudden suspicion arose in her Nima was looking into Tavin s mind in the next roomusing tea Keegan seemed to sense this, saying, Sometimes, Lily, tea is just tea He smiled politely Lily took a sip from her mug He tried to kill me Keegan laughed at that, but as he looked into Lily s face, his mien slowly changed from indulgence to disbelief Forgive me I don t mean to laugh at you, but what you say makes no sense I ve known Tavin since he was oh, much younger than you He couldn t have tried to kill you If he had, then you would most certainly be dead Trust me Lily took another sip and stared at Keegan With a extremely wide cast of characters and a heroine we can appreciate, The Moon Coin just keeps giving I must admit, I wasn t expecting to love this book as much as I did I think it brought me back to those stories of my aunt s and how much I love living in an imaginative world and the alluring places they take me To worlds where giant lion like animals with huge saucer eyes rule worlds and control magic and where humans are not the majority or the strongest, but rather fighting for survival on a planet that has had terrible pains Mr Due has brilliantly crafted these worlds for us, developing them to illustrative vivid quality My only complaint is sometimes there was a little too much detail, but I believe that as a first installment it was undoubtedly necessary to the creation of each moon.Overall, I heartily loved The Moon Coin and I look forward to the next installment and the hope that I will get to visit even planets and discover all the hidden secrets the Moon Realm holds I give The Moon Coin a 5 5 and recommend it to those who enjoy YA, MG, Other World and Fantasy Fiction.

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    I haven t read a YA fantasy for a long time My comeback to this genre is, gratefully, a pleasant experience because of The Moon Coin by Richard Due The Moon Coin is a cleverly crafted story of another world linked to our reality, which could most likely be possible due to Due s masterful storytelling This vibrant other world, the Moon Realm, starts out as a mere story for Lily and Jasper told by their Uncle Ebb Nine years after the story is told to them, Uncle Ebb is missing Lily and Jasper search for clues at Ebb s huge and unusual mansion only to find a mysterious coin the moon coin Before the night is out, the coin transports Lily to the Moon Realm At this particular moment, for Lily, the mystery to Uncle Ebb s disappearance is solved But it is only the beginning of a series of adventures for Lily as she come face to face with cat like beings, flying dragons, merfolk, giants, fairies, and many creatures imaginable.How these creatures are narrated is very skillful and vividly detailed that, very impressively, show how well the author knows each and every being in Moon Realm Reading the book was like seeing a mature Alice of Wonderland in full spy gear sprinting across the fields of Narnia and meeting the people from The Lord of the Rings, minus the tantrums Reading the story was like actually seeing a new world unfolding around me hence, Lily s fear become my own when I saw this myself Dangling down in great arcs from the dead forest above were thin black lines that connected to the pinnacle of the tower Dark forms emerged from the trees, crawling across the thin webs like spiders to their prey Their numbers seemed endless The top of the tower was black with them, and they trickled down the sides in dark ropy lines, like black wax dripping down a while candlestick They climbed over themselves and clung to one another in a way that made Lily think of bugs very large bugs.The Moon Coin is not only rich in storytelling it is equally rich in illustrations made by Carolyn Arcabascio The development of these illustrations were explained well by Due in a guest post at Simple Clockwork The cover of the book, for one, is exceptional, don t you think The illustrations in the inside pages are faithful to Due s descriptions and support, not limit, the reader s imagination For example, with just Due s words, I know how the Rinn looks like, but Arcabascio s artwork provides me with the particulars Rinn looks like cats that look like lions, with wider faces Clearly, the illustrations of the scenes and creatures from the book are proofs of harmonious collaboration between the author and the illustrator.I also admire Due s strong yet clear grasp of words Knowing his target audience, he offers simple comparisons to aid young readers As examples In the valley, the dark masses spilled over themselves like swarming ants Moving quickly and strangely on their long, thin limbs, the Rinn s attackers flowed outward like a great warring mass of man sized ants What she had mistaken for helmets were large carapaces, like giant beetles heads.For me, the pace of the story is not a problem it is neither too fast nor too slow And there are unpredictable points in the story, which took me aback when I read them hence, I felt my eyes growing big in one second and narrowing the next and so on To know about what I mean, why not head over Due s site and read the free sneak preview first two chapters of The Moon Coin I like Lily and her spirit, her creativity, her courage She is a breath of fresh air she is admirably different from the abnormally loud young female adult characters I ve come across with in the past I would love to see how The Moon Coin will be depicted on the big screen For me, this is the next best thing after The Chronicles of Narnia, if we re talking about fantasy stories for children For now, I would like to read the next book of the Moon Realm series and check for myself what will happen to Jasper.The Moon Coin, while labeled for middle grade and young adult readers, is highly recommendable for all ages Five stars for you, Richard Nancy Simple Clockworkhttp www.nancycudis.com

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    Book Synopsis Gibbering Gnome Press Presents a Tale of Epic Fantasy Are you going to tell us a story, Uncle asked Jasper No Not tonight, I think Jasper s small shoulders slumped But if you think you re up to keeping another secret, I might be willing to tell you a tale There s a difference asked Lily Oh, yes, yes, yes You see, a story can be made up as easily as you please, or not But a tale, now that s a moon of a different color A tale is an account of things in their due order, often divulged secretly, or as gossip Would you like to hear one Once upon a time, Lily and Jasper Winter had an uncle named Ebb He liked to tell tales of a place called the Moon Realm, where nine moons swirled around one another, each inhabited by strange and wondrous beings magical lunamancers undersea merfolk wise birds winged dragons and Lily s favorite, the heroic, leonine Rinn Uncle Ebb had quite the imagination Now, nine years after the tales began, he s missing Soon, so is Lily, transported to the Moon Realm by a mysterious coin But this Moon Realm is different Here, a villain named Wrengfoul and his evil minions are attacking the other moons, stripping away what little magic remains Had Uncle Ebb just been spinning tales of how he wanted things to be Where did the truth begin and the fantasy end And how will Lily ever get home In his brilliantly plotted debut novel, Richard Due introduces us to Lily and Jasper Winter, a pair of smart, observant teens growing up on an old Pennsylvania tree farm with their parents and uncle a pair of geriatric botanists a big shaggy dog and an overly inquisitive cat named Tarzanna Growing up on Treling wasn t really so out of the ordinary, except for Ebb s strange house, and his wonderful bedtime stories Until, that is, the day Lily found herself in the Moon Realm, in a dystopian version of those same stories er tales, definitely tales Featuring twenty two stunning full color illustrations by Carolyn Arcabascio Volume One of the young adult fantasy adventure series The Moon Realm My Thoughts From the very first page of the book where Lily and Jasper are enthralled by their Uncle as he spins his marvelous tales of adventure the reader finds themselves just as mesmerized The fantasy world is rich and colorful, the characters are a blend of realism and make believe that is very entertaining, the inventive illustrations at the beginnings of the chapters lend a bit of whimsy to the tale by allowing readers to glimpse for themselves what the characters could look like, the pace of the story is smooth and most importantly the tale itself is utterly easy to become involved with as the action unfolds.Along with such long time fantasy classics as The Wizard of Oz, The Lord Of The Rings and The Tales of Narnia just to name a few treasures from my own childhood this series will stand the test of time as well If I had children reading this to them would be a delight for myself as well as my child Young adult fantasy adventure is what the beginning of the Moon Realm series has been categorized in, this sums it up nicely but does not even begin to touch upon the sublime reading experience you will have when you enjoy this story Author Richard Due has created a tale centered around Lily and Jasper Winter and their search to discover the whereabouts of their beloved Uncle Ebb, what they find out along the way will both amuse and astound you The Moon Coin takes us on a fantastical journey that brings to mind all the best memories of being a child like lying in bed while being told stories about make believe characters and worlds that we just know would be so much fun to visit if only we could An ecopy of the book was provided by the author in exchange for an honest review

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    The Moon Coin is a fantasy novel for junior to young adult readers It boasts a richly envisioned and detailed universe and a strong plot that perfectly complements the novel s genre and setting Although Richard Due s Moon Realm debut is long for the middle grade market, the fast moving action found in the latter three quarters of the novel should ensure that younger readers remain engaged despite its length In fact, one of the things I particularly enjoyed about The Moon Coin was the way that Due does not talk down to his young readers The book employs a rich vocabulary, giving its audience opportunities to learn new words in context Despite this, the language is not pitched too high to be age appropriate Due to the vastness of the universe depicted in The Moon Coin, it is not surprising that the reader is introduced to a good number of characters within the pages of the novel As a protagonist, Lily is certainly easy to identify with, as an outsider thrust into a fantastic realm My difficulty lay in the fact that she seemed a little too ordinary, once shown against the interesting inhabitants of the Moon Realm, and I tended to be interested by their stories than her own I imagine, however, that she and Jasper will become rounded as the series unfolds There is certainly no shortage of intriguing characters in the novel, from Ebb himself through to the mysterious Ember I personally loved the Rinn they fit right into one of my favourite fictional archetypes In particular, I greatly enjoyed the noble Nimlinn and the dedicated Roan, and hope that they will both feature in later Moon Ream books For those who aren t quite as interested in giant cats, the moon of Dain provides such intriguing characters as master swordsman Dubb and the cursed Tavin It would not be right to review The Moon Coin without at least a brief mention of Carolyn Arcabascio s lovely illustrations As well as illustrating the cover of the novel, she has provided images at the beginning of every chapter They are rather wasted on my Kindle but, luckily, I was able to view them on my computer as well, and they add a great deal to Due s work I particularly appreciated having a visual reference for the appearance of the Rinn That s one on the cover, for those who aren t in the know While I enjoyed The Moon Coin once Lily was in the Moon Realm and I had grown accustomed to the universe, I did struggle a little to get into the novel at first The chapters leading to the discovery of Ebb s pendant felt a little drawn out to me, and I had a little difficulty understanding all of the unusual creations within Ebb s house It is once the setting changes, however, that Due s true abilities as a storyteller become evident, and the intricately described universe of the Moon Realm is the highlight of the book.Young fantasy lovers should greatly enjoy The Moon Coin and adult fans of the genre might be well served by picking it up as well The next book in the series, The Dragondain, is due out in 2012.

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    The Moon CoinBy Richard DueISBN 9780983886723Published August 25, 2011 by Gibbering Gnome Press, A Division of Ingenious Inventions Run Amok, InkAvailable Format ebookMy Rating Lily and Jasper s Uncle Ebb is full of mystery and fabulously imaginative tales uh, stories packed with dragons, merfolk, giants, and faeries But, it is all just fun and bedtime stories, or so they believe When Uncle Ebb vanishes, Lily and Jasper stumble upon something much powerful than they could have imagined Lily is swept into a world she knows so very well but could not have believed truly existed There s no denying it now Not only do she and her brother have to find their uncle, they must also help unite the moons of the realm and bring prosperity and peace once again This book is one of the reasons why I absolutely love my job I get to read these incredible all too often undiscovered gems and share them with all my friends and family I never turn down a good children s YA book, so I immediately told Richard I would certainly love to read and review his book I cannot express to you how impressed I have been If I had to compare The Moon Coin to any other work, I d say it is a cross between Chronicles of Narnia and Lord of the Rings It reads very well for middle grade and younger YA, like Narnia, with the immense fantasy of LOTR The imagery is so captivating, Lily is so mature, and the reader is swept along her adventure as if we are riding the Rinn or facing the dragon ourselves It is everything you want a great fantasy to be and then some I shared this book with my six year old as our bedtime story this week I would read to him until he went to sleep, then continue reading ahead The next evening, I would condense the parts I had read and then continue on with the next chapters He was always full of fantastic questions about the story and the characters involved He loved the illustrations and, of course, wished there were I actually do too, but everything is told so well, I had no trouble whatsoever imagining the story for myself.The Moon Coin most certainly rates up there with my absolute favorite books and is in the top three of my favorite children s books I hope Richard will publish a print version Everyone must give this one a try you won t be disappointed Mr Due, PLEASE don t take long getting the next in the series ready for us There are so many mysteries to solve, I may simply burst with anticipation

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