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    This book skips around a bit, but I found it to be rather interesting I felt there was quite a bit a of emphasis placed on religion, but I believe that sets the tone for the time I found it to be a bit misogynistic at times As a woman, it is a relief to see the progress made toward equality since the time this was written However, overall, I feel this is an accurate piece of historic work It was interesting to read the different accounts of the sinking from different passengers It truly gives some insight to this tragedy I also really enjoyed the photos and artwork included in here The overall layout of the book is absolutely stunning.

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    Interesting volume and beautifully designed This edition is a reprint of the original, published in 1912 I d say certainly it is a must for those still quite captivated by the ship of dreams Keep in mind, it is NOT an updated version of the original, but a reprint Journalism then vs now is very different and that must be taken into account.

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    Not my favorite book written about the Titanic, but isn t that cover gorgeous

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    This book was written and first published shortly after the Titanic disaster at sea, and gives first person accounts of the tragedy Interesting read.

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    Wreck and Sinking of the Titanic the Ocean s Greatest Disaster was an interesting look at both the Titanic disaster itself and the world of 1912 It was an interesting reprinting of a 1912 book dealing with the disaster published not too long after the event itself It contains individual essays on various topics, reprinting of statements and articles from several different newspapers, testimony given during the Smith Committee, details of the sinking from multiples persons and numerous other personal accounts It was highly repetitive and was overly sentimental regarding the heroic deaths of men that could have and should have been saved, but for a useless sense of honor that dictated to them that it was better to leave a seat on a lifeboat empty than to fill it himself Also, many of the facts contained with in were erroneous, with some even known to be so in 1912 For example, the statement the entire length of the great ship on the starboard side was ripped p 26 was ludicrous, if that had occurred Titanic would have sunk in 20 minutes, not 2 1 2 hours Even back in 1912, the evidence did bore out this assessment Another example would be the assertion that the fact that the awful loss of life was avoidable by the simple provision of sufficient lifeboats p 9 This was patently false, as the officers of Titanic didn t even have enough time to launch the 20 boats she did have, before her list was too great to effectively launch them, let alone the 20 that would have been needed to removing all passengers and crew Though the first hand accounts are quite interesting, as is the details included from the Smith Committee, there was far too much repetition and an excess of sentimentality to make this book an easy read instead it is one that must be taken in small sections, spread out over days Also, any data contained within its pages must be suspect, even the first person accounts, and thus would need to be cross checked before being used in any sort of research paper or book In fact, I would shy away from using it in this context, instead it might be useful when writing about the public s reaction to the disaster Finally, unfortunately, though I strove to love Wreck and Sinking of the Titanic the Ocean s Greatest Disaster , I was unable to accomplish anything higher than merely liking it.

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    I actually bought another Titanic book and this one was sitting next to it I love the period design, size and tidy hardcover so couldn t really resist It s a curiosity, a reprint of the original book published shortly after the event and detailing eye witness accounts, sermons, newspaper articles and other facts The facts are somewhat suspect at times but expected given the speed of publication.It s not the greatest read in the world but it does have an appeal Sure, there s a lot of repetition and it s woefully sentimental but it does stand as an artefact of a different era Partly it s the sense of another time the moral duty to die like a man or act like a Brit sampled with fantastic quotes as soon as so and so s friends heard that some women had died they automatically knew that George Bertie Richard etc was dead there s not a chance he would have got onto a boat otherwise I paraphrase the attitude towards those brave women imagine some of them even tried to row the lifeboats the complete lack of interest in anyone below second class the only mention of people losing their cool relate to those in steerage or foreigners Almost interestingly, it was also a time where global communication didn t really exist and certainly not to the levels today The telegraph was opening doors and arguably was the only reason anyone survived, but watching it play out though radio broadcasts, word of mouth and newspaper editorials adds a different spin In some ways it s very much like modern day journalism news broadcasting, the way we devour breaking news and social gossip of the rich and famous It s just back then, the means of sharing this had a time delay You could imagine devouring anything to do with the disaster at the time and this book would have been gold A record of a different era.Given the world we live in now, the disaster just couldn t happen I m not saying a ship couldn t sink or a plane crash etc, but the universal documentation and connection would completely change the perception of it So, not a great read as such but interesting content with a different perspective Aesthetically it s delightful to read, hold and stick on your shelves.

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    Very much worth reading This is a mix of first person accounts of the wreck and its aftermath, and opinion pieces, all from the months following the sinking I m not sure there s much here that couldn t be found in other sources, but I hadn t seen any other source provide detailed accounts of the church services after the wreck And while they got Lowe s testimony from one of the inquiries, this is the first time it sunk in that he didn t load the boats to capacity because they were rated for 65 people on the water, so they feared the boats would buckle as they were being lowered That makes the actions of the crew seem a lot reasonable Though ideally, they would have all agreed to let a certain number of men jump out and swim to the boats once they were on the water, but obviously in hindsight they would have done a lot of things differently The book itself is very attractive and looks or less like it could be from 1912, though I believe they updated the illustrations for this reprint.A researcher must keep in mind that quite a few of the facts set out in this book don t exactly mesh with other accounts I know there was reference to concert halls on Titanic, but while the band s played concert, the deck plans don t contain anything we d consider a concert hall There were no tennis courts that I know of though there was a squash court And so forth I feel like a kid using this as their main source for a paper on Titanic wouldn t have the most factual account Still, worth reading for the immediacy of the accounts and a window into public opinion directly following the sinking.

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    Well, for an account of a shipwreck that carried down to watery graves than 1500 souls, this was quite an uplifting book I am not kidding.The firsthand accounts were all shaded with the bravery and nobility of the first class men Astor, Strauss, Thayer, Widener and, to a much lesser extent, Guggenheim being men and behaving themselves Also, all accounts mentioned how calm it was, even at the very end This reader has a problem with that I understand this account was written almost directly after the sinking, in a post Victorian but pre Great War world, where dignity and restraint still ruled the day, but when that moment arrives and the death knell sounds, humanity fights to survive We are, at our core, animals So, I m sorry but when that ship started to plunge into the sea, the instinct to survive kicked in and the scene was far from calm I digress As usual The prose in this book was lovely and grand as were the period illustrations There were a few photographs The two most interesting things for me, someone who is a history geek and has read a lot about the Titanic, were at the very end of the book The first was King George s condolence message to President Taft and the American people and Taft s response back I had never seen or read these before The other was that, unlike almost every other Titanic book I have read, the list of passengers at the end of the book WERE NOT the survivors The list was a list of the dead Recommended, but only if you are a history buff of the early 20th century, pre Great War variety.

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    This month being the 101 year anniversary of this disaster I thought I would read a book to commemorate the tragedy I don t know that this would be a book for everyone, but I found it interesting in that it was not a novel, but actual accounts of what survivors remembered of that catastrophic night Here is one example Emile Portaluppi of Aricgabo, Italy escaped death when the Titanic went down Portaluppi, a second class passenger, was awakened by the explosion of one of the boilers of the ship He hurried to the deck, strapped a life preserver around him and leaped into the sea With the aid of the preserver and by holding to a cake of ice he managed to keep afloat until one of the lifeboats picked him up There were thirty five other people in the boat when he was hauled aboard pg 206 This book was so interesting to me as a piece of history, it being written right after the disaster in 1912 After all these years much has been found out about the Titanic In 1985 the ship was found on the bottom of the ocean floor and they were able to piece together information about why the Ship sank If you are a history buff and like reading things about the Titanic, and haven t read this account, I think you would like it.This book is part of my personal library.

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    This book was a definite eye opener We ve all seen the movie I happen to love the movie and will openly admit that , but we all also know that the movie is just a glorification This book has stories told by the people that were actually on the ship and their experiences It honestly felt good to read about how chivalrous the men were when their life was also hanging on the line This book made me want to cry several times for several different reasons I felt happy by how kind men are capable of being in stressful times and how some of the women were so dedicated to their men that they absolutely refused to leave their husbands behind and stayed on the ship by choice I also was really sad and sympathetic towards those who just absolutely lost everything they had in the world Another thing that was interesting was the stories about how the world reacted after the ship sank There was a trial, there were fundraisers, etc Things that the movie doesn t even touch on and I never thought to consider Nowadays after a tragedy we have benefits, but I never considered that they would also do this in the 1900s.An entertaining read definitely, but depressing at times.

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