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    This book, as the title indicates, is intended to inform the reader of the post shipwreck lives of what are presumably the survivors most worthy of note The problem with writing a tale of this nature is that the most interesting people perished with the ship the survivors were mostly first class passengers, and the bulk of these were women and children There is really little to commend these people to anyone the children are blameless, of course, and the women for the most part were passive creatures herded onto the lifeboats by the men on the ship Of the men who made it into the lifeboats it could fairly be said that many were cowardly, or at least occupying a seat that could have been used by a child It is noted that many of the upper crust pulled away right heartily in lifeboats that were not even close to being at capacity, ignoring the cries of their fellow passengers who were perishing in the cold waters close by.The author makes an interesting point when he reveals that males of British heritage were most likely to perish in the wreck, this because of their upbringing, their willingness to patiently form queues, and their reverence for the British code of ethics that required the manly man to ensure the safety of women and children before looking to their own security Several references are made to instances where a father would escort his wife and child to a boat and, having seen them safely aboard, turned to join the press of men awaiting their doom upon the deck Compare that to the German gentleman who actually injured a woman by jumping on her as she sat in a lifeboat Proportionately higher numbers of American and continental European males survived than did their English counterparts It would be interesting to see how this would play out todayI can envision little old ladies brained by skateboards and trampled by the baggy pants crowdbut perhaps I have a jaded view of humanity My point is that the most interesting passengers, the most gallant and courageous, went down with the ship and consequently left no story to tell.Of the survivors, Mr Wilson takes a number of the most newsworthy and details how their experiences during and subsequent to the sinking affected their lives after they were safely ashore I won t spoil the book by elaborating, but I will tell you that the book is nicely written and thoroughly researched Definitely worth a read.

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    I saw this book listed in Entertainment Weekly It is one of a slew of books put out to commemorate the 100 year anniversary of the sinking of the Titanic I have read many books on the subject, the most recent being the fictional book The Dressmaker The thing that I really liked about this book was how it covered the lives of people after they were rescued I knew quite a bit about who was on Titanic but not too much much about how the sinking affected their lives after As it turns out people s bodies may have been rescued but a lot of them had their souls go down in the north Atlantic.Eighteen year old Madeleine was on her honeymoon with the richest man on ship, John Jacob Astor She made into the lifeboat without her husband and although she survived the sinking she seemed doomed to live in the shadow of the disaster Her story proves the old saying that money cannot buy happiness although she certainly tried with the purchase of a boy toy husband Her marriages read like a Dominick Dunne novel It all ended very sadly for her at the young age of 47.Survivors Lady Duff Gordon and her husband Cosmo are also profiled Cosmo was reviled for having made it into a lifeboat when so many women and children perished It was even rud that the couple paid the crew in their lifeboat to not go back for the dying people in the water I wanted to read a factual account of them because I had read Kate Alcott s new book The Dressmaker where they feature prominently I can t say that either book painted a particularly flattering portrait of them although this book provided a complete picture What was really strange was the story of Lady Duff s kimono that she wore on the night of the sinking Fascinating stuff.Speaking of reviled, Bruce Ismay embarked from the Carpathia as arguably the most hated man in the world and strangely he seemed to like it that way People rested the blame of the sinking of the Titanic squarely on his soldiers and were quite upset that he did not go down with the ship as so many husbands and fathers did He continued a regiment of self punishment that would last the rest of his life.One thing I found very surprising from this book was that ten survivors committed suicide You would think that having cheated death they would embrace living but some of them chose to end their lives People didn t understand post traumatic stress or counseling and therapy as is the norm today Some survivors chose to never speak of the disaster and instead locked it inside of them where it ate at them like a cancer Other survivors like Eva hart and Millvina Dean, young children when the Titanic sunk, chose to embrace the notoriety that came with the title of survivor When the wreck of the Titanic was located by Robert Ballard in 1985 it renewed interest in the story again and the last two survivors were called upon to relate their stories countless times A rivalry sprung up between Eva and Millvina as to who was the ultimate authority Ultimately Millivina outlasted Eva and when she passed in 2009 the last living link to the direct survivors Titanic was severed.I recommend this book to anyone who wants to learn about the people on the Titanic and what life was like for the survivors If you were a man who survived it seemed to be much better for you if you tried to go down with the ship and somehow found your way to a boat once you were in the water like seventeen year old Jack Thayer as opposed to actually seating yourself in a lifeboat like Cosmo Duff and Bruce Ismay Either way the survivors were haunted by what they saw and heard the night the Titanic sunk and they carried the memories like a weight for the rest of their lives This is a fascinating book perfect for the hundred year anniversary of the disaster.

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    I have to say I was a little bit disappointed in this book While I definitely enjoyed it, and some of the survivors stories were amazing, I felt the writing was a bit flowery in spots and the author linked everything that subsequently happened the survivors and every decision they made in their lives to the sinking of Titanic If they made a bad decision in their lives or ended up with an unsuitable partner then according to the author, it was because they were subconsiously punishing themselves for surviving Titanic when so many died Maybe, or maybe people just make bad choices sometimes, regardless of whether they survived a tragedy or not I also found the writing repetitive in parts.That said, it is an enjoyable read, some of the survivors went on to suffer extraordinary fates, truth really can be stranger than fiction I especially enjoyed the story of J Bruce Ismay, he is portrayed here sympathetically than a lot of works and comes across as quite a pitiful character.

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    This is both a fascinating and emotional read.Just the introduction alone had me crying I will confess.The chapters after that follow the lives of several survivors, telling not only about the sinking and what came after, but also telling about the lives these people had before the Titanic.It s amazing and sad to read about how the sinking of the Titanic changed the lives of these survivors mostly for the worst although some found strength and even love and how even years later they still can t shake lose from this one monumental moment.What surprised me is how turbulent the lives of most of these survivors were As if the sinking of the Titanic is some kind of catalyst that pushes the lives of these people from the mundane into tragedy And then there are those who would have lived turbulent lives anyway, with or without the Titanic It s clear with these people that their character and their view on life helped them to survive the sinking Although this is not a happy book, it s not all grim I must say I even had to chuckle at times, especially when reading about the rivalry between the last couple of Titanic survivors.I will confess I love this book As emotional as it is, it is a fascinating and interesting read, an almost bizarre view into human behavior, and it will most certainly get a place on my reread shelves.

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    I ve said before that I read anyhting to do with the Titanic and this book was so good.We all know that the Titanic sank on the 15th April 1912, we know that 1,500 men, women and children died that night, but what we don t really know is what happened to the survivors after the ship sank.This is one thing I ve always been interested in, peoples lives afterward and they re not really happy stories.A tremendous amount of people refused to speak of the Titanic ever again, some people ended up killing themselves, others ended up in mental institutions and some who suffered mentally for the rest of their lives.Some people lost all their possessions and were left with nothing but the clothes on their backs, some wrote books about the sinking and some appeared in movies about the ship.There were some people who used the tragedy as their turn to shine in the spotlight, but it wasn t all doom and gloom some people after losing their respective others found love with other survivors on the ship.But it all comes down to this the Titanic was one of the biggest tragedies the world has ever seen, and a lot of survivors lives became tragedies as well after the sinking, but perhaps that s why the world is still so intrigued with the Titanic nearly one hundred years later.

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    Oh, look, another Titanic book But my attraction to this one was a little bit different than my usual fascination with the sinking of the Titanic Shadows of the Titanic focuses far on the aftermath of the sinking what happened to the passengers, and how their experiences on the Titanic influenced the rest of their lives.Each chapter focuses on one survivor from the high profile Madeleine Astor and the controversial Duff Gordon s through to lesser known survivors and examines their lives before and after the Titanic There was a little touching base as to what happened during the sinking and in the immediate aftermath, but the majority of the focus was on their lives after the Titanic whether happy, sad or even controversial.Although there were several people that I didn t really feel much empathy with, there were other stories that I found incredibly heartbreaking, and Andrew Wilson brings their stories alive without resorting to a whole lot of dry facts which are the common danger in non fiction.Shadows of the Titanic also touches on the public reaction to the Titanic and the attention that the last survivors received in their public lives which really helped reiterate just how many people are fascinated by Titanic and the survivors themselves.One thing that I found slightly lacking was the focus on the average passengers, and that may be simply because their stories were either not as accessible, or not as glamorous, but I would have loved to know a little less about some of the famous survivors, and about the people that are rarely discussed the people that lost everything and had to start again from scratch.I ll probably never completely get over my fascination with Titanic, but Shadows of the Titanic left me feeling that I knew much about the passengers and how the disaster changed their lives If you have an interest in the passengers of the Titanic and how it affected them in the long term, Shadows of the Titanic is definitely a great choice.

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    I think this book suffers on two points One, unfortunately, is the writing It s soppy and overly romantic at one point, Madeleine Astor s life is described as being too far fetched for even fiction of the lowest kind That sounded really dated to me what exactly is fiction of the lowest kind Quite frankly, this book could probably rightly be described as nonfiction of the lowest kind I understand the premise of the book what happened after the Titanic sailed but I think there in lies some of the problems with the writing it has to be well written enough so that you cared about the characters That leads to the second point that the point of reference for all of these people is their adventures on the Titanic, and the further you get away from that event, the normal and less interesting their lives become at least in this book A better writer may have been able to weave a narrative that connects past present and future in a interesting and profound way But this seemed like the sea after the ship sank a bunch of stuff all floating in the water An opportunistic bunch of stuff as well, seeing that this is the 100th anniversary of the sinking There is definitely some new stuff to learn here for Titanic buffs, but I m not sure it s worth the trip.

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    Shadow of the Titanic written by Andrew Wilson and published in 2011 by Atria Books, a division of Simon Schuster Wilson writes, It s been said that the name Titanic is the third most widely recognized word in the world, after God and Coca Cola I know I ve always been fascinated with the sinking of the great ship and I was impressed with the details Wilson was able to assemble in this book He briefly summarizes the tragedy which occurred 15 April 1912, but the main focus is stories of the survivors In the days following the arrival of the Carpathia in New York, it became obvious that one s chance of surviving the Titanic had depended largely on which class one came from Women and children predominated among the survivors, and quite often men who lived were subject to much castigation His survival meant that he had most certainly sinned against the natural order of the Edwardian age The stories vary, but all the survivors were greatly affected, many were plagued by mental illness for the rest of their lives Today they all would have been put into therapy sessions right away Although the last survivor died in 2009, this horrible event has an essential place in history, and I appreciated Wilson s tales of those who lived to tell them.

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    Although this book has been described as riveting its almost a little too much so The author gets very excited at times and its not even over the history of the story It s in a tabloid trash sort of way Its a brilliant piece of work on the information and factual side , lots of detail and stories of the survivors It seems though its largely based on some judgemental opinions of his own Some survivors he clearly admired some mere footnotes , some were promiscuous or cowardly Easy enough to judge when youre sat on dry land and not constricted by Edwardian society or facing certain death Great book for insights into what the survivors did next but I ve taken it with a pinch of salt.

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    This was an interesting collection of stories and impressive amount of research into the survivor s lives I enjoyed the different side of things in respect to their stories being shared rather than the facts of the sinking itself.

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