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LIFE Titanic quotes LIFE Titanic , litcharts LIFE Titanic , symbolism LIFE Titanic , summary shmoop LIFE Titanic , LIFE Titanic f04185f9 One Hundred Years Ago, A Ship Thought To Be Indestructible Suffered The Ill Fate To Strike An Iceberg During Its Maiden Voyage Across The North Atlantic The Unthinkable Occurred, And The Titanic Went To The Bottom What Happened On That Cold And Inky Night Has Haunted And Entranced Us Ever Since Goodness Knows, There Have Been Other Disasters Far Too Many Disasters But As The Initial Reception To Titanic, The Most Popular Movie Ever, Just Now Being Re Released In D, Proves There Has Never Been A Disaster That So Captivates The Human Imagination As That Of The Sinking Of The Titanic Now, On The Th Anniversary Of The Night To Remember, LIFE Revisits This Awesome Human Drama Heroism Is Involved, And Hubris Romance And Recrimination A Thousand Stories Spiraling Outward And All Of Them Told In This Commemorative LIFE Book, In Words And PicturesThis Oversized, Deluxe Book Is Visually Splendid And Exciting On Every Page It Includes Archival Photography, Past Reporting In LIFE And The Modern Day Explorations Of Robert Ballard And Others That Inspired The James Cameron Film The Book Will Include A Special Section On The New D Treatment Of The Classic Movie, Just Now Being Released We Return To First Person Accounts, And The Words Of The Survivors Are Brought To Life With Many Small Stories From Steerage Told As Well As The Large, Well Known Drama From Above Decks The Book Will Also Include Interstitial Chapters To Lend Context, Such As A History Of Famous Shipwrecks, And Where The Titanic Fits In The Grand PictureAt The End Of The Story, The Fact We Entered With Is Inescapable The Titanic Tragedy Is The One We Care About, And Need To Revisit

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    The combination of pictures and text made this a fun read for Titanic buffs I learned a lot of new things I had not known before.

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    If you are a Titanic buff then you need to buy this one ASAP I have been researching Titanic for at least 15 years and there were photos in here that I have never before seen I am also glad to finally find a single work concerning Titanic that has let go of that ridiculous grudge that s been held over Ismay for far too long while at the same time glorifies Thomas Andrews In one section it showed them both side by side with the heading, Sinner and Saint while the article shows arguments for why Ismay was no villain for surviving any than Andrews was a saint for going down with the ship It s about time somebody put that in perspective Maybe someday Ismay can finally rest in peace I m no Ismay fan per sae but I just can t stand it whenever it looks like the whole world has turned against ONE person the way the general public did on Ismay.Okay, enough soap box Another reason you should read this is that so often, especially where the 1500 victims are concerned, the Titanic story ends with the sinking But that s one gem in this beautiful collectible You get to see through articles and photographs the extreme outpourings of charity from a multitude of communities, from Paris, England, Ireland, the States you see not only that but funeral processions for J.J Astor and also the overcrowded 30,000 patrons for band leader, Wallace Hartley s funeral That latter photograph took my breath away, let me tell you It was so overcrowded with funeral marchers if there was an empty hearse his body was never found then there was no way I could make it out in that huge mass of people Seriously, you should get this even if your interest in Titanic is just a passing one it s a beautiful keepsake You ll be glad you did.

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    To be completely honest, I found the writing to be sloppy There were poorly constructed, cluttered sentences, questionable uses of parenthesis, and some of the words chosen to describe passengers seemed a little unprofessional I found this last bit to be extremely odd considering the book seems to make a concerted effort to paint most of the passengers in a neutral light for instance, the oft maligned Ismay is presented quite a bit nicer than almost any other book on the Titanic one can find And Andrews, usually portrayed as a noble, quiet hero, is described with the same odd neutrality There is a bit of speculation presented in the book as well That being said, one of my favorite bits of the book were the profiles of passengers on the Titanic Men, women and children of eery economic station are represented in the book There are also some interesting bits about what happened AFTER the Carpathia arrived at the scene of the accident in many books I have read, the story stops there This book includes details of the Titanic cemeteries which I did not know existed , and even some pictures from the wreckage I had not seen before All in all, I thought the book was pretty enjoyable, but I felt that it could have used a little extra editing before it went to print.

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    So the Titanic s 100th anniversary has come, and it is a wonder to see how much people are still interested in it This is actually the first Titanic book I bought I think it was a pretty good way for me to start This book has fueled my interest in learning about the Titanic I know that I ll be buying books about it in the future.I liked looking at the pictures The Titanic was indeed a grand ship It really is a shame to what happened to it The text in this book seemed very simple and easy to understand I noticed that it mentioned James Cameron s film quite a lot P I particularly liked reading about the survivors and the victims All the survivors have passed away Proof that it has been that long since the Titanic sank I pray for the souls of the victims who suffered in that tragedy a century ago.

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    Get this for the pictures There were some very intriguing shots that I have never seen before of the crew and the boiler room that were really interesting and, so far in my reading, unique to this publication I am not a fan of the text The text of the book was flip and glib and silly in places Also, some of the photos in this book are from the Olympic After seeing the children s book Titanic Sinks pulling off gorgeous pictures of just the ship in question, I must admit that seeing a book published in 2012 still featuring photos of another ship is a turn off of sorts If you are a Titanic dork like me I bought A Night to Remember in the fourth grade That would be 1991, for those of you keeping score this has some intriguing enough aspects to warrant a place on your shelf.

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    I have about a dozen LIFE magazines and books, mostly about American cinema, stars and starlets, but this is by far the most haunting of the collection The photography is, as always, remarkable but it is the individual stories it tells stories that have been forgotten behind the fictional Jack and Rose that bring the ghosts to life.

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    An up to date, and pictorial view of the ill fated ship Full of stories of the ship, the passengers, and the legacy of the great ship.

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    The writing is terrible and will never stand the test of time Unfortunate and lazy.

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