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    The overall effect of this book or the 100 pages of it I read before deciding there were other books that needed reading and this one wasn t worth the effort is a bit like reading one of those history articles in the UK s Daily Mail, or maybe our very own Chicago Tribune except that s being a bit unfair to the Trib Davenport Hines covers the Titanic passengers from the shipowners down to the lower classes in breezy, anecdotal swathes of purple prose larded with adjectives and sprinkled with facts that, although interesting in themselves, begin to resemble a box of chocolates too many at a time and you start getting nauseous.This is a great book for those who like to gasp, titter and goggle along with the author at the sheer variety of life represented on the Titanic I might also grab it if I were researching for a little preliminary inspiration, because there are some interesting quotes from a huge range of sources including literary, but alas, the lack of a bibliography reduces its usefulness as a source.I note that the front cover blurb is fulsome praise from Julian Fellowes of Downton Abbey fame, and there is some sort of family resemblance between this book and Fellowes rather lame Titanic miniseries They both lacked solidity.

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    This is a wonderful addition to the many books about Titanic and its fateful maiden voyage The emphasis is on the passangers and crew which sailed on it and what their experiences would have been and how they differed There is a lot of information on the stratified and class conscious society at that time I was interested to learn that US immigration laws stipulated passengers of different classes must be separated on liners by locked metal barriers to stop the spread of contagion Also, that it was considered very bad manners to go and look round lower class decks onboard liners slumming expeditions , which many first class passengers did when crossing the Atlantic as though studying another form of life Information on the experience which greeted third class and steerage passengers at Ellis Island was also very illuminating and stories of those emigrating to America to find a better life often extremely touching.Titanic was supposed to bring a new era to Atlantic crossing and passengers often claimed, You would never imagine you were on board a ship On board the largest ship in the world it was easy to forget the power of the ocean This fascinating book looks at the people who were responsible for building Titanic and where it was built The general idea was to build ships which replicated the amenities the rich expected of luxury hotels Lifeboats were, apparently, discussed for five or ten minutes during a meeting, but it is worth pointing out that Titanic was no worse than other liners and that they fulfilled all the regulations of the day For passengers, steam travel was both quicker and safer.On board Titanic were a huge number of rich and influential passengers, including John Jacob Astor IV and Benjamin Guggenheim First class passengers often cancelled and booked last minute in their constant breathless rush across continents , which is likened to, the same scene in a new setting Once on board, the author discusses all the pleasures and activities they could have indulged in There is also detailed information on both Second class, with its clergymen, shopkeepers, chauffeurs, teachers and engineers Third class is also looked at in depth, as are the officers and crew on board The stories about the passengers are often unbearably sad On Titanic were professional gamblers, missionaries, adulterers, a child kidnapper, millionaires, farmers and economic migrants from many parts of the world, all with a story to tell.As the book nears its conclusion you almost hope for another ending, but obviously that is not to be The collision and the sinking of Titanic are recounted with emphasis on the personal stories Titanic s doom aroused malicious satisfaction as well as horror It was packed with millionaires,who aroused envy and migrants,who aroused contempt Not everyone wished to die like English gentlemen or treat death like an awfully big adventure Captain Smith whose grandson was my old geography teacher at school and who so resembled his grandfather it was like seeing him appear in the pictures of this book was anxious to avoid panic and shaken by the knowledge that there were insufficient lifeboats Therefore passengers were often given mixed messages about how dangerous the situation was, with passengers often being told to return to their cabins, until water actually seeped under the doors.There are stories of immense bravery in this book and of men refusing places in the lifeboats No woman shall be left aboard this ship because Ben Guggenheim was a coward proclaimed the millionaire and certainly Guggenheim, Astor and Strauss were three prominent men who were proclaimed heroes, as was the ships band who courageously played on to stem panic, their story is told in The Band that Played On The Extraordinary Story of the 8 Musicians Who Went Down with the Titanic It is certainly true that men were allowed to board on one side of the ship and not the other and that men were excluded needlessly, even if there were spare places in the boats of which there were many not full to anything near capacity Young boys especially were considered as men I mentally cheered when Astor plunked a girls hat on an eleven year old boys head and thrust him into a boat The true tragedy were the tales of tiny bodies recovered from the sea and nearly half the children on board lost, although gender was statistically important than class in surviving the disaster.Lastly, the book looks at the aftermath of the tragedy How some were called heroes and others, including Bruce Ismay and the Duff Coopers, made scapegoats read How to Survive the Titanic or The Sinking of J Bruce Ismay for the hapless Ismay s story There was a thrill at the heroism and self sacrifice , but undoubtedly men had survived and women had died, along with children National mourning ensued, especially in New York, Paris, London and Southampton, where many of the crew lived Overall, this is an extremely interesting and very moving read, which gives great detail on how people lived and travelled during the time of Titanic and of the lust for speed which caused ships to take risks, as well as the mistaken belief that the liners were so huge and powerful they were invulnerable to nature If anything good came from this terrible tragedy, it was a change to safer sea routes and laws demanding every ship had enough life boats for all passengers and crew Excellent read and highly recommended.

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    2.5 stars For me, this book just didn t live up to its title I was under the impression I would be getting to know some of these travelers a little intimately know them and the details of their stories and lives better However, the author chose to focus on facts and numbers even though he said in the beginning it wasn t that type of book and gave a mere gloss to the many, many names in the traveling classes and from White Star and Belfast I understand this ship held over 2,000 people One cannot expect to know them all But the author would just begin to touch on one person before jumping right to the next and I felt very little context or connection Oh well, there s always another Titanic book out there Favorite quotes Officers and crew deceived the passengers in order to avoid panic and perhaps to protect themselves from full realization of their predicament Journalists everywhere transmuted the dead the captain, the bandsmen, Ida Straus, Phillips the Marconi operator into legendary creatures They ended up duped by their own sentimental inventions and weepy over sob stories that they had concocted.

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    Voyagers of the Titanic starts slow, but the deliberateness of the author in telling his story thoroughly is worth the wait, until the build up to the actual sinking of the Titanic Davenport Hines chose to profile passengers from First, Second, and Third class, and along with biographic information, he included interesting trivia about each person, such as the various breeds of dogs they had on board Suffice it to say that First Class passengers possessed wealth and privilege beyond belief, Second Class were also well to do but down to earth , and Third class contended with destitute poverty and unimaginable personal tragedies There was also an immense amount of talent assembled on the ship, and who is to say what the world lost with the deaths of these 1,517 people What effected me most profoundly was the description of the sinking, and how the passengers and crew reacted on all three levels of the ship, before and after the ship went down, and after the rescue I was actually on the edge of my seat reading the amazing depiction of the sinking, almost as if I had never heard about the Titanic s sad story.

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    La nave affondaMi stato proposto da un amico che fa lo storico e mi aspettavo un saggio sull immigrazione negli USA Mi ha sempre affascinato la complessit etnica e culturale che in tre secoli si trasformata nell attuale popolazione degli Stati Uniti In realt la lettura non ha soddisfatto le mie aspettative e dopo essermi annoiata nel leggere le storie degli armatori ho deciso di rinunciare Un libro che parlava di emigrazione negli USA con toni molto pi interessanti e attenti alle vite della gente minuta La vista da Castle Rock, di Alice Munro splendida lettura.

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    Even though I ve been reading and learning about Titanic for than a decade, there is still a lot of information that I have yet to discover Therefore I am very happy I read this book.

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    This book was a great disappointment as I had seen reviews praising his research Those reviews were correct his research is extensive but that is where things end It apparently, that he didn t know how to pare down his research to write a compelling This book is an laundry list of the people on board with snippets of their lives before and sometimes after Titanic He has divided the book into chapters by classes The chapter on the first class is the most fleshed out as of we know the most of about these individuals The remaining chapters about the passengers become and list like and less information By the time, I read the steerage section of the book, my mind was reeling with information and I could no longer keep track of who was who as he lists the names of individuals, where they came from, and sometimes if they survived The names all begin to flow together This is the same with the loading of the lifeboats It is a list of who ends up where There are some interesting information about why the life boats where launched half full that I had never read Overall, this book needed a very good editor that could have helped the author pare down his research to make compiling stores of the different classes.

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    This book is all around enriching, enlightening and bursting with Titanic information Of all the books I ve read on the subject, this one ranks 2 right under Walter Lord s classic account s The author of Voyagers of the Titanic has outlined the chapters by subjects In one chapter, you can read about the about the lives of the ship owners, in another, read about the ship builders Then comes an entire chapter devoted to the First Class passengers, then everything you want to know about Second Class and Third.The quality of the imagination is amazing and it keeps a person intrigued for Oh, the little things I learned about Bruce Ismay Lord Pirrie Before, they were just names in the Titanic story, but now I understand much about them, what their personalities were like, etc And who knew that Milton Hershey aka the creator of Hershey chocolate was planning to travel on the Titanic but canceled Seriously, this book is now a favorite of mine I would greatly encourage any maritime enthusiast to read it, because these pages have volumes packed into them

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    This an excellent work, with some fascinating stories about those who sailed and worked on Titanic It s a book to refer to again and again, because of the numerous facts and anecdotal details which litter its pages The chapters on migrants and imported Americans were a little dry but overall, I d definitely recommend it.

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    The book read like my high school history text After 100 pages, I began skimming and then searching for a passage or chapter that might make me want to continue I could hear the pile of books waiting to be read calling to me I heard the call of my vacuum begging to be run and the toilets awaiting to be cleaned Davenport Hines is a historian but lacks compelling writing skills.

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Voyagers of the Titanic download Voyagers of the Titanic , read online Voyagers of the Titanic , kindle ebook Voyagers of the Titanic , Voyagers of the Titanic 9ee64ee2056d An Astonishing Work Julian Fellowes, Creator And Executive Producer Of Downton Abbey A Book Well Worthy Of Marking The Centenary Of The Crystal Clear Night When The Immense Ship Slid To Her Terrible Doom Simon Winchester, New York Times Bestselling Author Of The Professor And The MadmanIt Has Been One Hundred Years Since The Sinking Of The Passenger Liner Titanic In The North Atlantic, Yet Worldwide Fascination With The Epic Tragedy Remains As Strong As Ever With Voyagers Of The Titanic, Richard Davenport Hines Gives Us A Magnificent History Of The People Intimately Connected With The Infamous Ship From Deal Makers And Industry Giants, Like JP Morgan, Who Built And Operated It To Molly Brown, John Jacob Astor IV, And Other Glittering Aristocrats Who Occupied Its First Class Cabins To The Men And Women Traveling Below Decks Hoping To Find A Better Life In America Commemorating The Centennial Anniversary Of The Great Disaster, Voyagers Of The Titanic Offers A Fascinating, Uniquely Original View Of One Of The Most Momentous Catastrophes Of The Th Century