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Devils and Dreamers quotes Devils and Dreamers , litcharts Devils and Dreamers , symbolism Devils and Dreamers , summary shmoop Devils and Dreamers , Devils and Dreamers 161e0cca Railen Vost Had Been Beaten But She Had Never Been Whipped Life In Pukking, Mississippi Was Never Sheltered, Though Justin Thomas And Jesse Higgins Had Done Their Best By The Power Of Pride, Railen Built A Dream For Herself And It Was Pukking Grand, For A Moment Now, Jesse Is Dead, A Voice That Haunts Railen Justin Is Married To Another, Father To Twin Boys And The Only Detective On The Pukking Police Force, A Face She Only Sees In Crisis A Face That Begins To Fade The Moment Sam Macky Walks Into Her LifeWith The Year Old Case Of Jesse Higgins Murder And His Wife S Shifting Behavior, Railen Vost S Safety Was The Least Of Justin S Worries, Until She Becomes Involved With Two Investigations, A Legendary Playboy And An Escalating String Of Threats A Madman S Path To Railen S Door Is Marked In The Blood Of Pukking S Citizens, Reminding Justin Of His Failure To Convict Jesse S Killer, Reminding His Wife How Far He Would Go To Keep Railen Safe The Madman Keeps Coming, Growing Bolder By The Second He Proclaims Himself Master, Solidifying His Authority With Every Crack Of The Whip And Every No Win Proposition Caught In A Devil S Game Of Sin, The Only Choice Is Between Railen S Life And Her Soul Take A Ride Through Pukking, Where The Devils Are Human, The Dreamer Is Prey And Sanity Is Optional

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