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Double Crossing summary Double Crossing , series Double Crossing , book Double Crossing , pdf Double Crossing , Double Crossing 765860ed06 A Murder Arranged As A Suicide A Missing Deed And A Bereft Daughter Whose Sheltered World Is Shattered August, Lily Granville Is Stunned By Her Father S Murder Only One Other Person Knows About A Valuable California Gold Mine Deed Both Are Now Missing Lily Heads West On The Newly Opened Transcontinental Railroad, Determined To Track The Killer She Soon Realizes She Is No Longer The Hunter But The PreyAs Things Progress From Bad To Worse, Lily Is Uncertain Who To Trust The China Bound Missionary Who Wants To Marry Her, Or The Wandering Texan Who Offers To Protect Her For A Price Will Lily Survive The Journey And Unexpected Betrayal WINNER Of The BEST FIRST NOVEL Spur Award From Western Writers Of America AND A FINALIST For The USA BOOK NEWS Awards For Fiction Western

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    There was a time, long, long ago, when I would devour historicals like candy Then I got bored Probably because it felt like I had read damned near every plot imaginable So to say that I was surprised at how quickly I got sucked into this one is an understatement This one is like taking all the best things about a former love, combining it with all the best things about a new love and then adding a dash of adventure and intrigue Don t be fooled this is not your standard historical.Lily has been raised well off She has never had to want for much of anything and has been spoiled by doting parents This is not to say that she is a spoiled brat I only point this out because it makes her behavior later that much courageous This is also not to say that she hasn t known heartache Her mother died when she was younger and her father was off fighting in the Civil War All of this only brings Lily and her father closer and they are friends as well as father daughter When Lily s father is murdered in such a way to make it appear as a suicide, Lily knows immediately that this is not the case After a couple of days in which Lily is lost in a haze of grief, she becomes determined to see her father s killer brought to justice This sets Lily on a path that will take her across the country in a setting that is rarely seen in a historical romance to the extent that Ms Mims gives us.Set during the time less than six months after the Golden Spike Ceremony that connected the Central Pacific and Union Pacific railroads, the unique thing about this novel is that the majority of it takes place on a train The author does an excellent job in describing not only the railroad cars and what you could expect to experience on a trip with this new railroad but also the surroundings As you are reading you can visualize the views from the windows, the little towns or stations that pass by and the towns that the railroad stops in The sheer amount of research that had to be done to accomplish this is mind boggling.The characters are well developed and enjoyable Lily is the type of character that I really enjoy seeing in novels Despite her age, she is very spunky and determined Despite her fear of a killer, she refuses to back down from her goal She stands up to an overbearing aunt with admiral aplomb and, realizing that she only has herself to depend on, hires protection for herself She is intelligent, quick thinking and compassionate The protection she hires for herself comes in the form of Ace Diamond, a ruffian who almost literally falls in her lap While the motives, and character, of Mr Diamond remain somewhat elusive he shows himself to be loyal and quite capable of holding up his end of the bargain The secondary characters of the aunt and uncle, Lily s suitor Charles and her new friend Kate are each unique in their own individual ways, easily distinguishable from each other in personality, behavior and quirks.The plot is also well developed and the mystery and intrigue will keep you guessing throughout the novel and turning the pages in a hurry to see what happens next One might think that a train would be limiting in a suspense but given the limitations of the social restrictions of the time period and the fact that the main character is female it only adds to the story.My only complaint about Double Crossing would be that, for a romance, there really isn t much romance in it The tension between Ace and Lily could have been built up considerably and earlier on, which would have added quite a bit to the romantic portion of the story We also don t get the obvious happily ever after that romance novels are known for We only get a shadow of that The ending is a bit ambiguous and is unclear as to whether we are meant to imagine the future happy ending for ourselves or if it is being left open to a sequel.Overall, I really enjoyed this book the uniqueness of the setting, the vividness of the descriptions and the volume of research that it is obvious the author put into it all made the book come alive It kept me up well into the early morning hours, turning the pages, anxious to see what happened If you enjoy historicals, especially if you like new settings, you should check this one out.

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    Double Crossing is an excellent historical tale featuring murder, betrayal, and romance that spans across the United States Lily s father is murdered but it s been arranged to look like a suicide While dealing with the memorial arrangements, Lily s estranged and disowned aunt, Lady Sylvia and her husband, Sir Vaughn decide to make this event their homecoming Certain that the man she thinks murdered her father has stolen the deed to the mine owned by her father and her uncle, Lily, and her would be suitor Charles, embark on a train ride to California that is full of action and adventure She hires a protector by the name of Ace Diamond, who is anything but mannerly or virtuous He s a brawler, drinker, smoker, and classified a ruffian by Lily s aunt who, along with Sir Vaughn, join Lily on her trip out west Disaster seems to strike at every depot and throughout the entire trip Will Lily make it to California in time to stop the murderer from taking what is her family s or is the murderer trying to take her out before she gets there This novel is very exciting There isn t one dull moment throughout the entire book I was captivated immediately and the book kept my attention from cover to cover The story line was well thought out and solid The mystery surrounding the murder of Lily s father was well played and the most shocking betrayal comes from an unlikely character I enjoyed the fact that this novel is written in a time period of propriety women were modest and their physical attributes were left to the imagination of the men that were courting them unless you worked in a brothel, then all bets were off I m not a prude, don t get me wrong, I love a good sex scene or 30, but there s something to be said for a nice, clean, fun novel Lily was a very strong heroine She kept her wits about her regardless of the situations she encountered She was strong willed, not allowing anyone to sway her decisions She knew what she did and didn t want and stuck to her guns.Ace was tough as nails but his attitude slowly melted when it came to Lily She had her doubts about Ace and her level of trust in him was tested time and time again but he passed each test with flying colors I loved the chemistry and sparks between Ace and Lily It wasn t over the top nor was it nearly non existent The secondary characters, Kate, Charles, Lady Sylvia, and Sir Vaughn were cleverly written each one s position in the story was clearly defined at their due times They were key players and were vital in the development of the entire novel.Everything about Double Crossing worked for me as a reader and as a reviewer Book provided by tour company in exchange for an honest review.

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    Fast paced and thrilling to read The history angle is so well developed and researched that I found myself lost in the train from another century Even though Lily knew who the killer was there was still so much intrigue from other mysteries that the book kept moving There were so many smaller added details that made this book leap off the page A definite page turner as I had to finish it after I started made for a late night or early morning The minor characters, from her long lost aunt and uncle and her new found female friend are all developed to not overshadow the major characters, but enough to make us want to know It is classified as a historical romantic suspense, but I found much suspense than I did romancewhich because of the era the book is written in, it makes sense Plus I talked to the author and there will be a book 2so maybe the romance will pick up a little for Lily Meg Mims had originally written a Gone With The Wind esque type book about the transcontinental railroad and she was told to find the story in it I think she did that and very well

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    Hanging on the edge of your seat, non stop action A great first novel.

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    This little novel keeps the reader engaged from start to finish Great characters, a mystery, and a budding romance what could one ask for Can t wait for Meg s next book to be available

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    Historical Romance And Suspense That Will Leave You Wanting More A Western historical fiction and romance, mixed with plenty of suspense, murder and adventure, which had me hooked from the first page to the last.Lily is a girl ahead of her time Unlike many of her contemporaries she is educated in the ways of the world, intelligent, strong willed and self sufficient Qualities which have been instilled in her by a father she loves and whose good name she is determined to see restored after his sudden and violent death Traits which defy the traditions of the period, for a young lady with class and breeding should be obedient, ornamental, educated only in the finer arts and subservient to men in all things.Lily s character is vivid in detail and well defined, even to the point where she is forced to admit that she is not quite as au fait in the ways of the world as she has assumed herself to be and that she needs to seek help and advice when it is required She quickly learns that she needs to be discerning about who she can and cannot trust, but that trust and help needs to be given on her own terms Her judgement about Ace, her chosen and well paid protector, is called into question on than one occasion, however her intuitive decision that she can depend on him no matter what, turns out to be well founded and stands her in good stead against both family and friends, who would betray her Our independent heroine is certainly living outside of her time and must use all her wiles and skills to determine her ever growing feelings for her new protector and just how to deal with them.All of the characters, including those who only appear briefly, have been developed and portrayed in this same detailed way, affording them all the ability to draw the reader into the story, each with their own self centred and selfish motives, meaness of spirit and family values, greed and duplicity.Perhaps the surprise amongst the protagonists is Ace Diamond, the one person who would be assumed to be along for the ride, only for what gains he can amass for himself at Lily s expense Instead we see a man, yes a little rough around the edges, maybe short on temper, a little too quick with his fists and who definitely doesn t suffer fools gladly We also get than a glimpse of his inner control, sense of fairness, perceptiveness in his character analysis of those who would hurt or betray Lily, and his genuine growing affection for Lily, which appears to be a surprise even to himself and tests his control to its utmost limits.The plotline, whilst to some degree predictable, is well crafted, with plenty of unexpected twists and turns There is a good balance struck between romance and suspense, with the underlying romantic and sexual feelings which are growing between Lily and Ace, forming an integral, yet not overwhelming part of the story The emphasis manages to remain firmly centred around Lily s quest to find the one person she thinks may be able to help her track down the people who meted out such a cruel retribution on her father.The vastness, primeval beauty, changing scenery and vistas of a new and fledgling country are brought to life in clear and vivid detail, as we journey across the breadth of the country by train, from Lily s home in the prosperous and sophisticated Chicago of the Eastern Seabord to the wild, untamed territory of the Western Californian lands The prairie possessed a luminous glory all its own, mesmerizing and free, unashamed of its naked grassland Whilst this episode of Lily s quest reaches a natural, if slightly unexpected conclusion, with the storyline drawing to an unhurried climax, we are still left to wonder what is to become of Lily s personal and romantic future and thus Meg has gently paved the way for a sequel, no doubt rich with the promise of what is to come with Lily s impending maturity, and which, I understand, is well underway as I write this post.

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    Author Meg Mims describes her historical Western mystery adventure, Double Crossing, as a sort of True Grit on a train It s an apt description, with a determined heroine, Lily Granville, setting out from Chicago in 1869 to track down her father s murderer and hiring an unknown tough guy, the Texan Ace Diamond, to help and protect her The deed for a California quicksilver mine has also gone missing, with neither the killer nor Lily knowing where it is, and presumably the mine s ownership is the motive for the murder.To thwart the plan, Lily boards the newly completed First Transcontinental Railroad to join her uncle, now her legal guardian, in Sacramento The train serves as the story backdrop, with the dangers of wilderness travel heightened by the killer s ongoing attempts to locate that deed as no one seems to believe that Lily doesn t have it hidden away in her luggage or corset Lily must also learn to work with and trust her former Confederate cavalry protector, a task Diamond does little to assist Double Crossing is a classy debut for Mims Although the mystery is a hair too simple, the adventure plotline is well drawn, with twists and turns like a mountain railroad, and the characters are a crafted balance of believable, historically accurate, and sympathetic Mims treats the setting as an extra character, with well crafted descriptions of actual places that are accurate to the time period Her writing is elegant and easy to read, a testament to her MA degree from Seton Hill University s excellent Writing Popular Fiction program No, I m not biased The interspersed Bible verses and inspirational elements are historically accurate, help define the characters, and enhance the plotline.The romance is kept out of center stage and enough plot elements remain unanswered at story s end to assure this reviewer that a series, or at least a sequel, is in the works With most current historical mystery series confined to the Regency or Victorian England, and with the current tendency to ignore historical elements that don t fit the author s agenda, an accurate series set in the American West is a welcome addition.Normally this reviewer would not assign a five star rating to a mystery that I solved, but here mitigating circumstances include a the book s high quality, with the usual grammatical lapses and substituted words kept to a bare minimum, b the excellent adventure plotline, characters, and historical accuracy, and c the multiple mini mystery plot elements that I didn t solve, including the mine deed s hiding place The good easily outweighs the mystery s simplicity and overturns that rule.

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    Review by April Vivid historical fiction mixed with murder, suspense and a lovely dash of romance makes Double Crossing by Meg Mims an out of the ballpark hit.I have to admit that for me, Double Crossing is a bit different than the books that I normally read However, I was curious to give it a try and can honestly say that I would have missed out on an amazing book if I had not Author Meg Mims delivers a story that is not only amazingly vivid, clear and engrossing, but she takes readers into a another time and place with her details It truly never ceases to amaze me to read what life was like centuries ago for women They were to be looked after by a man or a chaperone and to become learned was out of the ordinary In short, women were to be obedient and or less a puppet of sorts The main character in Double Crossing, however, is nothing like this Lily Granville is an incredibly intelligent and strong willed woman, whose courage and perseverance is highly admirable When Lily s father is murdered, she happens to catch a glimpse of his murderers as they flee from the house It is her desire and heartfelt duty to find and confront the killer This, however, is anything but simple and Lily quickly learns that she can trust very few people.As I mentioned before, Meg Mims does an outstanding job in her descriptions As I crossed the countryside with Lily and her friends and unknown foes , I was thrilled to learn and read what the land once looked like The fact that peppermints and fruits were such an amazing treat made me stop and think how different things were in that time compared to now The way the lifestyle of that era was brought to life sucked me into the book deeply The majority of the story takes place on train and during its stops This was another aspect that I found interesting and fascinating The suspense was drawn out throughout Double Crossing perfectly and the blossoming romance between the bad boy , Ace who Lily hired to help her get to her destination and keep her safe , was enthralling I truly cannot think of a single aspect of this story that I would change It is perfect and wonderful The ending was also written in an excellent manner that leads the reader to believe that a sequel is on its way fingers crossed very tightly I highly recommend Double Crossing by Meg Mims to anyone looking for a superb story whether a lover of historical fiction or not

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    Meg loves to tell tell you of her love for True Grit the original book, the movie in 1969 and the recent version also and goes on to say how much it influenced her during the writing of Double Crossing In as much a lot of the action takes place on a train, I hear whispers of Agatha Christies Murder on the Orient Express._Make no mistake Ms Mims writing it tight, fast and a historical delight You ll find no historical info dump in Double Crossing Yet you cannot fail to realise how much research the author has done while creating Double Crossing and savour the way Ms Mims weaves the facts through her tale of murder, mystery and suspense with a skill that sometimes takes your breath away.By her own admission the author s heroine took her time in revealing her true character and strength Women in the middle 1800 s did not enjoy the independence women enjoy today, and while wilful, yet loving, upon her father s murder Lilly makes some life changing decisions, and in so doing puts her own life at risk.She has to decide who she can trust and whether she s made the right choice in Ace Diamond To quote the author I rolled Rooster and the Texas Ranger LaBoef into Ace Diamond, an ex Confederate cavalry soldier, poker player and wanderer Lilly and Ace dance an emotional fandango while avoiding their pursuers Will Lilly and Ace live long enough to reach their destination in California Of course they will, that s a given, but it is the conflicts and goals that the author sets out for her characters that will keep you turning the pages.If you enjoy a tightly written murder, mystery and suspense, then treat yourself to Meg Mims Double Crossing.If you enjoy American Western History, then don t forget to add this to your list of must have books.If you enjoy reading new and exciting authors, then Meg Mims is a must follow author.

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    The authorities are convinced Lily Granville s wealthy father committed suicide she s equally convinced he was murdered as part of a scheme to obtain control of a California gold mine Accompanied by a missionary who intends to overcome her misgivings and marry her, the strong willed socialite embarks on a cross country quest to find her uncle and the mine s missing deed Deceitful relatives, the late tycoon s attorney, and a rowdy Texan drifter along with nearly everyone else Lily meets as she wends her way westward on the new transcontinental railroad could be friend or foe Dare she trust anyone Double Crossing won the 2012 Spur Award for best first novel, and with good reason The level of historical detail is astonishing, but author Meg Mims establishes such a seamless atmosphere that the tale never bogs down under the weight of what must have been mountains of research If for no other reason, the story is entrancing for the virtual experience of riding the rails in 1869 But there are plenty of other reasons to enjoy Double Crossing With very few stumbles, Mims creates believable suspense by constantly shifting suspicion from one character to another, until everyone in sight looks guilty In fact, almost everyone is guilty of something, though perhaps not what readers might suspect at first glance Agatha Christie, eat your heart out Double Crossing is Murder on the Orient Express with western genre sensibilities and without Hercule Poirot s pompous interference Read this book The history lesson is enjoyable, the characters are mesmerizing, and the twists and turns in the plot are than worth the price of a Pullman ticket The sequel, Double or Nothing, bowed March 13 promising to plant Lily in the middle of another life or death caper.

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