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Drop Out summary Drop Out, series Drop Out, book Drop Out, pdf Drop Out, Drop Out a7eafd7356 Nathan Cruz Enjoyed The Perfect Life Until The Morning Of September Th Barely Surviving The Twin Towers Collapse He Loses Everyone He Loves In The Disaster Devastated, He Flees From Human Contact To Live In Isolation Aboard A Houseboat In The Florida Keys Years Pass, But His Crushing Grief Does Not Diminish With TimeForced To The Mainland By A Category Hurricane He Unwittingly Seeks Shelter In The Home Of Miriam Kanter, A Young Woman With Terminal Cancer Who Has Come To The Islands To Die Miriam S Unwavering Enthusiasm For Life Changes Everything Nathan Ever Thought About The Meaning And What May Lie Beyond She Gives Nathan The Answers He Needs To Mend The Fractures Of His Shattered World And Heal Wounds Cut Deep Into His Soul With The Clock Ticking Toward The End Of Miriam S Life, Nathan Never Figured The Perils He Would Face Knowing The Most Horrible Knowledge One Can KnowRead What Kindle Nation Daily Called The Sleeper Hit Of The Year What Kindle Fire Department Called, Riveting, Touching, And Deeply Heartwarming, A Book That Will Stay With You Forever

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    I enjoyed this very much How fitting to read it this week the week of 9 11 It was hard to put down following Nathan through the collapse of the Twin Towers and then adventures in the Florida Keys It will certainly put your own problems in perspective.

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    Wonderfully descriptive book, full of emotion and genuine feeling Explained the true horrors of 9 11 and its aftermath for one individual with startling clarity I came out of it feeling renewed

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    I was given a free copy of this book in exchange for an honest review This book draws the reader in from the very first page It s September 11, 2001 and Nathan Cruz is on an elevator in Tower 1 on his way to meet with his pregnant fianc e and their families for a celebratory breakfast When the building shakes and the elevator stops and begins filling with smoke, the passengers know they must get out They do, but unfortunately for Nathan, there s no way up to his loved ones and he is forced to evacuate the building, giving aid to all he can on the way When the building collapses, Nathan loses everyone he holds dear He survives and is deemed a hero, but suffers severe scars physically and psychologically Cut to ten years later Nathan now lives the life of a hermit on his boat in the Florida Keys When he once again loses everything he has, he meets an extraordinary young woman who will change his life forever Their short, but emotionally moving and tender relationship, reminds the reader of how precious our lives are and that in the limited time we have, we need to live every moment to the fullest I enjoyed this story very much and it was a wonderful reminder to never waste a day on what might have been.

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    Wow My literature professors always said that a novel is praiseworthy if it inspires in the reader strong emotions, and Neil Ostroff s Drop Out certainly does that I was, in turn, scared, horrified, revolted, depressed and warmed by this graphically depicted novel of disaster, tragedy, death and rebirth Drop Out opens with haunting, pictorial scenes from the World Trade Center bombing where our hero barely escapes the horrors of inexpressible gore and death, loses all his friends and family, and is left not only jaded and guilt ridden but unrecognizably disfigured to resume his lonely life He subsequently battles a vividly and realistically portrayed hurricane off the coast of Key West to meet a dying woman, whose innovating love and spirit reminds him that happiness isn t only for the beautiful or carefree, and ultimately cures his irremediable depression In this alarming novel, I confronted fear, revulsion, depression, loneliness, and mortality right along with the hero.Elly MichaelsAuthor For Love of a Causehttp www. dp B00DX6IV0E

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    I received this book in exchange for an honest review This book touched me in so many ways and on so many levels It makes you feel, and to me that is exactly what a book should do The story flowed well and the two main characters were very well developed for a novella It captured me from the first page and made me cry several times You will need a box of tissues It deals with so many issues, loss, love, compassion and faith We all need to have faith in something, don t we Having recently lost my Dad, I really needed this book It came to me at the perfect time, perhaps it was supposed to happen that way, you know A gift from someone special This book is a gift to read and experience If this book doesn t make you feel, well, I guess I will pray for you An amazing story I can t wait for his new release that is coming out at the end of the year BELIEVE What a gifted storyteller Amazing Thank you

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    A captivating and jaw dropping story The author effortlessly invokes intense feelings and emotions dealing with deep and very touchy issues There are powerful revelations about life and love A truly inspiring piece

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    This was a good read Gave me a better understanding of 9 11 and the impact on this survivor Incredible I agree with Linda below it puts any of my perceived problems into perspective.

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    Free book for free reviewNathan 36 years old survives 9 11 while losing his entire family including his fianc e who was 3 1 2 months pregnant with his son He drops out of life and flees to the Florida Keys where he survives through yet another near death experience in the form of a hurricane and is taken in by a 27 year old woman named Miriam who is dying of pancreatic cancer with many of her own skeletons in the closet and is trying to get every last second of her life lived to the fullest she can There lives connect Him giving her a wonderful ending and she giving him a new beginning Each of them helping each other heal and move on to the next phase of there lives.What I loved about this story was you read so many things now about 9 11 but nothing transported me there like this book did I felt as though I was there with Nathan fighting to survive It was just so powerful I cried from beginning to end A definite must read Adriana D Apolito

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    An interesting premise to this quite intense novella The main character Nathan loses all that he holds most dear in the aftermath of 9 11 He is hailed as a hero after that harrowing day but all that he wants is to be left alone He is unable to live with himself and his survivors guilt.He is anaesthetised from his feelings for 10 years and then he meets Miriam.This is quite an emotional read and a whole gamut of feeling is brought to the fore with this quite poignant novella Well worth the time.

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    This is an excellent story of a man who was a survivor from 9 11 His journey of coming to terms with survivor s guilt, losing his family that day He was able after many years of grief to meet someone who was able to help him to move on The story is very authentic and believable The setting is also realistic and riveting For those of us who watched these events play out on TV and documentaries, it is very eye opening and gives a realization to the human side of the immense loss of life and how it changed so many people.

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