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  • Paperback
  • 416 pages
  • Promise Me This
  • Cathy Gohlke
  • English
  • 25 February 2019
  • 9781414353074

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    First posted on my blog, Legacy of a Writer.When a book cover captures my attention, and then the synopsis also piques my interests, I m sold I must read the book Which is why I instantly jumped at the chance to read award winning author Cathy Gohlke s newest release In my opinion, Promise Me This is not a book you can just devour in one sitting It s a book to be read slowly, with characters to be savored and a story to be treasured.From the very beginning, I was swept away by this poignant story of Annie and Michael And while I wasn t fond of Annie in the first part of the book, as I watched her change throughout the years after the disaster of the Titanic, I grew to love her self sacrificing character Both Annie and Michael go through so much in Promise Me This that at the end of the book, as the last page is fast approaching, all you hope for is that they get their happily ever after And while the ending wasn t what I thought it d be, I was still content with how we leave the characters.There were so many twists and turns in Promise Me This just when I thought things were looking up for these two, something huge would happen that hurls them straight into the path of danger and separation Towards the end, there were several convenient coincidences , but also some surprises, too.When I finally read the last page, I didn t want to leave Annie and Michael I closed the book, wishing there had been an epilogue of where these two were a few years after the book ended That s how real these characters were to me, and how much danger and turmoil they had been through in this 400 page book.When you begin Promise Me This, be prepared to experience a story that will touch your heart in ways than one I reviewed this book for Tyndale House Publishing It was not required that I give a positive review, but solely to express my own thoughts and opinions of this book, which I have done.

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    What a rare and lovely specimen I feel compelled to sing this book s praises thus my longer than usual goodreads review because guess what this was a GOOD Christian Fiction Romance novel No, really Just listen it held a message that, while not preach y in any way, was strong in its presentation of the gospel It was woven into the story in a such a way that it would be hard to separate the message from the story itself I found it entirely refreshing and inspiring.The romance was simply lovely It was sweet and adorable, and there were no moments where things got too mushy or even borderline inappropriate A rare thing in CFR novels, sadly I also loved the 1910 s setting, involving two of the most devastating but fascinating to me P events in history, the sinking of the Titanic, and World War One.The plot moved a little slowly sometimes, although I was kept on the edge of my seat toward the end of the book in suspense I enjoyed it, but it also made me a little frustrated by how loooooong the drama was dragged out And then there were the characters I liked a lot of them, although one or two felt a bit contrived My favorites were definitely Daniel, Owen, Annie, and Michael Eesh, Michael I could talk a long bit about this Irishman But I won t I ll leave it for you to find out how wonderful he is once you read the book.

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    sighs Oh, how I wanted to like this I m sorry to say that I just didn t connect much at all with this book or its characters I had heard a lot of good things about it and really REALLY wanted to like it But alas it wasn t meant to be L I K E S The idea Okay, here s the thing the synopsis sounded SO GOOD I really loved the idea behind this book there are a lot of ways I think it could have worked but it just didn t. So WOOHOO for good ideas Not so much for execution Owen Oh, dear Owen sniffles Though I liked some of the characters okay, Owen was the only one I felt attached to and well, read the synopsis He doesn t stick around long D Ummm the cover is nice scratches head I know there was something else I liked but my mind is drawing a blank We ll just round off the positives with mentioning how pretty this cover is Tis a fine specimen, my friends approves D I S L I K E S The writing Oh boyyyyy The writing about drove me crazy It feels like someone is telling you things the ENTIRE book You don t get the chance to feel any of the characters emotions Instead, you re told them All the time The writing is rather void of personality or depth It felt flat, and because of that, the characters felt flat, too Not to mention the fact that WE RE JUMPING IN OTHER CHARACTERS HEADS EVERY TWO SECONDS I lost count of how many POVs are in this book, but I m guessing at least ten or twelve Would you please just pick a couple POVs and stay there Sometimes having a lot of POVs works really well, but in this case, all it ended up doing was making it impossible for me to connect to any of the characters ANNIE She got much better, I will admit, but I had a lot of Issues with this girl for the majority of the book She comes across as being extremely petty, condescending, and unfeeling for the first 150 pages or so Seriously, she acted like she was 10 years old and I was supposed to believe she was going on 15 squints Not to mention the fact that she view spoiler almost killed her aunt when she was lying helpless in bed Granted, her aunt was HORRENDOUS, but I was just shocked that she never felt remorse for almost killing her Instead, she regretted NOT having killed her WHAT THE HECK hide spoiler

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    3.5 starsFor me, the story is clearly seen in two parts the Titanic, and WWI What went on between was a little fuzzy, but the events during the Titanic AND WWI were so amazingly interesting.History It seemed very sound and well researched I learned a lot about the Titanic and could see myself traveling aboard I was also brought into the trials and terrors of WWI in France, England, and the hospitals.Storyline some people have said that the story started out slow I thought it was a pretty good start until after Michael reached New Jersey Then, like I mentioned, it seemed to get a little fuzzy as to why the scenes were important to the plot it seemed like the author had to get from one important event to the other It was still interesting, but it seemed a littlejerky at times.Characters The two MCs are Annie and Michael However, the story continually bounces back and forth between about a dozen other characters some are highlighted only for one scene I understand why the author mixed omniscient with deep POV, as it gave the opportunity to follow history that was woven into the fiction, but as a general rule, I prefer deep POV.Romance I really like the first half of the book And yes, that was before the romance hit It wasn t awful, but it was very emotional driven There were a few kisses mentioned, but or less the romance was about the characters emotions being driven.Spiritual here is where I knock a star off The spiritual aspect of the story seemed a little inconsistent Owen was held up as the peak of Christianity and he did present a strong Gospel message, but it was never clear to me as to whether or not Michael and Annie were actually saved Overall, they really didn t live a life striving to please God It was somewhat mentioned toward the beginning, a little in the middle, completely lost during WWI, and then returned in the end I personally think that the story would have been complete without it not to sound harsh, but it wasn t that important to the story So yeah, the spiritual side was a little weak.All in all, I did enjoy this read, particularly for the historical aspect I got this book from the Tyndale Rewards Program

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    This story unfolds beautifully, leading up to an ending that is so full of tension that it s hard to know whether to white knuckle grip the book or throw it across the room Be prepared for possible tears and the need to speak aloud words of frustration But also be prepared to be blessed by this powerfully moving, sweeping tale of grace and love From the horrific tragedy of the sinking of the Titanic, to the terrifying uncertainty of World War I, Gohlke takes her characters through great suffering in such a way as to reveal the high cost and stunning reality of grace Some parts are messy, in the sense that not everything is resolved conclusively and happily for everyone but oftentimes, life really does appear messy, especially from our limited perspective And yet love perseveres.There is a great deal of perseverance in this book, and a great many trials for the characters to experience and overcome from family issues to romantic turmoil to playing a role in international conflict The emotions are heart wrenching, and there is an almost unbearable amount of pain to wade through But the moments when the the heart of hope is shown to still be beating alive are sweet, sweet indeed Promise Me This is a magnificent tribute to the sacrifices made during the era of the Titanic and WWI, as well as the ultimate sacrifice that offered us amazing grace With thanks to Tyndale House Publishers for providing me with a copy of this book in exchange for my honest opinion.

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    As long as a man has two hands and a strong back, he can make things happen It s no good being fearful Worry won t change the future a whit, and it misses the joy of this glad day 3.5 stars Let me just say this was a lot different than I expected, but not nescarrily in a bad sense I really liked the characters and how the author portrayed the struggle of human nature to do what is right Owen s godliness and care for Michael was touching and poignant.The romance definitely is worth noting There are two I think not detailed kisess and everything was appropriate I liked how the romance wasn t the focus.I really wanted to give this four stars The last 150 pages or so I felt like the story really dragged and that everything could have been wrapped up sooner Also, the fact that Michael and Annie were hardly together during most of the book seemed a bit odd Toward the end there were some random POVs and circumstances that didn t go with the flow of the story.All that being said, I very much enjoyed the Titanic and World War 1 theme The ships sinking and emotions showed during that tramatic time in history really grasped my attention.I still reccomend this book because it is so clean and showed many important lessons throughout the book.

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    Oh, wow What a beautiful story I loved how the author drew comparisons between Owen s sacrificial character and Christ s great sacrifice for all of mankind I love how she used Michael s and Annie s stories to flesh out the ideas of what sacrifice and love are all about.4.75 stars

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    This is the first time I have ever read anything by Cathy Gohlke And boy was it a pleasant surprise I really enjoyed Promise Me This and her take on the Titanic story I have always been a fan of reading about the Titanic and what a tragedy took place that day In this story, Cathy weaves a tale of romance, mystery and suspense as well as a release of bitterness and guilt.Annie is a young lady who deeply loves her older brother But he decides to sail on the Titanic to go to New Jersey and make a home there with some family Then when he has enough money and a business he will send for Annie These two are very sweet together and I loved their relationship But Annie gets irritated when her brother, Owen, befriends a street urchin who is actually a runaway from an abusive situation Michael is the runaway who has never had a friend in his life He also has a dark secret in his past that he thinks about often but was no fault of his own.Well, I am sure you guess the plot but Michael finds his way onto the Titanic and ends up as a stowaway When Owen finds out he takes him under his wing to help him They share their food and sleeping area but Owen also shares his dreams with Michael Then in the middle of their plotting and dreaming comes that dreadful night when the Titanic hits an iceburg And Owen pushes Michael into taking his lifevest and a spot on a lifeboat And from that moment on, everything has changed in their plans Owen gave his life for Michael and now the dreams they both had become Michael s responsibility He takes over the business that Owen wanted and plans for the day he can bring Annie to America.In the meantime, Annie is dealing with her own troubles and an evil aunt I have to admit, I felt like slapping the woman a couple times Annie takes over gardening and the woman pulls them all down and burns them Annie has to deal with the bitterness she has to this wicked woman and how it is pulling her down personally She doesn t want to forgive the stowaway who she thinks is the reason her brother died.In the end there is a lot of joy and freedom from guilt and bitterness but it was a long journey I like how the author didn t just make everything a bed of roses but went through struggles we have daily in our own lives I also like how she wove the story of John Bunyan and Pilgrim s Progress in this book It has long been one of my favorite Christian classics and learning about his tombstone and the inscription made my day There is the use of a swear word twice in this book in the terms of military time I didn t like having it in there so I wanted to mention it in my review I can t wait to see what the author has in store next for us her readers Excellent book You can learn about Cathy Gohlke at her website or on Facebook Definitely going to be searching for her other books I received a copy of this book for review purposes through Tyndale Publishing I did not receive any monetary compensation All thoughts are 100% mine.

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    I knew when I started reading Promise Me This that I was setting myself up for heartbreak and sadness How could I not, the story partially takes place aboard the Titanic, and we all know the events of that fateful night We know about the hundreds of souls lost to the cold deep Atlantic ocean Then we have World War I, another tragic momentous stain on our past So like I said I knew what I getting myself into Both moments in history that has always fascinated me, along with other events in history Part of the reason I was drawn to reading this book.But those were not the only tragic events, yes they are not wide scale as the sinking of the Titanic or the WWI but the personal tragedies that have happened to those in the story, both living and and those who have past on This book is about getting past those times, as well as facing them head on Forgiveness and doing well towards other, no matter who they are or what they have done Even though sometimes it s hard to see past the hate and pain they have caused All while dealing with devastating events that take place in the story Sometimes after I read a book I don t always read the note from the author, most times I do and this was one of those times I did I found it interesting to see that Owen Allen was in fact a real person who was a gardener and did actually lose his life with the sinking of the Titanic.I will for sure be checking out Cathy Gohlke s other works.

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    The impressive queen of ships, Titanic, and its unfortunate demise has everything to do with where this book begins, and therefore where it ends For if the ship itself hadn t sunk to the bottom of the ocean that blustery cold April night, then there would have been no story to tell.I know from experience that there are a hundred and one reviews out there for every book published that will tell you what the book is about That, quite purposefully, is not my intention What I will tell you is that Promise Me This is of an epic story in three parts than just a historical novel with a romantic ending The two main characters, Michael Dunnagan and Annie Allen, are separated throughout most of the novel after meeting briefly as teenagers Promise Me This was a touching, though, long story I have to admit that I grew impatient waiting years and years for the two main characters to meet and the romance to begin, which unfortunately wasn t until about three fourths into the book In my opinion, there were too many unneeded character perspectives throughout the book, and not enough time spent on creating the depth I would have liked to see from the two main characters.I m certain that anyone who likes to read Historical Fiction will enjoy reading this book It is a good story and very well written I give Promise Me This 4 stars.Visit Cathy Gohlke s website at www.cathygohlke.com.Tyndale House Publishers supplied me with a paperback version of Cathy Gohlke s Promise Me This in return for my honest opinion of the book.

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Promise Me This characters Promise Me This , audiobook Promise Me This , files book Promise Me This , today Promise Me This , Promise Me This 01a8f Michael Dunnagan Was Never Supposed To Sail On The Titanic, Nor Would He Have Survived If Not For The Courage Of Owen Allen Determined To Carry Out His Promise To Care For Owen S Relatives In America And His Younger Sister, Annie, In England, Michael Works Hard To Strengthen The Family S New Jersey Garden And Landscaping Business Annie Allen Doesn T Care What Michael Promised Owen She Only Knows That Her Brother Is Gone Like Their Mother And Father And The Grief Is Enough To Swallow Her Whole As Annie Struggles To Navigate Life Without Owen, Michael Reaches Out To Her Through Letters In Time, As Annie Begins To Lay Aside Her Anger That Michael Lived When Owen Did Not, A Tentative Friendship Takes Root And Blossoms Into Something Neither Expected Just As Michael Saves Enough Money To Bring Annie To America, WWI Erupts In Europe When Annie S Letters Mysteriously Stop, Michael Risks Everything To Fulfill His Promise And Find The Woman He S Grown To Love Before She S Lost Forever

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