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    This is a book about Blake Turner a human possessed by a demon and vampire Elise a lonely creature who is sired by Mencheres You will see only a glimpse of Cat and Bones and you will not like it because the demon will abuse verbally Cat and Bones will almost kill poor innocent Blake to make the demon shut up.The events take place after At Crave s End So Mencheres is still mourning the death of his mate and he really wants to help Blake and Elise.Blake and Elise s story is sweet and full of hope It is a nice example of why nobody should ever surrender until the very end.

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    Don t waste your time or money.

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    There are very few book series that make me want to seek out every single piece written just so I can keep living in the characters world with them Jeaniene Frost s Night Huntress Series is one of them As many know, the series has ended but there are plenty of short stories novellas available for fans Devil to Pay is 3.5 of the series, and it s an entertaining short story featuring characters fans know and some that fans will meet for the first time The characters are likeable and complement this story as well as the series well If you are a fan of this series, don t pass this one up My favorite quote Sometimes you have to lose everything to know what you had The Night Huntress Series includes the following installments 0.5 Reckoning 1 Halfway to the Grave 1.5 Happily Never After 2 One Foot in the Grave 3 At Grave s End 3.5 Devil to Pay 4 Destined for an Early Grave 4.5 Magic Graves 5 This Side of the Grave 6 One Grave at a Time 6.5 Home for the Holidays 7 Up From the Grave

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    5 Devil to Pay Stars Ahh we get a glimpse of Cat and Bones Yah, Ok ok so Blake is possessed by a demon, and he likes to show up and take over Blake s body and do terrible things Blake can feel when he is coming and he wants to stop it The only way he knows how is to kill himself, and he was ready to do it when Elise a vampire stumble upon him before he can.Elise wants to help so gets in contact with our favorites Cat and Bones who contact Mencheres who is also Elise sire, who help her when she was read to leave this world as well and he brought her back This short is really a great gift of hope and surviving I def recommend reading it All my Reviews are 100% honest and my own.

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    A fast paced and nice short story of Blake, possessed by a demon and saved by vampire Elise.A short appearance by Cat and Bones but it s Mancheres that plays a bigger part in this enjoyable addition to this series.

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    Of the Night Huntress short stories I have read so far, this is my favorite It was a complete short story of its own with characters we knew, as well as some new ones I knew there would be some sort of HEA, and it did not happen the way I was expecting Knowing what we do of Frost s supernatural world at this point in the series, I had figured on a different ending view spoiler If you must know, I had expected them to bring Blake back as a ghoul hide spoiler

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    Fast paced, short read but completely satisfied Nice to get a little Bones Cat fix

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    Well I have yet to find a book in this world that I don t love This novella was another great addition to the series and I absolutely loved Blake and Elise.

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    Okay so these two better make appearances in future books

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    This is by far my favourite novella by Jeaniene Frost to date Considering how short this is, I found Blake and Elise were both well rounded enough for me to really enjoy their growing relationship Interactions were at times a little cheesy, but when you re accelerating a romance in the space of 100 pages I guess sometimes a little cheese is good to make things stick However, of course, my favourite character was Night Huntress staple Mencheres I hear there is a Night Huntress World book focusing on him and DAMN but I am going to read the heck out of that the first opportunity I get The story is simple and yet effective Possession is something I haven t read extensively in any of Frost s previous novels as of yet, anyway but she does it well This, like all of her work, is deliciously dark and doesn t shy aware from guts and gore Neither does it shy away from heated scenes with our heroes Frost does this is aplomb and it definitely works A great novella for quick reading between Night Huntress books, or for re entering the Kat and Bones story after a prolonged absence like me.

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Devil to Pay download Devil to Pay, read online Devil to Pay, kindle ebook Devil to Pay, Devil to Pay 673166dc4255 Originally Published In Four Dukes And A DevilBlake Turner Had It All Until A Demon Decided To Take Residence In His Soul Plagued With Constant Black Outs And A Trail Of Dead Bodies In His Wake, Blake Thinks Vampire Elise Is His Best Chance At Ending The Nightmare It S Just Too Bad He S Fallen In Love With The Gorgeous Vamp Right Before He Has To Die