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    I really wanted to like this book I loved the cover art, but unfortunately, the book doesn t live up to being dangerous The plot is a bit all over the place but there s no hint of danger or impending doom hello, you re on the Titanic Firstly, how are we to be expected to believe that a 12 year old boy could pass as a trimmer steward The author constantly reminds us of how young Patrick is how young his face is how he can t shave yet etc The storyline is so uninspiring and drags so much I made it through 88 pages, without having a clue where it was going and if a story doesn t grab me within the first 50 pages, then it s honestly not worth my time reading as I feel that I m wasting my time Maybe this is supposed to appeal to young boys I don t know, but I m not a young boy you re welcome to check but I kinda figured young boys girls would like a bit of inspiring adventure with their story says that this is intended for ages 9 , but if I was that age, I d rather be outside making my own adventures And Patrick is the most characterless character I ve ever read He just mopes about, faints at trying to be a trimmer, does nothing to hide his true age, even admitting it I felt like reaching into the book and giving him a good shake You re on the Titanic, my good man I really wouldn t recommend this and considering that the hardback is cheaper than the paperback currently less than 2 for the hardback and just over 6 for the paperback , I wouldn t even let that suck you in It s not even worth the money Sorry to the author, but perhaps you could write something enticing for your young readers Otherwise, you ll be dumped for the next video game I ll maybe keep a hold of this for the next time I can t sleep Is it just me who sees a young Will Poulter in the cover image

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    The whole city had come out to watch Titanic and the strong, heavy smell of coal filled the air After a few breaths, gritty black dust coated his tongue The taste of progress, as Mr Joyce called it.Synopsis April, 1912 The RMS Titanic sets sail for her maiden voyage with than 2000 people aboard Among the passengers on the Queen of the Sea a wealthy book collector with a rare and valuable volume, a cunning thief desperate for money, and a young steward looking for a chance to be a part of something great.After his father died, Patrick Waters left school and went to work in a Belfast pub His widowed mother is determined to make him a practical working man like his older brother, not a dreamer like his late father At age twelve, Patrick hopes to associate himself with greatness His brother is about to embark on his ninth trip across the Atlantic, this time shoveling coal into the boilers of Titanic When an unexpected opportunity on the ship arises, he wastes no time getting himself aboard To his surprise, instead of shoveling coal, he is assigned to wait on Harry Elkins Widener, a book lover whose latest acquisition might be worth much than either of them can imagine There is someone on board who thinks he does know, though, and he will stop at nothing to get the book for himself There is danger at every turn as the ship itself heads for disaster.Review With the centennial of the shipwreck approaching in April of 2012, new Titanic books are hitting the shelves It is one of those topics like Amelia Earhart s disappearance or dinosaurs that kids ask about again and again, endlessly fascinated In this fictional take for middle grade readers, Mone skillfully blends real life historical figures with his own characters An Author s Note at the end explains that Harry Widener really was a book collector who perished on board the ship, while young Patrick and the other main characters are the inventions of the author.From the taste of coal dust to the color of a partially cleaned spittoon, the narrative is packed with rich sensory details, bringing the sights and sounds and smells of the scenes to life Mone uses playful language in his descriptions in the first chapter, he says of the thief Berryman that the local baker refused to loan him so much as a roll Quick paced action keeps the pages turning as events come to their inevitable conclusion.In addition to the drama of the collision, Mone intrigues readers with a mystery that is just a little bit reminiscent of Dan Brown The perspective shifts between sweet Patrick, who can t help but follow his own sharp eyes and ears, and the thieves after something they think will bring them untold riches, if only they can decipher a coded message within The reader, of course, knows than any single character, and hints are offered about the secret message before its meaning is finally revealed.On shelves March 13, 2012 just in time for the anniversary.Final Word An original mystery offers a fresh take on a popular historical event for middle grade readers.Source e ARC via NetGalley provided by the publisher by request

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    First of all I loved all the different point of views The characters were very lovable I really loved James he seemed like a perfect big brother Though there were a lot of names to remember in the first two chapters that it can get a little confusing.The book is quite descriptive but it still left me thinking up my own idea of the setting The Titanic is beautifully described The book didn t have the amount of suspense as I hoped It was good, but it definitely didn t blow me away I wish Greg could had played with the secret Go crazy But everything was just so tone down I want to feel the rush of fighting the bad guys, I want to feel the air burning in my lungs when the characters are running I wanted mind games, betrayal, mystery A good example of a series that contained all that mentioned is the 39 Clues series It is just a pleasure to read all the books.When I was half way through the book, I kept on wondering what lay in the other half because I felt the first half was just introduction, nothing big happened I though that Gregory stuffed the second half with the big secrets, but he didn t Nothing really made me gasp with surprise Plus I wanted Greg to talked about the poor passengers, and the trimmers Greg, I think a good book will be a book on the trimmers And YA authors, maybe write one with romance in it P That I would love to read.When I hit the 75% mark, the Titanic hit the iceberg Only when the Titanic got hit did I felt an emotion I panicked because of the dramatic irony in the book I also almost tear up when I read about how hard working James was I think I would love to have James as my boyfriend p Ok, back to the Titanic So when the Titanic hit, it got a little bit suspenseful but I was disappointed at the lack of imagination Greg had The whole Titanic scene was almost the same as the movie Titanic with Leonardo DiCaprio, but even the movie had action with Rose trying to save the locked up Jack I do have to say, the ending just made me cry I wanted to save Titanic from sinking I wanted to get a boat to save all the passengers I want to swim to pick all of the poor souls out of the water, but I can t.The epilogue was beautifully written I wanted to cry even If I read this book a few years ago I might had loved it but nowadays I find that there are way amazing books.Overall, the book was just a little disappointing, 3.5 out of 5.

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    It s hard to find an accurate and well written fictional book about the Titanic Dangerous Waters , however, meets my expectations It was engaging, satisfying, and even after I finished, still exhilarating The thing that reeled me in was the main subject of the plot books My favorite pastime is reading, so if there is a Titanic story out there that really focuses on the wonder of books and the terrible loss of books that went down with the Titanic , then it s probably an automatic favorite of mine.The story mostly centers around Patrick, a young Irish boy who is quite in awe of the Titanic I felt, as the story began, an authentic sensation of anticipation of the Titanic It is the way in which the local people speak about the big vessel that drills excitement in the world s biggest ship ever is about to set sail this week Other authors have tried to create this same feeling, but this is the first time I ve fully appreciated the efforts made to show the sensation of what the people of Belfast were thinking.In the plot of Dangerous Waters , the story sometimes switches from Patrick to one of the other characters, like Berryman, who is trying to steal and acquire a certain rare copy of Sir Francis Bacon s book that is supposed to carry a secret, hidden in code I rather enjoyed getting the entire story by watching the different characters, instead of it always focusing on just one main character Harry Widener is another of the characters in this book he was a real passenger on the Titanic, and I think his presence in the book authenticated the entire story What strikes me as odd, is the fact that usually I do not like famous people from the Titanic taking a key role in a fictional story I don t generally approve of this because it never feels genuine but it worked I actually loved how Harry Widener fit right in.There are subjects like drinking included in the story but this tends to go with the subject matter of Titanic and that time era Patrick himself had a job in a pub There is also much talk about spit, tobacco, spittoons, etc., which did get a bit graphic at times, but slightly hilarious.If there s one thing I don t understand about the entire book, it is this minor detail Why did Emily, a girl from the story, get featured on the front cover Perhaps it was a marketing idea from the publisher, to make the book appealing to both boys and girls, but the main character is Patrick, whereas Emily has a very minor part.I really applaud Gregory Mone s writing ability Great book

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    I liked the book I only rated it four stars because at the start it was a little confusing I saw the picture of the titanic on the front so i know it would have somthing to do with a voyage on the titanic and how it sunk But it took a while for me to realize that someone was going on the titanic since the start of the book was some weird guy in a library threatening someone in the middle of the night Then the book magically went to he titanic Besides that i liked the book.

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    For the book Dangerous Waters An Adventure On The Titanic i chose to give it 4 stars because of the two different perspectives I also liked this book because it had a mini cliff hanger at the end of every chapter.The last thing I liked was the thrills it gave me for example when Patrick was being chased inside Titanic by John Berryman who had a knife

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    Holdie and I read this aloud and it was a great take on historical fiction for intermediate readers and adults too

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    Patrick is a 12 year old Irish boy whose brother is working as a trimmer coal shoveler on the new Titanic, and Patrick wants to go with him so he palms the pass of a drunkard who was supposed to be a trimmer on the Titanic On board are two thieves who want to steal a rare book owned by a wealthy passenger who takes Patrick under his wing and reminds him of the value of knowing books One detail in the book tells about the fire in the coal bins that smolders for the entire trip I just saw a Smithsonian program about this fire being partly responsible for the sinking of the ship because the fire weakened the hull near the fire which was where the iceberg hit.

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    Great book Based on real people with a fun adventure thrown in Wonderful story

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    This story had a slow start but the action certainly picked up as the Titanic was hit.

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