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    I wanted to give this book four stars and one star I settled on three.The mystery aspect of the book was terrific The characters were interesting, and even though I would NOT pick up a book about investment companies bleh , the storyline mystery plot business aspect was very captivating The whole tie in with the Titanic was wonderful and was what kept me turning pages late into the night.However, the book became suddenly religious Christian , and that was NOT fun to read at all I rolled my eyes the most when Kelsey was praying for God to help her with her investment company Yuck.So, that kind of ruined it for me I picked this book out from the fiction section of the library There was no hint that it was going to be a finding Jesus type of book from the cover or the first 100 pages Now that I ve researched it, I will stay away from the author and from Harvest House publishing company.I m glad I read this book, though The mystery aspect and the Titanic history was simply great If you aren t into Christian religious fiction, then you just need to be prepared that it gets and Godly as the book goes on.

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    ECHOES OF TITANIC is a book written during the height of the Titanic anniversary, so I m a bit behind reading it It is part historical with Adele and Jocelyn s stories written, and partially contemporary with their heir trying to manage the business When Kelsey s great grandmother s identity is questioned, things go into an uproar Why is a man surfacing NOW to state his claim on half of the business s assets Why did Kelsey s boss commit suicide or was it murder Who really survived the Titanic s sinking Adele or Jocelyn And who is threatening kelsey s life I love Ms Clark s books and this one was no exception I had to find out what happens and stayed up until the wee hours of the morning to see If you like mystery then pick up ECHOES OF TITANIC and read it for yourself Great book.

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    I m not giving this one a star rating simply because I couldn t finish it and have decided to not rate books I haven t read all the way through because it s not fair to do so That said I really struggled with this one I was hoping for of the story to be set on board Titanic but instead only a few short chapters every now and then gave a glimpse of the lives of Adele and Jocelyn, the two cousins who were a passengers on that ship making the trip across the Atlantic I would have loved for the story to go deeper into their lives, however I only made it halfway through the book so I can t say whether or not this happens As a reader and fan of all types of fiction including contemporary, historicals and suspense books normally I would be fine with a story taking a different turn that I expected but I didn t find the contemporary bits to be the interesting at all Kelsey Tate is likable even if she is not the typical Christian fiction character I m used to meeting but when you start talking hostile takeovers, stocks and corporate intrigue I get bored Unfortunately for me that s what the first half of this book was From the back cover I was also really hoping for some kind of romance or sparks between Kelsey and her ex Cole Thornton but at the halfway point of the story the only interaction between the two was a phone call about the trouble that the Brennan and Tate Firm is in I m by no means saying it is poorly written, as a matter of fact I m going to say it s probably a great book if you like a New York business world setting but it just isn t for me Flipping through the back pages I learned that Mindy Starns Clark is the author of some Amish set and Southern fiction that look to be right up my alley so hopefully I ll have the chance to read one of those in the future and report back to you with my thoughts Thanks to the publisher through FIRST Wild Card for providing my review copy.

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    WOW I had to stay up to finish reading this This book is so much than a mystery It s about honor, trust, legacy, lies, deceptions and I m going to stop before I give too much away Tears at the end Lovely book

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    When it comes to any novel about the Titanic, I know that things aren t gonna end well, for most, if not all, the characters And call me crazy, but I didn t even read the back cover blurb for this book before I dove right in I saw Mindy Starns Clark on the cover, and that s all I needed to know It was gonna be a great book, even if I had to will it to be so o And of course, I was not disappointed Mindy s books always have this suspenseful wow factor that s different from any other suspense author I ve read Thanks to that wow factor, Echoes of Titanic just might be the best suspense she s ever written I normally share a little bit about each character in my reviews, but this timeI just can t do it There were so many layers to the story that to share how one character impacted itwell, I don t want to spoil a single thing I will say that the style of the book is one of my favorites, that being parts told in present day as well as the past I love to have a little history any time I can get it, so this was the best of both worlds.What was most impressive about Echoes of Titanic besides the suspense was the contribution made by Mindy s husband, John When it comes to the business world, I m as clueless as they come, but evidently, the business world is John s home away from home His additions to the story were quite clear, mentioning stockholders, investments, and loads of money like it was his day job or something which it actually is, I believe I m sure it gave Mindy such great joy to be able to use her gift of writing and her husband s gift with finance to collaborate on a novel together.I won t lieI ve been a tad hesitant about reading any of the Titanic novels that are releasing this month, mostly because I haven t wanted to read an entirely historical tale too depressing and or it ll be compared to the movie Titanic or one that follows a survivor tendency to be cheesy or over dramatic Echoes of Titanic was a little bit of both, but it was neither depressing nor over dramatic It was a great blend of mystery and history that had me glued to the pages for two solid days I d love to see Mindy and John collaborate on a future novel together because their individual talents in this book simply made for a winning combination Highly Recommended

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    THIS BOOK IS AMAZING I picked it up to read during my down time when I had my wisdom teeth pulled, and. wow It kept me a up a few late nights trying to finish it I love the letters and the historical aspect that s woven into the contemporary novel And the mystery I never, EVER suspected that guy Definitely came s a shock All in all it was a lovely book that I will assuredly be reading again.

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    An excellent book with an intriguing plot I just wish there had been scenes on the Titanic and of Adele s diary had been reveled.

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    Echoes Of Titanic by Mindy Starns Clark is a mystery novel spanning a hundred years The action alternates between 1912 and 2012 In 1912 Adele Brennan, her cousin Jocelyn and Uncle Rowan are passengers on the ill fated Titanic Adele survives to become a successful business woman no plot give away, as the reader knows this from the start One hundred years later, Adele s great granddaughter Kelsey is a successful business woman too, in the family firm that Adele s father started Life is going well for Kelsey until she becomes embroiled in a hundred year old mystery and a modern day crime It becomes a race against time to solve the mystery.I love Mindy Starns Clark novels, as not only are they wonderfully written but I find myself caught up in the action and speculating on the truth until it is revealed.As a historian with a particular fascination for all things Titanic, I found this novel particularly enthralling I loved the descriptions of life on board the doomed Titanic, being in juxtaposition with modern life.Adele was a forward thinker for her time, and very much a modern woman Kelsey was a chip off the old block Both women were strong likeable characters As the novel progressed both women spent some time looking back and reflecting on themselves Both thought they had made mistakes but past mistakes are not always easy to rectify, and can influence ones whole life Linked in with this were the themes of guilt and regret, anger and bitterness The novel showed that all these feelings can have the power to destroy lives and relationships if not dealt with appropriately at the time.Kelsey was close to her grandfather Jonah, a godly man who would dispense wise advice to her In times of searching for answers, Kelsey sought him out Jonah s love of God gave her a feeling of peace Kelsey had wandered away from God She needed to return to Him Would she ever find Him in her busy life Kelsey personally needed to find answers to the hundred year old mystery She needed to know if her great grandmother Adele was the person of integrity Kelsey believed her to be Or was her whole life a lie Journey with Kelsey as she seeks to find the answer.Echoes Of Titanic is a great Christian mystery, with its roots in family and uncovering the truth I can highly recommend it.

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    Review on on my blog starsI have read many of Mindy Starns Clark s suspense books and loved most of them, but unfortunately, Echoes of Titanic wasn t that great to me I found myself easily bored throughout most of the novel although it did get better later on in the story and sometimes thought there were too many details.I did like the mystery, though, of who really survived from the sinking of the Titanic whether Adele or Jocelyn posing as Adele There were other things that happened present day that added suspense mystery, too, which I also enjoyed I was surprised when it was made known what had happened regarding the person who was found dead I wasn t expecting it.Overall, I liked Echoes of Titanic, but because it was somewhat boring at times, I m giving it 2.5 stars Even though this book isn t one of my favorites, if it sounds like something you might like and you like books dealing with the Titanic , you might want to try it I received a complimentary copy of this book for my review I was not required to give a positive review, only my honest opinion which I ve done All thoughts and opinions expressed are my own.

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    DNF at page 132 I actually just read the epilogue, just to see if things had wrapped up But, honesty This book was just so sad depressing The history of the Titanic is already an awful thing but this book s main plot was about those who drowned Not a happy part of history or a happy topic to read about Add in a suicide a father going down hill from a stroke, and it s really depressing Just a note that the suicide is borderline detailed It was so wordy and so much info.which isn t really shocking due to one of the author s being called a Titanic expert, an you really can tell he loves the topic because there s an insane amount of info on the Titanic Not much dialogue, just describing and words Also, at 132 pages in there was only a mention of church a couple prayers Apparently, there was near the end, but I just couldn t get there.

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