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    First of all, let me put a disclaimer on this review I sorted it in my plots i hate shelf I am sorry,but I had to Even thou I love this author and I liked the book it seems I am overwhelmed with fae Now we mix Fae and vampires Dear lordy lord It s the True blood series No, really Sometimes there is just to much fantasy in a prn book.Aside from this vampire fae whatever else is in the closet mix the author did it again Mrs.Paige is a favorite of mine Really, she can do no wrong I think I my have a girlie crush on her I sure do have a crush on all her heroes Yes, I know her heroines are alike I know she was not the first to think of going with the Fae stream in paranormal books.Yes yes she seems to have flaws But when I read her books she makes me see her wit and humor She makes me see that a good writer can work with anything.As to why buy borrow steal read this book by any means The tale is sizzling The humor is there but never really pokes you in the eyes Same goes for the luuuuv scenes It is all fair paced and you do not need to worry about having the urge to skip some pages.But what makes it special Ohhh, the writing When it comes to this author the most enticing thing is the way she spins the story, the word flow.It is not childish.It has good syntax that never goes too far in the pretentious zone.It is, all in all, very good and worth anybody s time.I have established that the book itself is worth, but now I just have to be silly and say this Look at the cover OMG It is so pretty Elisa Paige s Time series books both have cute but simple front pages that would make me pick this book in the store or library if I saw it And let us be real, we are all superficial that way This is how I end up with bad books like Halo or Hush hush.The cover of Killing Time reminds me of The Chigacoland vampires and really, can it get better then that The reading material inside the Time books is as good as that in the Chloe Neill books Come to think of it, Shepti reminds me of Mer when it comes to strength of character and fumblings with a new kind of life.So, do not throw away,or kill har,hra,am I funny or what guess not I still seem to be on a too big hipe after reading this book time and find yourself a copy Mine was provided by netGalley

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    One of My Favorite Reads This YearShe was created for one purpose To kill She has no name, just a designation Her kind, bitterns, are genetically engineered clones that serve the fae lords as their keenest hunters and assassins They are little than animals and are treated as such She has always been different, however, resistant to conditioning, rebellious, obstinate, and unbreakable No matter how brutal her masters torture, she defied restrictions And she escaped Since she crossed over to the world of round ears, to the human realm, she has pursued one goal with frightening intensity Find the immortals who shared a common enemy with her and ally with them Get the information she needs Kill the psychotic vampire allied with the Dark fae king, then, when the walls between planes fall on Samhain, return to the fae realm and release her beserker rage all over the king and whomever else has the misfortune of getting in her way She will slaughter them all She knows this She will not survive She knows this too With her first goal nearly in sight she is forced into a slight change of plans The immortals she was tracking are battling rival vampires and fae beasts and to save them, she lets her berserker rage free When she wakes up back at the building she d been squatting in since arriving in Dallas, she comes nose to furious nose with an exquisitely carved and obviously disgusted Native American face That face belongs to Koda, ancient guardian, protector of his people, and friend of the immortals she was tracking He loathes her, thinking her fae, as the fae have annihilated his race for centuries Convincing him that she s not fae, that in fact she reviles them at least as much as he, is a herculean task As it becomes clear that she s being targeted by her former fae masters, and the vampire she planned to execute suddenly ups the stakes on an impending war with humans and immortals alike, joining forces with Koda becomes the only viable strategic option Two magical beings with a common goal, beginning as enemies, becoming wary allies They must battle against the forces of evil before the death count spirals out of control and the land is scoured by the ravages of war Along the way they will discover a fiery need for each other that neither had anticipated and it will forge allies into friends, then lovers He is Koda She is bitternand she calls herself Sephti Together they are the best hope for mortal and immortal alike One hundred and ninety That s the number of books I ve read, including this one, since January 1st Nine That s the number of those books, including this one, that I ve tagged as a favorite It s definitely not a tag I give out generously It s also the first time I ve ever tagged a series book as a favorite when I haven t read the preceding book books in the series Those are the facts Killing Time deserved it That s my opinion I was a little bowled over by Paige s Killing Time I wasn t expecting to be as impressed as I was, but despite not reading the first book in the series, Stealing Time an oversight I can assure you I will be rectifying , just about every single one of my Happy Reader buttons got stroked, tickled, and pushed with delicious abandon Fantastic characters especially Sephti, who I was completely in love with before the first chapter was done A layered and imaginative plot that struck the perfect balance between the urban fantasy elements and paranormal romance elements A rich and vibrant world and mythos brimming with originality A narrative that brought all those aspects together, reached out and grabbed me by the throat and carried me along for the duration Man, Paige is a hell of a storyteller The relationship between Sephti and Koda was so satisfying Not only did they work well together as a couple, providing the romance lover in me with tons of heart pounding moments of love, angst, and sexy sensuality, but Sephti was also a complete and three dimensional heroine in her own right, independent, deadly, and than capable of not only pulling her own weight but rallying those around her to pull theirs too I could easily imagine her as the center of her own urban fantasy series, and that satisfied the UF lover in me The bad guys were heinous and truly threatening, their impact on the world and the characters tragic, so the plot started strong and maintained its intensity throughout There was conflict on all sides, and Paige kept me guessing on what dangers would pop up next, satisfying my need for pulse pounding entertainment that ratchets higher and higher as the story progresses There was little in the way of story down time or moments when the pacing lagged hell, there was hardly a moment for the characters to catch a breath before the next twist in the plot roared over them I was captivated from cover to cover There were a few places in the narrative that I think would have been enhanced for me if I d read the first book, some setup for the arc of the series plot, some secondary and ancillary characters with obvious backstory I wasn t familiar with, and previously established relationships that I had to guess at Never once did I feel lost, however, or think I was missing an important aspect of the story because of it This novel stands well on its own, but I m still kicking my own ass for missing out on the start of it all I can only imagine how much entertaining I would have found this book had I read Stealing Time first Even without it, I loved this book I loved Sephti Koda remained a bit of an enigma, but I liked him very much I loved their relationship and the conflict of the external threat Yup, this book has a little bit of everything that most tickles me as a reader, and it joins the select list of books I ve read this year that I ve tagged as favorites I can t wait for Disclosure An ARC of this book was provided to me by Carina Press via NetGalley This rating, review, and all included thoughts and comments are my own. Reviewed for One Good Book Deserves Another.

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    I loved this book It was fresh It was poignant It was action packed and sexy And I m so sad that it s over.Sephti is bittern, a living weapon, genetically engineered by the Fae Her kind was designed to kill, to follow orders But somehow, Sephti is different She is self aware and she has only one goal to defeat the Fae that created her.To reach her objective, Sephti hopes to ally herself with a powerful vampire named James But she is intercepted by Koda, a Native American well, let s just call him than human He views her with animosity and distrust, thinking at first that she is Fae But in time, the two of them come to realize they share the same goals.Slowly, they begin to acknowledge their attraction to one another Working together, they forge a mutual respect, which eventually leads to much, much One of the things that was done so well in this book was the evolution of their relationship It was lovely Sephti thinks so little of herself, beyond her capabilities as a killer But it s through Koda s eyes, she begins to see herself as For a being who doesn t know what love is, she manages to feel it to show it in a way that leaves no doubt in your mind And Koda sigh what a fantastic hero He is loyal, sexy, stalwart and strong The love scenes are sexy, but not tawdry But it s about the journey of the relationship than the consummation And as awesome as the romance is, the action is just as good as Sephti and Koda fight the growing threat from a vampire who has exposed supernaturals to the world and the Fae army he s in league with There is great word building at play I loved the background on the bittern and the Fae It was all clear and easy to understand I do not have a single complaint.This is the second book in Elisa Paige s Time series The events of Stealing Time are referenced and the main characters do appear, but this works just fine as a stand alone I may go back and read the first book anyway If I enjoy it half as much as I liked this one, it will be worth it 5 stars ARC Provided by NetGalley

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    You can also read this review at Reflections on Reading RomanceTitle Killing Time Time Series 2 Author Elisa PaigePublisher Carina PressFormats EbookSource NetGalleyPublication Date August 22, 2011Rating 4.5 out of 5This paranormal romance fantasy is a delightful find I d never read any of Elisa Paige s work before, but I loved the heroine Sephti in Killing Time The development of Sephti s character over the course of the book and the amazing mix of mythologies really sold me on this book It turns out that the novel is the second in a series, so as soon as I finished this one I rushed out to buy the first, Stealing Time, but I have to confess that in the craziness that is back to school, I have yet to read it I m definitely looking forward to it, though, because Killing Time is outstanding, and I highly recommend it Sephti is a bittern, a creature genetically engineered by the Fae to be an elite assassin She escaped her fae lord torturer three months ago when she hitched a ride onto the mortal plain She s spent her time learning to blend in with humans and searching for a way to kill the vampire Philippe, whose supporters are helping guard fae King Reiden If she can get rid of Philippe, his guards will scatter and she can stage an assault against the king, hopefully earning her freedom During Sephti s search for Philippe, she s captured by Native American guardian Koda In this world the fae are responsible for the wholesale slaughter and relocation of the Native Americans, so Sephti s fae appearance initially prejudices Koda against her However, he quickly realizes that Sephti is than what she appears As the two work together to defeat Philippe and secure freedom for Sephti, the fierce assassin must learn to count on others while Koda battles the bigotry of his people Their growing respect for one another develops into a touching and sweet romance during tempestuous political and social change that could threaten Septhi s newfound independence and love.The highpoints of the book are definitely the heroine and the tender romance, but don t get me wrong the world building is amazing Paige did an outstanding job incorporating several very different mythologies into one complex world without confusing the reader or making you wonder if the Abominable snowman was going to be the next to make an appearance I say that because I ve recently read a couple of books that did NOT do as stellar a job of introducing a new world to the reader, and quite frankly it was a relief to read this multifaceted novel The various mythological beings are seamlessly incorporated into the action, and Paige has created a vivid world that will capture your imagination.It is, however, the character of Sephti who will keep you reading, even with all the heart pounding action Sephti s a genetic creation of the fae and suffered brutally at the hands of her fae master and trainers The bittern are considered little than animals, but Sephti is sentient, and despite her assassin training, her innocence and lack of self worth make her a poignant character at times She s convinced that as a creation she lacks a soul, but her actions reveal otherwise Unlike the other bittern, she has somehow learned to control her berserker rages and only attacks those threatening her instead of killing everyone around her Her rebellion against her fae masters can only end in her death, but she s willing to pay that price I ve always preferred romances that develop slowly, and Paige deftly creates a tender and moving romance between the fae assassin and the Native American guardian Koda While the two initially distrust each other, Koda comes to realize the truth about Septhi s background and slowly begins to woo the insecure heroine, trying to convince her that she is worthy of living a full and happy life One of the touching scenes occurs when Koda takes Septhi to a luxury hotel, hoping that by giving her new experiences she ll give up her suicide plans He orders room service, and Septhi quickly picks up her steak with her hands, since in the bittern stables she had to fight others for her food His reaction to her embarrassment over her actions is perfect, treating her with dignity rather than ridicule I also like that he treats her as an equal, rather than setting up a Pygmalion type relationship between the two If I had to complain about anything, it would be related to the vampires in the text I suspect that most of the internal struggle between the ancient vampires and Philippe is explained in the first book of the series While you are able to understand and follow the action of the book and there is a LOT of action without having read Stealing Time, I m wondering if some of the background about the vampires that I missed in this book was addressed in that one For example, at one point Sephti is looking for the vampire Jack, whose mate Kate has gone feral While we see Kate acting feral, I never fully understood exactly what was going on with her, and it felt as though I were missing something Additionally, the vampires and Native Americans all communicate using a language Sephti doesn t recognize but that sounds like a Native American language The connection between all of the good characters wasn t as clear to me as it could have been The truth is that this book was a breath of fresh air and a pleasure to read Sephti was such an original character and the growing romance between the hero and heroine handled so deftly that I look forward to re reading the book I enjoyed the Native American take on the mythology, and the non stop action definitely kept me turning the pages Hopefully once the school year is underway I ll be able to read the first book in the series, because this one was a real treat.

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    Rating 4.0 Genre Paranormal Romance Review Elisa Paige s Killing Time, is the sequel to Stealing Time in which a brewing conflict between supernaturals and humans is being cheered on by the Dark Fae Lord Cham Reiden Reiden s puppet is a vampire named Philippe de Lenclos who believes that vampires are the supreme beings on the planet, and humans are food and nothing .In Stealing Time, we were introduced to James Wesley and Evie Reed who James turned into a vampire in order to save her life after she was diagnosed with terminal cancer James and Evie ended up gaining several allies along the way and Evie finds that she has new powers that she could only dream about James and Evie ended up fighting for their very existence from Philippe and his minions who have broken the treaty between the Ancients and the Catholic Church which controls mercenary slayers.This time around, Ms Paige shifts gears and introduces readers too two very different characters and stories altogether Sephti and Koda Sephti is a genetically engineered assassin, or bittern, who was created to do the bidding of the Dark Fae lords The Fae trained her, tortured her, and forced her into subjugation when she failed to win battles against her fellow bittern She has since escaped the bondage that the Fae had kept around her neck since she was created Now that she is free, she has vowed payback on not only Reiden, but his sadistic whipping boy Cian But, ending Cian s life will unleash the wild hunt on her and she can t risk that happening until Reiden is dead Sephti believes that is she can stop Phillippe, she will be able to find a way to defeat Reiden While trying to meet the vampires lead by James, she is captured by a Native American named Koda Koda s hatred of the fae is legendary because of what they ve done to his people over the centuries It causes immediate friction between the two of them which eventually cools down when they find themselves in the middle of Reiden s war against humanity and fighting for the same goal to stop Philippe.Koda is a guardian who speaks many different languages and has been around since the Vikings made their way to the new world He is also warrior who has the ability to cancel out dark energy like the sluagh, the fae nightmare that has been unleashed by Reiden in order to eliminate any threats against his domination of the planet This is a paranormal romance steeped with fiery romance, continued tension, and heated arguments between the two main characters that isn t over done to the point of being unbelievable It leads to Koda realizing just how much he needs and cares about Sephti and an ultimate choice he must make in order to have her love.Sephti is determined, fierce, and someone you don t want to find yourself fighting against She also has a weakness in that her fury wears down her energy level to the point where she is constantly eating sugary foods like jelly beans Koda and Sephti s dynamics rival that of James and Evie, as well as Paige s other characters in Maelstrom and Shadowplay.This story has a strong Native American feel to it as well Part of the story takes place on Native American lands and includes Natives and Vampires fighting side by side along with Sephti, in order to fight against Reiden and his minions It also mixes Fae mythology and the various kinds of fae who have become pawns in the war that Reiden has unleashed on the mortal realm.If you ve read Stealing Time, please don t expect a major continuation of James and Evie s story Although I would have found it appealing to have had their story continue into Killing Time, this is Sephti and Koda s story You can probably get away with reading this book as a standalone novel and still understand what is happening.I am very thankful to Elisa Paige for sharing this book with me prior to it s release date I also believe that you will find her other works like Shadowplay, Maelstrom, and Stealing Time to be worth your time to read And, no, I was not offered any monetary gains to review this book for the author or publisher Carina Press, nor am I her publicist Expected publication August 22nd 2011 by Carina Press

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    Sephti has had a horrible life, if you can even call the atrocities she has had to deal with a life, rather she has just existed with only one purpose to destroy the fae who made her into what she is Unfortunately she falls into the hands of a man who has reason to hate the fae almost as much as she does You would think they would make a good pair to team up against their enemies, but there is one problem Koda thinks she is one of the fae and seems to hate her with a burning passion Surprisingly Sephti feels another sort of passion towards him, one that she isn t sure how to deal with, especially when he seems to start to feel the same way With a love that may just be doomed from the start, these two have a very rough road ahead as they are thrown into the middle of a war greater than this world has ever seen.I really enjoyed the romance between Koda and Sephti They are so very different from each other and to be honest it almost seems like a miracle that they would even have the chance to start an attraction considering his extreme but justified hatred of all things fae, and her similarities to them I m actually surprised he just didn t outright kill her from the start, but am so very glad that he didn t The progression in their relationship was slow and steady and the author did a fantastic job of moving things along slow enough to be realistic considering their beginning circumstances, yet also keeping things from getting too frustrating at a lack of progress I love a book where you are invested enough to become frustrated with the characters, yet the gratification isn t too long off, and Killing Time really fits that bill.I did have a slight issue with Killing Time There was one whopper of a cliffhanger at the end of Stealing Time, with the main gang being under siege I had expected this book to pick things up right where they left off, or at least give us a clear picture as to how things worked out Don t get me wrong we get a general idea of the outcome of who survives, but not what actually happened Also it seemed that happened in the final battle that we didn t see in the first book but was introduced at the beginning of this one So I was a little confused at first, but it didn t inhibit my attachment to the characters or the story once things got going I guess I just would have preferred a slightly smoother transition for lack of a better word, but in the end it all worked out anyway, so as I said, this is only a minor complaint.While Stealing Time was a blend of Urban Fantasy and Paranormal Romance, it leaned towards the romance side of things, whereas Killing Time leans a little towards Urban Fantasy Of course there is plenty of attraction and romance between Koda and Sephti, but the steaminess was just a little less However, the action and danger than filled my attention that I didn t miss the extra steaminess of its predecessor I m really glad I got a chance to read Killing Time as I thoroughly enjoyed it Elisa Paige is a fantastic writer that you will want to keep a watch out for This was the fourth novel I have read of hers and I cannot wait to read many hopefully in the future.

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    I LOVED THIS BOOK I wasn t sure what to expect I did like her previous books I purchased I never expected to receive a ARC of this one I had been eagerly anticipating the release so I could buy it Back to my review Killing time pulled me in from the very first chapter Ms Paige did another outstanding job with her heroine, Sephti, also known as Nomad Sephti has all the qualities I like in a strong woman, just like Mia in Shadowplay There are many parallels in the way Sephti and Mia were raised For me, I enjoyed this The brutality of Sephti s childhood has my heart bleeding for her The strength and independence Sephti demonstrates is admirable I felt engaged and vested in Sephti s journey The one caution I would advise Ms Paige is to designing all her heroine in the same manner of traumatic brutal upbringing Each of her heroines in the different books do have slightly different personalities Still, their pattern is eerily close.The dynamic between Koda and Sephti was amusingly frustrating I really loved how clueless Sephti was in the human world Her depth of character made me fall for her very quickly Koda and his haughty manner made me want to kick his ass I m glad he finally comes around.What I like about this story is that bad things happen The good guys do not always win and live the next day to save us again This pain causes me to enjoy the book since I feel Killing Time takes place concurrent to the other books which is kind for me because it s like watching events from 4 different perspectives I like this because the world Ms Paige built is elaborate and complete What I like most is her characters are never perfect Even when you think something is going to go right, it doesn t always go exactly as planned.I enjoyed Ms Paige s interpretation of the fae world Her view of the vampire world has been lovely In this book, we learn of the Native American mythology I do not know much about Native American mythology but what Ms Paige woven into her story gave me a huge respect for the culture I loved this aspect of the story.There is only one item that confused me The last confrontation, how does that fit in the time line with Shadowplay I almost have to map out a diagram to figure it out correctly Still, I loved this book and I recommend it to everyone All of my friends and strangers alike There is romance, intrigue, love lost, battles won and lost.

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    Disclaimer No spoilers from Killing Time, but read with caution if you have not read Stealing Time.Sephti is a warrior genetically enhanced by the Fae to assassinate others for her masters Known as bittern, she is the wildest of her kind and escapes her masters and learns her away around the mortal plane as she bides her time to exact her revenge on those who created her.The vampires are key to her plan, but after she aids them and loses herself to the bittern frenzy, an ancient Native American guardian called Koda takes her captive, thinking she is Fae Koda loathes everything Fae and mistrusts Sephti, even after she explains she was only created by them They slowly realize their goals are similar destroy the Fae and they ally with each other and soon find they desire each other But first, they have to carry out their plans without dying and survive prejudice on both sides.Killing Time is the eagerly anticipated sequel to Stealing Time Between re reading Stealing Time, which I loved, and not reading the synopses of Killing Time before diving in, I was quite surprised and very briefly disappointed Elisa Paige wrote Stealing Time from Evie s point of view and it was her story as well as James story Instead, when I opened Killing Time, I was reading a new voice and new thoughts and it was slightly disorienting What made it less so was that Killing Time picked up right where Stealing Time left off.Read the full review here.

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    Fast becoming one of my favourite series, the second book in the Time series by Elisa Paige was almost as good as the first Feisty heroine with slightly shady background Check Gorgeous love interest Check Nefarious scheme to upset the natural balance of the world as we know it Check Not earth shatteringly original but still a definite must read I am astonished that this isn t as well known as some other, IMO inferior, PNR.There was a slight sameness to this book with Ms Paige s other books that lost it that one star for me However, as other reviewers have pointed out, this lady can write Rich world building and sensitive character development make this another book that is a pleasure to read The romance develops realistically over a reasonable amount of time so that we really start to identify with the main characters The action is, well, action packed, and there is plenty of it to keep the plot moving along at a good pace Although I was a bit sad to not be spending time with James and Evie, I soon grew to love the new characters and the overall story arc develops over the course of events, continuing on from Stealing Time.If you haven t already started this series then I suggest you get yourself a copy of Stealing Time to see what all the fuss is about If you ve already read Stealing Time then no doubt you ve pre ordered Killing Time, I know I did I don t often buy books when I have read the ARC for free, but this series is a definite exception.

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    In some ways I quite enjoyed this.I really liked the storyline and the main characters of Sephti and Koda Sephti was a total kick ass female and i love characters like this, rather than the weak hide behind your man ones Koda wasn t quite as alpha male as I normally liked but there was definately something about him that I did like.The storyline was very good and padded out really well.my only real gripe is that there were WAY too many characters and I could not keep up with them all and I ended up getting confused with a couple of them.The end battle scene happened way too quickly as wellin fact I originally missed how they killed the bad guy and had to go back and read it again.There was some good writing here and this included the good story and very likeable characters I enjoyed this and I would read another from this author again.

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Killing Time (Time, #2) summary pdf Killing Time (Time, #2) , summary chapter 2 Killing Time (Time, #2) , sparknotes Killing Time (Time, #2) , Killing Time (Time, #2) bf15520 Sequel To STEALING TIME Genetically Engineered Warrior Sephti Would Go To Any Lengths To Destroy The Fae That Made Her Their Killing Machine Finally Escaping Servitude, She Has Meticulously Planned Revenge Against Her Former Masters, And Time Is Running Out The Last Thing She Needs Is To Be Taken Captive By A Man Who Hates The Fae As Much As She Does And Thinks She S One Of ThemSephti Learns Her Captor Is Koda, An Ancient Native American Guardian Determined To Save His People From Annihilation By The Fae Though He Seems To Loathe Everything About Sephti, She Can T Help Noticing His Incredible Strength And Powerful Sensual AllureAs Their Distrust Turns To Desire, Sephti And Koda Become Allies But Their Love Will Have To Withstand Their Enemies Supernatural Onslaught And Sephti S Planned Suicide Mission Against The Fae

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Elisa Paige is a former newspaper reporter, editor, and freelance writer who s always had a passion for urban fantasy While in college, Elisa carried a double major, a minor, worked four internships, and served as a European exchange student Winchester, England solid preparation for juggling family, work, daily life, and writing, writing, writing Elisa is a self avowed caffeine addict with