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    It s May 1912, and twelve year old Dorothy Wilton has returned to her home in Halifax after surviving the sinking of the Titanic She just wants to go back to her normal routine and not talk about what happened, but finds herself expelled from school after hitting another girl who said horrible things about the victims of the disaster Dorothy s favorite teacher suggests that during her time away from school, she should write a diary about what happened to her, to help her come to terms with her experience.Dorothy begins the story by writing about her trip to England to meet her grandparents Her grandparents were very kind and their housekeeper had twelve year old twins, a boy and a girl, that Dorothy became close friends with during her stay in England For her journey home, her father got her a ticket on the grandest ship ever built, the Titanic Dorothy had fun exploring the ship and made a new friend, but hated her traveling companion, Miss Pugh, who worked for Dorothy s father and had agreed to travel with her since she too was visiting a relative in England Miss Pugh did not survive the disaster, and Dorothy blames herself for her death.That Fatal Night is different than most novels for young readers about the Titanic, since it is set after the sinking and is mainly about a survivor struggling to accept what happened This book is shorter than most other books in the Dear Canada series, and I think it could have been a bit longer with some description of Dorothy s time on the Titanic However, I still really enjoyed it, I love almost anything I read about the Titanic and I really liked that this book offered a unique perspective by being set afterwards I recommend this book to readers interested in the Titanic or who enjoyed other books from the Dear Canada series.

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    Reason for Reading Someday I hope to read all the books in this series.This book takes a different point of view than most kid s historical fiction I ve read about the Titanic The book starts a few months after the sinking and we meet Titanic survivor 12 year old Dorothy, her traveling companion did not survive, something for which she feels guilt and Dorothy doesn t really want to talk about the Titanic any She gets into an altercation at school and is sent home for the remainder of the year Her teacher brings her home work and a journal where she tells Dorothy to write about her Titanic experience as it may help to put it into perspective for her Dorothy writes about her life now and her life in England where she was visiting her Grandmother and Grandfather before her fateful journey home, touching on every subject but the one that has redefined her life Eventually, Dorothy does take the plunge and tells us what it was like for her that evening the unsinkable ship The Titanic sunk.An enjoyable story, with much going for it than just a recounting of the Titanic s final days We have a full blown story of a survivor s life, living in Halifax, Nova Scotia What it was like to deal with being a survivor when so many had died, the guilt and blame a person throws on themselves Also daily life in Halifax , 1912 is explored as is rural life in 1912 England I enjoyed Dorothy s tone of voice in this epistolary novel told through her journal writings The only thing that bothered me is that she sometimes went into theatre mode and wrote scenes as if she were writing a play script, these were a bit bothersome but they did add some humour Another good entry to this popular series for girls.

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    Lovely Read Makes you feel nice inside each time you come to read She just has such a way with her style of writing

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    Despite issues of guilt and post traumatic stress, That Fatal Night is not a heavy or traumatic read Dorothy has a lot of pluck and Ellis has done an excellent job of recreating the diary of a girl who never intended her words to be read She is honest about the people she likes and doesn t like and never minces words, the effect of which is laugh out loud funny Dorothy has a keen eye for detail and brings the Titanic to life for the reader, mentioning how the photographs in the paper cannot capture the smells The tone reminded me a little bit of a Budge Wilson short story called My War about a girl living in Halifax during WWII who just can t get enough of the excitement and the drama until tragedy comes into her life and she has a change of heart Both this story and Ellis novel capture the horrors and loneliness of trauma in addition to the burden of other people s reactions to your trauma.Dear Canada fans and lovers of Titanic literature will welcome this addition to the canon As always in this series, a historical note is included in the back for fact lovers All in all, a very welcome addition to the Dear Canada family and one of Sarah Ellis best novels.

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    it is a sad but happy book i liked it a lot

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    I guess I m just finally growing out of these books, because normally I love them, but this one was just ok It was a lot shorter than most of the Dear Canada books too What I didn t like was how long it took to get to the part where the girl tells her stories about the Titanic When I finally got there, it was interesting to read, albeit short A good book for younger kids, but maybe no longer for young adults like myself, despite a past affection for this series.

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    This was a different perspective of the titanic disaster She did not want to talk about it Sometimes the play format bothered me.

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    This is a good book but I feel that it lacks substance in some parts The parts where she is spending time overseas with her grandparents were great Even the parts that take place shortly after the tragedy were good The parts where they are actually on the Titanic are short and don t give a lot of detail so it felt like she as just there and then bam it is gone The ending felt rushed and the guilt associated with her survival is interesting but left things to be desired I believe that the Dear America Titanic book handled this scenario better.

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    Usually I like these books But, I found this one difficult to get through I didn t much care for the play parts But, overall, interesting

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    That Fatal Night is yet another book in the Dear Canada series, this one covering the Titanic disaster The story lags a bit as the main character, Dorothy Wilton, struggles to come to terms with the disaster However once she does begin to describe the disaster, I felt that the story went by too quickly for myself Overall, I really enjoyed this book and each characters own unique roles they played throughout the story.

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That Fatal Night summary pdf That Fatal Night , summary chapter 2 That Fatal Night , sparknotes That Fatal Night , That Fatal Night 891d937 In The Aftermath Of The Titanic Disaster, A Young Girl Must Come To Terms With Haunting Memories From The Voyage It Is May , One Month After The Horrific Sinking Of The Titanic, And Twelve Year Old Survivor Dorothy Wilton Is Sent Home From School In Disgrace When She Strikes Another Student Although She S Expelled, Her Sympathetic Teacher Encourages Dorothy To Write An Account Of Her Experience On The Ship, With The Hopes That It Will Help Dorothy Come To Terms With Her TraumaAnd So Begins A Truly Remarkable Story, Which Reads Like A Time Capsule Of The Era Dorothy Writes About Visiting Her Bohemian Grandparents In England Before Setting Sail Back Home, The Luxurious Rooms And Cabins On Board, A New Friend She Makes, And The Intriguing People They Observe However, Amidst All Of This Storytelling, A Shadow Lurks, A Secret Dorothy Is Too Traumatized To Acknowledge A Secret About Her Own Actions On That Fatal Night, Which May Have Had Deadly ConsequencesThrough Young Dorothy S Eyes, Award Winning Writer Sarah Ellis Expertly Takes A Unique Perspective On The Titanic Tragedy, Exploring The Concept Of Survivor S Guilt With Devastating Honesty

  • Hardcover
  • 170 pages
  • That Fatal Night
  • Sarah Ellis
  • English
  • 09 September 2017
  • 9780545980739

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