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The Thousand Hour Club summary The Thousand Hour Club , series The Thousand Hour Club , book The Thousand Hour Club , pdf The Thousand Hour Club , The Thousand Hour Club 2518f9178a America Is At War In Viet Nam Tom Betz Drops Out Of College And Is Drifting About Northern New Jersey, Doing Drugs, Getting Into Trouble, When He Receives His Draft Notice Tom Decides To Enlist In The Air Force Eventually, After Spending Some Months In Texas, Tom Finds Himself At The Army Language School, In Monterey, California, Where He Is Taught Arabic At The Hands Of An Iraqi Ex Patriot Tom Is Then Sent To Winter Survival School What Happens To Him After He Finishes Survival School Turns Tom Into A Latter Day Huck Finn Whose Observations On Life In Uniform, And Life In General, Fuel This Peripatetic, Unpredictable And Humorous Road Novel

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    Most definitions of literary fiction are nebulous It s one of those I know it when I see it things The two characteristics most often attributed to literary fiction are that it is literary than other genres and tends to be character driven than plot driven The Thousand Hour Club seems to fit Plus, when submitting the book for review the author described it as literary fiction Since he s an English professor, he d know better than I More literary in this instance is one of those I know it when things that is difficult to articulate Some of this feeling can be attributed to writing style and story, and part to the qualities of Tom, the protagonist Tom is above average in intelligence the reason he ends up in the Air Force and an avid reader, literally introducing literature into the story But I want to focus on the second trait of literary fiction mentioned, being character rather than plot driven.This raises a question what does that mean There has to be a plot, right A plot is the storyline the events in the book strung together, one after another Each event still has to follow the previous event in a way that is both logical and credible In my opinion, the difference between plot driven and character driven is that, in a character driven novel, the story goal, what the protagonist hopes to accomplish, is fuzzy, if it exists at all This doesn t mean the protagonist doesn t have goals He may have many, but they are the kinds of goals we all have, possibly vaguely defined and fluid The plot is the character living his life If the character and his experiences are interesting, the book is, too That Tom doesn t know what is coming next a recurring theme is that the military doesn t let you know where you re headed next keeps the story unpredictable and the reader interested.In the end, The Thousand Hour Club is also a coming of age story However, unlike the typical coming of age story where the protagonist s goal is obvious, Tom s coming of age is precipitated by lots of accumulated experiences Just like real life Originally written for Books and Pals book blog May have received a free review copy.

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    The Thousand Hour Club by George O Har is the meandering story of Tommy Betz After witnessing the drug deal gone bad murder of his good friend, and trying to hide it from police, friends and family, Tommy embraces his drafting into the Vietnam war by joining the US Air Force The story follows Tommy s training and subsequent service, along with the making and breaking of his many relationships along the way You get the distinct sense that Tommy is really struggling in his search for who he is and what his purpose in life is In this sense, the meandering of the story line reflects this At times though, I found this to be quite a tough read in that it was really slow at some points I did actually have to put the book aside and read something else to give myself a break This is not to say that I didn t enjoy many other aspects of the book, such as the many interesting characters that Tommy meets along the way I didn t connect with Tommy, though, and that started to become a real problem for me There were many times I just wanted to slap him and tell him to stop feeling so sorry for himself Things could have been a lot worse for him, and he was quite the whinger at times I also felt that all this searching took place and then at the end there was nothing Tommy never really came to any understanding of himself that I could see The only thing I felt was that he was at some kind of peace or contentment finally So, I felt like there was kind of no point to the story and that left me feeling quite let down I really feel this book could have done with a lot less meandering direction, a decent cut back on length a decent ending Otherwise it was an ok read, but just ok This review was completed in exchange for a complimentary copy of this book In no way was tge subsequent review influenced by these circumstances.

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    The Thousand Hour Club by George O Har tells the story of Tom Betz The tale begins in Jersey where Tom goes with a friend to score some pot A tragic accident occurs that totally changes the course of his life Since dropping out of college he has just kind of floated through life, but with the Viet Nam war raging he is drafted and decides to enlist in the Air Force His time in the service takes him around the country and eventually around the world as he learns about life and love The story is a good read with an interesting philosophical bent Tom is a lifelike character who has some basis on George s experiences in the Air Force There were a few parts that I felt were a little slow, but this book is pretty far outside my usual tastes I would give this story 3.5 stars.Book provided for review by author.

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    If I ever have to teach a creative writing class on voice, I m using this novel as a text to study The narrator seemed incredibly real Also goes to show that every writing rule can be broken in the hands of a master, rules such as avoid cliches Really enjoyed it Highly recommend it.

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    The narrative style of this book was really different from anything I ve read before, and I really enjoyed it The style felt very personal like the character narrating the story was a good friend talking directly to you.

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