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[PDF / Epub] ★ The Watch That Ends the Night  Author Allan Wolf – Ebooks2020.co chapter 1 The Watch That Ends the Night , meaning The Watch That Ends the Night , genre The Watch That Ends the Night , book cover The Watch That Ends the Night , flies The Watch That Ends the Night , The Watch That Ends the Night bc8e21480d255 Arrogance And Innocence, Hubris And Hope Twenty Four Haunting Voices Of The Titanic Tragedy, As Well As The Iceberg Itself, Are Evoked In A Stunning Tour De ForceMillionaire John Jacob Astor Hopes To Bring Home His Pregnant Teen Bride With A Minimum Of Media Scandal A Beautiful Lebanese Refugee, On Her Way To Family In Florida, Discovers The First Stirrings Of Love And An Ancient Iceberg Glides South, Anticipating Its Fateful Encounter The Voices In This Remarkable Re Creation Of The Titanic Disaster Span Classes And Stations, From Margaret The Unsinkable Molly Brown To The Captain Who Went Down With His Ship From The Lookout And Wireless Men To A Young Boy In Search Of Dragons And A Gambler In Search Of Marks Slipping In Telegraphs, Undertaker S Reports, And Other Records, Poet Allan Wolf Offers A Breathtaking, Intimate Glimpse At The Lives Behind The Tragedy, Told With Clear Eyed Compassion And Astounding Emotional PowerExtensive Back Matter Includes Author S NoteMorse Code With Messages To DecipherTitanic MiscellanyBibliography, Articles, Periodicals, Government Documents, Discography

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    Novels in verse, done well, are rare.And I can show you why This is not a poem simply because I say it is.It is not a poem because I splitA sentence between several lines.Or finger the tab key.Artfully.This is not a poem, no not a poem,Because I repeat a phrase here and there.This is not a poem because from time to timeI toss in a tired end rhymeOr use funky punctuation To highlight a clause.This is not a poem because I italicize special thoughtsOr with the clickety clack clack clack of my keysSneak in some onomatopoeia Poetry is thought and emotion distilled,A line of communication between writer and reader Scrupulously chosen words that startle with insights and imagery and ideas.Well done novels in verse are made up of poems that could live on their ownBut when those poems are read together, they tell a tale that couldn t be told in prose.No, a disassembled paragraph is not a poem, no not a poem, this isA gimmick.I also have trouble with an omniscient, anthropomorphized, malevolent iceberg which if we are going to split hairs wasn t an iceberg in the first poem sharing space in a book with realistic people based on REAL people and a very naturalistic rat I question the authors research on Rat Kings, but I give him a pass on thatHis historical mistake on the song Frankie and Johnny though no pass.It s an OK short line prose novel based on an historical event that still resonates today It is, however, NOT a children s or even a YA book and I can t figure out why it was published as such oh that s right, the last verse novel published for adults was Eugene Onegin Kidding I know there have been several in the past decade.

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    Audiobook narrated by several actors 10 10m If I had attempted to read this in book format, it might just have ended up in the DNF category Alan Wolf creates the perfect Titanic story that fits well in the audio category Twenty four voices rise up from the deep of the North Atlantic, including a sophisticated rat and the poetic iceberg I am not sure what exactly accounts for my ongoing fascination with the Titanic tragedy, but I continue to be drawn to its decks and its people Of course, not every person was fascinating and I was really annoyed by the rhyming iceberg by the end of the story A brief mention that gave me GoT vibes John Snow is the undertaker responsible for the collection of bodies and that was cool.

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    Complete review at from 24 different perspectives in multiple genres such as verse, letters, undertaker s notes, telegrams, forms and booklets, this harrowing tale takes the reader through the journey that different people took on the Titanic The points of view range from workers like lookouts and stokers, 3rd class passengers like an immigrant and refugee, 2nd class passengers like a tailor, 1st class passengers like a millionaire and socialite as well as the captain, ship builder, the business man, the ship rat and the iceberg The story begins on April 1st, 1912 with preparing to sail and ends with the survivors aboard the Carpathia on April 18, 1912.This novel obviously takes the reader through the complete tragedy of the RMS Titanic and the amount of research that Allan Wolf must of done makes this novel not only a wonderful piece of writing, but an essential part of Titanic lore from now on I specifically liked how after the story was completed, an afterword was added with Titanic information and a clarification of the fact vs fiction within the novel specifically when it came to the characters This novel will be used in classes learning about the Titanic for years to come because of the historical accuracy and the interesting and in depth way the story is told It is also a perfect addition to any English Language Arts classroom because it has perfect examples of different types of poetry each character has their own style , using dialogue in poetry, historical fiction, figurative language and other literary devices and using multiple genres I feel that this book is a great way to teach these elements because the Titanic is such a well known topic which would lend well to students connecting with and understanding the text This book truly makes history come alive.

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    It took me awhile to get into the rhythm and voice of this book, but after that I really enjoyed it Super unique and special And I recommend reading it with the titanic soundtrack.

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    Let me first say two things I am a serious Titanic enthusiast I do not voluntarily read poetry With those confessions made, let me make another I loved The Watch That Ends the Night It was a couldn t put it down, stay up til the A.M to finish kind of read for me While some details were creatively smudged, the portrayal of the Titanic and its passengers rivals that of James Cameron and maybe beats him out, except for the lack of Leo and Kate.I imagine writing a novel using only verse must be difficult Writing historical fiction novels must be difficult Writing a historical fiction novel written in verse Mind blown I ll be recommending this to all my other never let go Titanic lovers.

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    So much has been written about the Titanic, it s hard to imagine an author finding a fresh perspective but Allan Wolf pulls it off and quite brilliantly The voices of the captain, crew members, passengers from all three class, the shipboard rats, the embalmer searching for bodies floating among the wreckage, and even the iceberg are brought vividly to life in verse Like his New Found Land, this is unique, engrossing historical fiction.

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    o hi it s one of my favorite books ever caitlyn the cover art is jon klassen in case you needed another reason to love this bookalso, can we talk about how the iceberg s poems get shorter and shorter as it melts because i did NOT pick up on that the first time through.i just love this book a lot.k bye

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    The Titanic story has certainly been told and told again over the 100 years since her sinking, but in this book, Allan Wolf has managed to capture the voices of the beings that were part of that story in a wholly new and captivating way THE WATCH THAT ENDS THE NIGHT is a novel in verse that chronicles the story of the unsinkable Titanic, from the boarding and preparations to set sail to the voyage, the sinking, and the Carpathia s rescue and delivery of the survivors to New York The undertaker s voice is ever present, too, capturing the scope of this tragedy intermittently throughout the story, always there from the beginning to the end, lest readers forget how this one ends.I m always impressed when an author takes a story from history a story to which I already know the ending and manages to present it in a way that creates suspense and tension, nonetheless, and Wolf has done this beautifully Who will survive, and how The characters whose voices rise in poetry throughout the text feel fully realized, so the stakes are high when the inevitable collision happens and the ship begins to sink.Those voices are unique, too, and along those lines this is a great book for book clubs, literature circles, and classes to discuss how form and meaning intersect The young boys, for example, speak in short, back and forth bursts like a game of toss the ball, while the poems in the voice of the personified iceberg speak in cold, measured iambic pentameter until the very end There s simply so much to talk about here.This title would also make an amazing mentor text for a student research project In THE WATCH THAT ENDS THE NIGHT, Wolf has painstakingly researched two dozen individuals who were part of the Titanic story as well as the ship itself and the events surrounding her sinking, and he s pared what must have been volumes of notes into this beating heart of a story that not only chronicles the historical incident but also paints a haunting picture of the humanity wrapped up in it Thirty pages of back matter provide the real life biographies of Wolf s poetic voices, an extensive and comprehensive bibliography, and further details about the Titanic story This format could be adapted to virtually any major historical event students may be studying Teachers might challenge students to research the event and choose a selection of voices from that story to speak in poetry, or each student in a class might take on one voice to create a whole group story of the event told from multiple perspectives THE WATCH THAT ENDS THE NIGHT is an ambitious and beautifully crafted book Share it with your advanced middle school and high school readers, history buffs, and writers they ll all find something amazing to take away from this new version of an old story.

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    Really I tried this audio book because it was listed on the Hub Reading Challenge 2013 Oh well.I recently read Titanic Voices from the Disaster by Deborah Hopkinson,Titanic Voices From the Disaster and this one just can t compete From the beginning I struggled listening to a malevolent female iceberg, who has watched human history since the cave men really all the way from the north pole that s some vision and set out on purpose to meet the Titanic Or talk about the voice of the rat, going scrabble scrabble food Equally insightful was hearing from the ship s baker that bread left in the oven too long goes hard and dry, too short and it won t be cooked in the middle Hm Not for me.I learned a lot from listening to Hopkinson s book on the Titanic, and it was a wonderful audio book Facts were combined with the stories of fascinating people, and the story was told with much dignity for everyone involved.

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    LOVE LOVE LOVE Historical Fiction Novel in Verse is my favorite kind of book Allan Wolf makes history come alive and uses words like a true craftsman The end matter was an amazing cherry on top of this well written and amazingly well put together novel.