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    Please note I originally read and reviewed this book in July 2011, then re read in August, 2013 I am updating the formatting and adding the disclosure that I received a free copy of this book from the publisher in exchange for an honest review All opinions are my own.Book Info Genre FantasyReading Level AdultRecommended for Fans of epic fantasyTrigger Warnings Violence, torture, sexual assaultAnimal Abuse horse is badly hurtMy Synopsis The world in which Albia exists is a strange and wonderous one Albia is the fourth realm of five, which, while all being on the same world, have no contact other than through the Veils, a metaphysical force that separates the realms Only Artesans, those who are able to control metaforce or life force, as it is also known through the elements of Earth, Air, Fire and Water, are able to pierce the Veils and travel to other realms, although that is not always wise, as some of the other realms are war like and dangerous.In Albia, the Artesan gift is in disfavor and decline, because Artesans from the Third Realm, Relkor, and the Fifth Realm, Andaryon, have raided Albia for so long most Albians believe all Artesans are only out for power and gain Therefore, when Taran s father died two years before the start of the story, Taran was stranded at Journeyman level and had no one with whom to train so that he could advance to higher levels of prowess He decides, in a moment of despair, to try crossing to Andaryon which has many strong Artesans to see if he can acquire a teacher there To say things do not go well is an understatement Upon his return to Albia, and his recovery, he learns that the Andaryons, who had signed a pact 20 years previously to stop their raiding, have started to raid again Taran decides that this is his fault, due to what occurred in Andaryon, and he, his apprentice Cal, and Cal s lover the healer Rienne set out for the local garrison to report what he knows to Major Sullyan, who he has heard from a family friend and village elder , Paulus, he should contact.When Major Sullyan is sent to Andaryon as an ambassador of Albian s king, it is decided that Taran will accompany her, along with her captain, Robin, and Bulldog, a retired military man and member of Sullyan s staff However, the men are recalled the next day due to an increase in the raiding in Albia, and forced to leave Sullyan alone among the Andaryons When she disappears, they must go back to try to discover what happened.My Thoughts I fear I ve given too much away, although I ve tried to be vague and left many things out however, it is difficult to describe the plot otherwise Ms Peace is wonderfully inventive and has created a most unique world Based upon the glossary, details given about the various realms and other addenda at the end of the book, she s spent a great deal of time working out all the details to make sure she is able to mesh everything together smoothly She s even plotted the geography very carefully I was much impressed with this, and also with her character development, which was done in stages and worked into the plot to a degree where we learned a great deal about the characters, but the action was hardly slowed down at all All in all, a most impressive book and I will eagerly look forward to the upcoming completion of the trilogy King s Champion scheduled for August 2012 and King s Artesan scheduled for August 2013 I highly recommend that fans of fantasy adventure books check this one out it s a great read and you will not be disappointed.

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    What s it about Taran Elijah s quest for knowledge uncovers a plot that threatens the world In Albia, the fourth realm, the precious Artesan gift is dying Although born to the craft, Taran is struggling to achieve his potential Against his friends advice, he embarks on a foolhardy plan to acquire the teaching he craves Alone, he crosses into Andaryon, the fifth realm, but instead of finding a mentor, he stumbles upon a treacherous plot In the wake of Taran s actions, Albia suffers a series of vicious raids Major Sullyan of the High King s forces is sent to oppose them But a dark and treacherous force is moving through the realms and both Taran and Sullyan will feel its power Their craft, the lives of their friends, the very existence of their realm are under threat unless they expose and oppose the evil.My take I read this book to my hubby, and we thoroughly enjoyed it I love how Taran and his apprentice Cal and Cal s healer love Rienne end up becoming immersed in the world of the military Artesans Major Sullyan and Captains Robin and Bull Peace does a wonderful job endearing you to her characters Bull makes me laugh, Robin makes me nuts how could he have gotten so far with as impetuous as he is , and Sullyan is amazing.As the story unfolds, Taran finally gets the training he s been hoping for, the training he s already taken great risks for But in the process begins to fear that the troubles the military is dealing with might be the result of his own actions Both Cal and Rienne stay with him stalwartly and each gains knowledge and opportunity as well.I snuck a peek at the back of the second book and started stressing because only Sullyan was named Just an alert that this is the first book in a series, and you don t get resolution at the end.Hubby and I look forward to reading the next book.

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    Cas Peace s King s Envoy weaves a magical tale that s a supremely masterful fantasy Taran Elijah will do anything for knowledge and to rise above his Journeyman rank When he crosses into the fifth realm, his quest goes terribly wrong He flees to his own realm, but he returns with a powerful magical object Now he, his apprentice, and a healer must journey to the Manor to speak with Major Sullyan The fifth realm is attacking Albia, but the complexities of politics and war might be too much Taran has to learn quickly or they all might be lost King s Envoy reads like an old friend The magic, characters, setting are so well written that it s easy to slip into the story and not want to leave the world Peace has created Whether on the battlefield or sipping fellan a type of tea , every scene adds another complexity to this novel The pacing speeds along, and I found myself reading to the next scene, the next chapter to know what would happen next The magic of the Artesans bases itself off the elements, but how the characters learn and use the magic is unique Like Taran, I thirst for the knowledge of what will happen next.The Artesans of Albia is a great new fantasy series and will appeal to fans of Mercedes Lackey King s Envoy by Cas Peace is powerful and easy to read I don t know how I ll wait until 2012 to read book two

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    This book, the first in a series, is the fiction debut of Cas Peace but you wouldn t know that the writing and descriptive ability of Ms Peace are those of an accomplished author The story is set in a land of 5 realms, all different and all seperate but the main setting here are the 4th and 5th realms of Albia and Andaryon At the start we meet Journeyman Artesan Taran Elijah In an effort to increase his knowledge and further his Artesan abilities he crosses over from Albia to Andaryon but while there he stumbles on a plot although he is unaware of just what it is He barely escapes back to Albia with his life, and carrying an artefact Taran and his apprentice Cal try to send the artefact back but are unable to so go to the military for help and this is where an already good book really picks up At the Manor, where the army are based we meet the characters of Bulldog, Robin and Major Sullyan characters so well fleshed out you feel like you know them personally The interaction between all the characters comes across really well and sits comfortably with the reader Major Sullyan is, in my opinion, one of the best female characters in fantasy fiction today The nasty characters also come across as exactly what they are the plots, machinations and general downright nastiness all hold up well The magic system is an interesting and clever one but also believable The book ends on a cliffhanger that will leave you aching for book 2 King s Envoy available soon.So, short version a beautifully told tale with characters you will want to go adventuring with again An amazing talent with a lot of promise for the future I will be following the career of Ms Peace with interest.

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    My two favorite aspects of an enjoyable novel is that it has mystery and action King s Envoy has both Splendidly written in a wonderful voice, King s Envoy drew me in immediately Ms Peace s imagination alone gets 5 stars The world she creates is unique and intriguing She has a wonderful talent for bringing to life scenes with such vividness that I felt as if I were truly walking in the shoes of Taran Elijah, an Artesan who lives in Albia, the fourth realm Born into the craft, he struggles to achieve excellence in his skills Therefore, he decides to venture out on his own to find a mentor who will help him with his craft, which takes him into Andaryon the terrifying fifth realm filled with evil.Readers of fantasy will enjoy the spectacular worlds and enchanting scenes played out by well developed characters that give a breath of life to each page There is plenty of action, characters come alive, the story flows with surprising twists and turns, and has an ending that will leave you holding your breath For anyone who enjoys losing themselves in a world of a charming fantasy with plenty of layers and a host of intriguing characters, you won t be disappointed with King s Envoy

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    I was never a fan of fantasy until I read this book From the beginning Cas Peace s fabulous characters became my friends and I couldn t put the book down as they went through terrifying adventures.Sullyan is, of course, the woman all women want to be, or know they are deep inside Brave, strong and capable of coping with anything while also being beautiful and desirable And Taran, who is faced with trying to become really good at his Artesan skills, leads us through his journey to finding a master to train him in metaphysical skills I just loved this book and was SO grateful that after midnight, when I reached the end, with Sullyan in deep trouble, that I had bought the next in the series, Kings Champion, to carry on with.Cas Peace is now on my list of favourite authors for her wonderful ability to write fascinating, fast and furious yet deeply moving novels with larger than life, yet truly real characters.

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    A great start of a fantasy series which is in part predictable but that does not matter when you follow loveable characters full of emotions An adventure in a world with magic A good mix of action, dialogue and inner thoughts.I look forward to read the next book after the cliffhanger ending of book one.What shall I say Are you looking for a fantasy series which is compelling, powerful, fresh and fragile and nevertheless easy to read then you get both my thumbs up for King s Envoy by Cas Peace.If you are looking for a dark,dirty and gritty book then please turn your head in an other direction Read my full review over at Edi s Book Lighthouse

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    This is the first novel in the Artesans of Albia fantasy series, a major new series for readers aged 15 and over.The discovery of a mysterious and terrible weapon threatens the existence of every Artesan in every realm Who could have created such a dreadful thing, and why Taran Elijah has stumbled upon a dark and treacherous force moving through the realms, and has no choice but to turn to Major Sullyan of the High King s forces for help The Artesan craft, the lives of their friends, even the very existence of the realms all are under threat unless they expose and oppose this evil.

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    Taran longs to advance his magic, but since his father died he hasn t had any help, nor does he know anyone else proficient in it, so he makes a decision that will change his life forever He crosses to another realm, one that has been at peace with his realm for decades, and upon entering makes a mistake that will cost him than he knows This book surprised me I went into it with no expectations and was pleasantly surprised with how much I loved it You are brought into the world right from the start and I loved learning the intricate world along with Taran Albia is one of 5 realms that are joined by a veil, that only people proficient in the ability to wield the life force, Artesans, are able to pierce the veil to access the realms Taran is one of these, but he is only at the Journeyman stage and is desperate to learn , hence why he went through the veil The system of the magic and the different worlds was well told and easy to understand I was enthralled with the world the author created and couldn t read it fast enough The characters were another thing I loved Each one of them was well developed and well written It wasn t hard to love each of them, especially Taran and Sully Sully was such a strong character and one that I admired She was bad a88 and was a pleasure to read Often times, a book that s fast paced and intense suffers from lack of character development, but I feel like the author got it right here Both the world building and character development was well thought out and delivered expertly We get characters that are continually growing as well as a world that s rich in detail and a joy to read In all, a great introduction to the series It sets the plot and pace for what s sure to be an awesome series Bring on book 2 Rebecca McKernan was amazing Her inflections and cadences brought the world alive and she had some pretty awesome tones and voices for each person I loved her tone for Sully I will say that there were times when I felt like she was reading this in a long tunnel There just seemed to be a void and her voice sounded like that s what she was talking into The production quality wasn t very crisp I was given this audiobook at my request and have voluntarily left this review This in no way affected nor influenced my thoughts.

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    Warning This is a gateway book You may become hooked.Over the past couple of years I have read this whole, nine book series and reviewed several of the novels so I come back to the first book with a new perspective Re reading it, I was even impressed at how well it introduces the total work.Albia, as you would expect in the Epic Fantasy genre, is a carefully thought out and intricately detailed setting The land, society, politics and magical nature of the several realms involved are truly fantastic in scope and originality They are populated by a wide range of personalities, both human and otherwise, which naturally conflict with each other.This introductory novel starts us off in the centre of the Artesans universe the Manor, a military establishment where Sullyan, the queen of all queen bees, draws her minions around her to fight the good fight against the prejudice, hatred and tribalism that keeps people of different types apart A theme that resounds even fully in today s global atmosphere.The story is mostly seen from the point of view of Taran, a relative outsider, who gives us a balanced perspective on this emotionally charged, beleaguered group of all too human uber humans That is, balanced except for his own history, which causes its own conflicts, and he is easily drawn into the situation that faces the Manor Soon he is entwined in plots that range across the realm and through several different alternate worlds, each with its own inimical race of magical beings.With this background, it is easy to expect plenty of action, from individual duels with steel and or magic, all the way up to full battles between beings of different worlds At the same time the delicate emotional balance that keeps the Manor ticking along on an even keel is constantly upset by personal and political intrigue, including a healthy dollop of romance.Wonderful characters participating in nonstop action and emotion Highly addictive Highly recommended.

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Kings Envoy (Artesans of Albia, #1) summary pdf Kings Envoy (Artesans of Albia, #1) , summary chapter 2 Kings Envoy (Artesans of Albia, #1) , sparknotes Kings Envoy (Artesans of Albia, #1) , Kings Envoy (Artesans of Albia, #1) 3319fa7 Taran Elijah S Quest For Knowledge Uncovers A Plot That Threatens The WorldIn Albia, The Fourth Realm, The Precious Artesan Gift Is Dying Although Born To The Craft, Taran Is Struggling To Achieve His Potential Against His Friends Advice, He Embarks On A Foolhardy Plan To Acquire The Teaching He Craves Alone, He Crosses Into Andaryon, The Fifth Realm, But Instead Of Finding A Mentor, He Stumbles Upon A Treacherous PlotIn The Wake Of Taran S Actions, Albia Suffers A Series Of Vicious Raids Major Sullyan Of The High King S Forces Is Sent To Oppose Them But A Dark And Treacherous Force Is Moving Through The Realms And Both Taran And Sullyan Will Feel Its PowerTheir Craft, The Lives Of Their Friends, The Very Existence Of Their Realm Are Under Threat Unless They Expose And Oppose The Evil

  • Paperback
  • 360 pages
  • Kings Envoy (Artesans of Albia, #1)
  • Cas Peace
  • English
  • 05 February 2017

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