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S.O.S. (Titanic, #3) pdf S.O.S. (Titanic, #3) , ebook S.O.S. (Titanic, #3) , epub S.O.S. (Titanic, #3) , doc S.O.S. (Titanic, #3) , e-pub S.O.S. (Titanic, #3) , S.O.S. (Titanic, #3) 9de38e71fcc From Bestselling Author Gordon Korman, The Thrilling Conclusion To The Adventure Aboard The Unluckiest Ship Of AllThe Titanic Was Supposed To Be Unsinkable The Largest Passenger Steamship In The World, One Of The Biggest And Most Luxurious Ships Ever To OperateFor Paddy, Sophie, Juliana, And Alfie, The Titanic Is Full Of Mysteries Whether They Re To Be Found In The Opulent First Class Cabins And Promenade Decks Or The Shadows In The Underbelly Of The Ship Secrets And Plans Are About To Be Revealed Only Now Disaster Looms, And Time Is Running Out The Four Of Them Need To Find The Truth, Unmask The Killerand Try Not To Go Down With The Ship

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    My favorite character died

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    3.5 stars Paddy Burns was a survivor.And with the last book completed of this series, I can sit back happily and know how it all ended Once you start this series, it is hard to put them down I loved seeing how Julia, Sophie, Paddy, and Alfie as well as POV from others all found different ways to leave the Titanic as it sank This story is partly fictional, but so many of the events are true and even the fictional characters act much like those who attempted to save themselves from a sinking ship.I love how this book ends Paddy, a dear character, always on a run It is humorously annoying I didn t enjoy this one quite as much as the first two There were several profanities especially during the last few minutes of sinking It s a sad, but triumph ending So many died, and all in all the author has presented books that will be well liked by historical buffs.

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    This book made my heart ache It was so amazing the sinking of the Titanic, the devistating deaths, the terrible excitement So overwhelming.Thank goodness for those who survived, however, it s rather a miracle 3 view spoiler I m so glad Paddy, Juliana, and Sophia lived But why did Alfie have to die hide spoiler

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    Third in Korman s Titanic trilogy.I liked this trilogy, I think it would be an excellent set of books to get young boys readingor girls for that matter.The story of well to do Julianna, suffragist s daughter Sophie, underage White Star employee Alphie and stowaway Paddy is engaging and interesting The friendship that develops between the three comes across as genuine and easily could have held the story together without the Jack the Ripper subplot.That subplot was like a big glob of mud in the middle of a cream coloured carpet Didn t fit in, didn t do anything for the room story and certainly could have been removed.

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    Time is running out for Sophie, Juliana, Alfie, and Paddy as they struggle to survive the Titanic is sinking and there aren t enough lifeboats Readers will be on the edge of their seats wondering who will survive the harrowing journey Although I wasn t always happy with the results the mostly realistic conclusion should satisfy readers.

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    The book S.O.S was amazing It is the third and final book in the unsinkable series The 4 main characters, Paddy, Alphie, Julianna, and Sophie Danny, the stowaway that was see taken by bad people was turned up alive and it takes place in the final hours of the titanic I thought this was a great ending to an amazing trilogy.

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    I read this book not realizing it was the third book but still enjoyed it Since I had already watched the movie I pretty much already knew what to expect since it was based on a true event It talks about the sinking of the Titanic and how it was supposed to be unsinkable Later throughout the book, people come to realize it is sinking and its happening right now I liked the book because it wasn t all informational it also expressed how people felt during the sinking.

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    The Titanic Trilogy consists of three books 1 Book One Unsinkable 2 Book Two Collision Course and 3 Book Three S.O.S Written by one of my absolute favorite authors Gordon Korman these books weave a heart stopping adventure based on the historical unsinkable ship, the Titanic in 1912 Book One details the final arrangements for the Titanic s maiden voyage and its initial departure from England Book Two covers the actual event of the Titanic s fatal crash with the iceberg Book Three finishes the tale with the actions taken by passengers and crew in the face of certain death as the Titanic literally sinks into the ocean beneath them Each book is able to stand on its own as a complete story but I think the reader loses a fraction of Korman s entire work by not reading them in order as one story.Korman has created four young people who have all ended up as passengers on the ill fated Titanic when it begins its first and only trip from England to New York Paddy is a homeless boy living by his wits and his pickpocketing skills in Ireland pursued by gangster from whom he unwittingly stole money Sophie is the daughter of the well known and extremely outspoken American Suffragist Amelia Bronson who is being expelled from England by the British authorities Julianna is the daughter of the seventeenth Earl of Glamm, raised as English nobility and Alfie has been abandoned by his mother and gotten himself hired as a steward aboard the Titanic to be close to his father who stokes the furnaces.Their four young lives intertwine and mix with those of Thomas Andrews, the engineer who designed the Titanic, two dangerous Irish gangsters, the famed murderer Jack the Ripper as well as the wealthiest in English and American society and the hard working emigrants seeking a new life in America.Korman has a remarkable ability as a storyteller to leave the reader breathless from page to page as our young heroes first clash in their beliefs and actions, then gradually find friendship through their growing awareness and insight into themselves and those around them Each of them discover a cache of wisdom within themselves that allows new understanding of who they are as individuals and why those closest to them are so important.And amidst these engaging storylines and profound discoveries, Korman also tells the tragic true story of the sinking of the Titanic This historical event becomes real to the reader in a way he or she could never have imagined If you are a history buff, have a special interest in the Titanic or enjoy a heart pounding adventure story, these books are for you With a historical tragedy of the proportions of the sinking of the Titanic Korman wisely does not try to tie everything up in a happily ever after package at the end He does, however, completely fulfill the promise of each storyline and subplot The reader is left with the sorrow of so many lost lives and the renewed spirit that so often arises when we witness the courage and strength of others in such a desperate situation.This is a fantastic read for ages 2nd grade middle school It may be a possible read aloud selection for an older elementary or middle school class I would not use it as a read aloud for younger elementary ages due to some of the menace toward children in the storyline with the gangsters None of it is inappropriate, but I know I would want to make sure each individual child was able to handle the content in a safe and healthy way this is, of course, a decision based on individuals, age and classroom dynamics I do, however, recommend it as a bedtime reading option for families.

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    Personal Response I did not really enjoy this book or either of the other two books in the series I should have expected it, being that it is meant for younger aged kids in like fourth or fifth grade It was pretty well developed and I think that any kid could potentially enjoy it This book just wasn t for me though.Plot This book is the last book in the three book series and it is a good continuation of the other two In this book, the main plot is the final hours of the R.M.S Titanic.Paddy is still the stowaway, but has been locked up after his discovery and capture.Sophie is the daughter of the suffragist looking to get back to America with her mother after their attempts in Europe to gain ground on women s rights.Juliana is the daughter of the Earl of Glamford Her father is looking to get her to America to marry one of his business associate s sons.Alfie is underage, but still a steward on the ship, trying to be with his father who works in the boiler rooms His mom left him and he had nowhere to go.This book begins in a commotion as the stewards are trying to get everyone to the upper decks and load them on lifeboats Paddy managed to escape his cell and was above deck with Sophie and her mom, when he realized that none of the third class passengers were above decks He went down to where they all were and led a large group up where they got spots on lifeboats Paddy was not so fortunate All lifeboats had been released and now all that was left were the collapsibles Sophie was there as well as she had saved her mother and not gotten on a boat herself Paddy ended up riding on an overturned boat barely staying above the water At the same time, Alfie had no other choice but to jump overboard when the Titanic suddenly went straight down into the icy sea, and Juliana safely got into a lifeboat, but was separated from her father Alfie survived by climbing onto a floating piece of wooden furniture, only to end up with Mr Masterson climb up as well Later, Sophie, who had failed to get in a lifeboat swam up and was lifted to the furniture only to be strangled by Mr Masterson who, in turn, was dumped into the ocean by Alfie A while later, the rescue ship, the Carpathia, showed up and began to haul the survivors up to the deck Alfie, though, could not make it, and halfway up the ladder, he fell and died of exposure The rest made it up and were taken directly to America Paddy, upon arrival, sneaked out and was later confronted by Kevin Gilhooley, who, to Paddy s surprise, offered him a good life and also had Daniel to keep Paddy company Sophie went on with her mother doing the same thing they had done for years protesting for women s suffrage Juliana went back to England to live with the baby she had rescued from the sinking without her father, who had died in the sinking All the remaining friends lived happy lives afterward, but not without the reoccurring thought of the dreadful sinking of the R.M.S Titanic.Recommendation As I said earlier, I think that this book is meant for young kids in fourth of fifth grade I do not think that gender would matter it seems to most likely be interesting for either I also recommend reading other Gordon Korman books as he is a very good children s writer I should know because I used to read his books when I was younger.

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    I loved everything about the book except the ending and I m not talking about the sinking I felt like there was too much in the ending that was beyond unbelievable coincidence regarding the main characters The Jack the Ripper connection was disappointing The turnaround in the two Irish thugs who were after Paddy throughout the whole series was not believable The rescues were just too unbelievable Up to the part in the water, though, the book did not disappoint, and while the ending was disappointing to me, an adult, I think that it would be highly satisfying to the young adult audience it is aimed at I would recommend the series highly to my students.

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